Admitting presence of SV40, AIDS, and CANCER viruses in VACCINES by Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman Transcript

This finding made me sick to my stomach!!!!! I can only say the laughter is to keep these reporters from crying because there is nothing at all funny about what you are about to hear!

I’d like to thank my friend, Mike, for sharing with us from NaturalNews and also Dr. Horowitz for allowing the truth to be uncovered for the public’s knowledge, which it is time for everyone to know the truth!

“This isn’t some fear inspired notion – these are the expressions of a best Merck researcher who likely had no clue that his account would be broadly looked into over the web (which didn’t exist when he made this chronicle). He most likely idea this would remain a mystery until the end of time. At the point when inquired as to why this didn’t get out to the press, he answered: “Clearly you don’t go out, this is a logical undertaking inside established researchers.”

At the end of the day, antibody researchers cover for immunization researchers. They keep all their grimy mysteries inside their own hover of hush and don’t uncover reality about the defilement of their immunizations.

(NaturalNews) One of the most conspicuous antibody researchers in the historical backdrop of the immunization business – a Merck researcher – made an account where he transparently concedes that antibodies given to Americans were tainted with leukemia and tumor infections. Accordingly, his partners (who are likewise recorded here) break out into chuckling and assume it’s amusing. They at that point propose that on the grounds that these antibodies are first tried in Russia, they will help the U.S. win the Olympics in light of the fact that the Russian competitors will all be “stacked down with tumors.” (Thus, they knew these immunizations caused malignancy in people.)

Please find the transcript of Dr. Len Horowitz:

Dr. Len Horowitz: Listen now to the voice of the worlds leading vaccine expert Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Chief of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company’s vaccine division relay this problem he was having with imported monkeys. He best explains the origin of AIDS, but what you are about to hear was cut from any public disclosures.

D. Maurice Hilleman: and I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.

Narrator: 50 years ago when Maurice Hilleman was a high school student in Miles City Montana, he hoped he might qualify as a management trainee for the local JC Penney’s store. Instead he went on to pioneer more breakthroughs in vaccine research and development than anyone in the history of American medicine. Among the discoveries he made at Merck, are vaccines for mumps, rubella and measles…

Dr. Edward Shorter: Tell me how you found SV40 and the polio vaccine.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: Well, that was at Merck. Yeah, I came to Merck. And uh, I was going to develop vaccines. And we had wild viruses in those days. You remember the wild monkey kidney viruses and so forth? And I finally after 6 months gave up and said that you cannot develop vaccines with these damn monkeys, we’re finished and if I can’t do something I’m going to quit, I’m not going to try it. So I went down to see Bill Mann at the zoo in Washington DC and I told Bill Mann, I said “look, I got a problem and I don’t know what the hell to do.” Bill Mann is a real bright guy. I said that these lousy monkeys are picking it up while being stored in the airports in transit, loading, off loading. He said, very simply, you go ahead and get your monkeys out of West Africa and get the African Green, bring them into Madrid unload them there, there is no other traffic there for animals, fly them into Philadelphia and pick them up. Or fly them into New York and pick them up, right off the airplane. So we brought African Greens in and I didn’t know we were importing the AIDS virus at the time.

Miscellaneous background voices:…(laughter)… it was you who introduced the AIDS virus into the country. Now we know! (laughter) This is the real story! (laughter) What Merck won’t do to develop a vaccine! (laughter)

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: So what he did, he brought in, I mean we brought in those monkeys, I only had those and this was the solution because those monkeys didn’t have the wild viruses but we…

Dr. Edward Shorter: Wait, why didn’t the greens have the wild viruses since they came from Africa?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …because they weren’t, they weren’t, they weren’t being infected in these group holding things with all the other 40 different viruses…

Dr. Edward Shorter: but they had the ones that they brought from the jungle though…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …yeah, they had those, but those were relatively few what you do you have a gang housing you’re going to have an epidemic transmission of infection in a confined space. So anyway, the greens came in and now we have these and were taking our stocks to clean them up and god now I’m discovering new viruses. So, I said Judas Priest. Well I got an invitation from the Sister Kinney Foundation which was the opposing foundation when it was the live virus…

Dr. Edward Shorter: Ah, right…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: Yeah, they had jumped on the Sabin’s band wagon and they had asked me to come down and give a talk at the Sister Kinney Foundation meeting and I saw it was an international meeting and god, what am I going to talk about? I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to talk about the detection of non detectable viruses as a topic.

Dr. Albert Sabin …there were those who didn’t want a live virus vaccine… (unintelligible) …concentrated all its efforts on getting more and more people to use the killed virus vaccine, while they were supporting me for research on the live viruses.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: So now I got to have something (laughter), you know that going to attract attention. And gee, I thought that damn SV40, I mean that damn vaculating agent that we have, I’m just going to pick that particular one, that virus has got to be in vaccines, it’s got to be in the Sabin’s vaccines so I quick tested it (laughter) and sure enough it was in there.

Dr. Edward Shorter: I’ll be damned

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: … And so now…

Dr. Edward Shorter: …so you just took stocks of Sabin’s vaccines off the shelf here at Merck…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …yeah, well it had been made, it was made at Merck…

Dr. Edward Shorter: You were making it for Sabin at this point?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …Yeah, it was made before I came…

Dr. Edward Shorter: yeah, but at this point Sabin is still just doing massive field trials…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …uh huh

Dr. Edward Shorter: okay,

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …in Russia and so forth. So I go down and I talked about the detection of non detectable viruses and told Albert, I said listen Albert you know you and I are good friends but I’m going to go down there and you’re going to get upset. I’m going to talk about the virus that it’s in your vaccine. You’re going to get rid of the virus, don’t worry about it, you’re going to get rid of it… but umm, so of course Albert was very upset…

Dr. Edward Shorter: What did he say?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …well he said basically, that this is just another obfuscation that’s going to upset vaccines. I said well you know, you’re absolutely right, but we have a new era here we have a new era of the detection and the important thing is to get rid of these viruses.

Dr. Edward Shorter: Why would he call it an obfuscation if it was a virus that was contaminating the vaccine?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …well there are 40 different viruses in these vaccines anyway that we were inactivating and uh,

Dr. Edward Shorter: but you weren’t inactivating his though…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …no that’s right, but yellow fever vaccine had leukemia virus in it and you know this was in the days of very crude science. So anyway I went down and talked to him and said well, why are you concerned about it? Well I said “I’ll tell you what, I have a feeling in my bones that this virus is different, I don’t know why to tell you this but I …(unintelligible) …I just think this virus will have some long term effects.” And he said what? And I said “cancer”. (laughter) I said Albert, you probably think I’m nuts, but I just have that feeling. Well in the mean time we had taken this virus and put it into monkeys and into hamsters. So we had this meeting and that was sort of the topic of the day and the jokes that were going around was that “gee, we would win the Olympics because the Russians would all be loaded down with tumors.” (laughter) This was where the vaccine was being tested, this was where… so, uhh, and it really destroyed the meeting and it was sort of the topic. Well anyway…

Dr. Edward Shorter: Was this the physicians… (unintelligible) …meeting in New York?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman …well no, this was at Sister Kinney…

Dr. Edward Shorter: Sister Kinney, right…

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …and Del Becco (sp) got up and he foresaw problems with these kinds of agents.

Dr. Edward Shorter: Why didn’t this get out into the press?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …well, I guess it did I don’t remember. We had no press release on it. Obviously you don’t go out, this is a scientific affair within the scientific community…

Voice of news reporter: …an historic victory over a dread disease is dramatically unfolded at the U of Michigan. Here scientists usher in a new medical age with the monumental reports that prove that the Salk vaccine against crippling polio to be a sensational success. It’s a day of triumph for 40 year old Dr. Jonas E Salk developer of the vaccine. He arrives here with Basil O’Connor the head of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis that financed the tests. Hundreds of reporters and scientists gathered from all over the nation gathered for the momentous announcement….

Dr. Albert Sabin: …it was too much of a show, it was too much Hollywood. There was too much exaggeration and the impression in 1957 that was, no in 1954 that was given was that the problem had been solved , polio had been conquered.

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …but, anyway we knew it was in our seed stock from making vaccines. That virus you see, is one in 10,000 particles is not an activated… (unintelligible) …it was good science at the time because that was what you did. You didn’t worry about these wild viruses.

Dr. Edward Shorter: So you discovered, it wasn’t being inactivated in the Salk vaccine?

Dr. Maurice Hilleman: …Right. So then the next thing you know is, 3, 4 weeks after that we found that there were tumors popping up on these hamsters.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Despite AIDS and Leukemia suddenly becoming pandemic from “wild viruses” Hilleman said, this was “good science” at that time.

“It is time for us the people of this world to open your eyes and research, read, ask questions and then begin over again and take our lives into our own hands and learn about what the body will tell you if you only listen!  We know our bodies better than anybody else if we would only listen to them.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

If you would like to listen to the video on YouTube titled: MERCK – CANCER – SV40 and AIDS in VACCINES – ADMISSION BY Dr. Maurice Hilleman


A Note of Gratitude & Love by Valerie Cheers Brown

There are those individuals who are set in your life at simply the correct circumstances and time. It can be deliberately, or totally unintentionally. Regardless of how they entered your life, you know they’ll always leave an impression on your life. This is a letter to the individuals who have affected my life and helped me develop into the liberated woman I am today.

I am truly obliged and grateful to you for testing & challenging me generally to dig a bit deeper somewhat more profound, regardless of whether it hurts or helps!

Thank you for continually being a listening ear, regardless of to what extent I “vent”.

Much obliged to you for being a grinning & happy face, even on my darkest days with signs from God.

Much obliged to you for your endearing personality.

Much obliged to you for the various discussions & books over anything pertaining to the name of Virgin attached to it!

Much thanks to you for your teacher heart that puts others before yourself.

Much obliged to you for wiping my tears of sadness with happiness when I am feeling like giving up.

Much obliged to you for offering your family to me by showing what teamwork means and when we work together what we as ONE can accomplish.

Much obliged to you for your fair words, notwithstanding when it’s the opposite I needed to hear (yet precisely what I expected to hear).

Much obliged to you for urging me to dependably deal with myself rationally, physically, profoundly, and inwardly.

Much obliged to you for your benevolence and showing me to be caring to others; particularly to the individuals who don’t appear to be “commendable” of it.

Much obliged to you for pushing me to exceed expectations in my scholastics (geeks & dreamers forever!).

Much obliged to you for your affection, when I’ve felt the least. Knowing I was cherished had a significant effect on my life.

Much obliged to you for shrugging me when you see me going into left field about everything without exception (you know they can leave the left field, and you’ll generally answer).

Much obliged to you for offering your books to me on social media when I didn’t have a craving for heading off into writing and being more productive by engaging.

Much thanks to you for reminding me about carrying on with the basics, less materialistic life; and finding what really is essential to me.

Much thanks to you for enabling me to tune in to your ventures and visions and inconveniences throughout everyday life. I adore hearing the most recent and most prominent of your days.

Much obliged to you for sharing your movements & cause for making a better world and making longs for venturing to the far corners of the planet one day.

Thank you for proceeding to fuel my perusing enthusiasm and giving me a chance to obtain your incredible peruses.

Much obliged to you for demonstrating for me being a solid lady who adheres to her ethics.

Much obliged to you for demonstrating to me that it’s alright to be vexed about something, as long as you don’t take it out on another person.

Most of all thanks for just being who you are and for showing me love which I am very grateful and thankful for.  I am deeply thankful that you taught me to “Just Do It!”

Does Blood Type Affect Anything Mental/Psychological? by Valerie Cheers Brown

So here is my question I was born in 1953 and I was born with Rh Negative blood.

Has anyone ever heard of a blood Rh factor changing?

The OB had me to take the RhoGam shot when my daughter was born June 25, 1972, but I didn’t want to get but was told: RhoGAM, if given to you at the right time, will prevent your immune system from reacting to your baby’s blood. RhoGAM is made from human blood and may carry a risk of transmitting disease-causing agents. … RhoGAM prevents the Rh-negative mother from making antibodies during her pregnancy.

I am no longer Rh Negative and I give blood faithfully at the American Blood Cross!

According to my American Red Cross card, I am A Negative!

The Discovery of Simian Virus 40 (SV40)

Between 1959 and 1960, Bernice Eddy, Ph.D., of the National Institute of Health (NIH) examined minced rhesus monkey kidney cells under a microscope.[16] These were the cells of the same species of monkeys used to create and produce the oral polio vaccine. Dr. Eddy discovered that the cells would die without any apparent cause. She then took suspensions of the cellular material from these kidney cell cultures and injected them into hamsters. Cancers grew in the hamsters.[17] Shortly thereafter, scientists at the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. discovered what would later be determined to be the same virus identified by Eddy.[18] This virus was named Simian Virus 40 or SV40 because it was the 40th simian virus found in monkey kidney cells.

In 1960, Doctors Benjamin Sweet and Maurice Hilleman, the Merck scientists who named the virus SV40, published their findings:

Viruses are commonly carried by monkeys and may appear as contaminants in cell cultures of their tissues, especially the kidney . . . . The discovery of this new virus, the vacuolating agent, represents the detection for the first time of a hitherto “non-detectable” simian virus of monkey renal cultures and raises the important question of the existence of other such viruses . . . . As shown in this report, all 3 types of Sabin’s live poliovirus vaccine, now fed to millions of persons of all ages, were contaminated with a vacuolating virus.[19]

The vacuolating virus was another name for SV40.

So, do I have Rhesus Monkey Blood?

First, I wonder how this happened?  Second, what is Rhesus Monkey blood?

I think I am safe but a bit confused and watching this for a better understanding.  I did have to have a blood transfusion when a kid when my hand was cut from me closing a door which the wind pulled out of my hand and through the entire door’s glass!


by Valerie Cheers Brown

This is a mystery about an unknown character on a planet where everybody believed all the wrongs were right and all the right were wrong.  This kept the planet in pure chaos and on edge all of the time and people were actually afraid to turn on the radio and television because God told them if anything bad about his children and animal were ever reported or even discussed or broadcasted there days were limited and He promised He would come back and would begin to destroy the whole entire world and its people.

These things this unknown character was doing were unforgivable when they began messing with God’s children and animals.  By the people on the planet not coming to the children and animals rescue God decides to punish them all and the plot thickens when you see what one single person did to change it for all of God’s innocent children and animals who could not defend for themselves.

The only time these children and animals of the planet were safe is when they were both together and this is where the plot thickens.  By this unknown character doing what it wanted to for so long creating nothing but mayhem and chaos all of the people of this planet’s psyches were all messed up due to them not protecting and keeping bad things from happening to all the children and animals.

One individual came to the rescue for all the people to be saved and still, the people did not appreciate what the one individual did by saving them from all being punished.

By this unknown character messing with people’s psyche, nobody had any courage to speak up and always doubted the truth.  This unknown character did things so discreetly acting and pretending to like and pretending of loving people especially the children and the animals, but all the time it was putting all the people on the planet on edge against one another so much that they lost all focus on what really mattered, their children and the animals.

People were blaming all the wrongs things until one day the real thing began messing with all of the animals and children of the world totally destroying them one by one and totally eliminating them from having any future.  This is where it gets to the place it is going to mess with your psyche and you will never want anybody to mess with your animals and children of your planet or world or you all will get punished and eliminated one by one.

The mystery is how the future will live but the new generation gets destroyed because of their lack of trust in judgment and not protecting God’s children and animals.

The people of the planet never believed which was the truth for the sanction of the children and the animals and believed everything that was not the truth, so this is where God begins punishing everybody including the animals and the children to prove a point how much they needed them both to survive in the world.

God had to keep on allowing catastrophe after catastrophe in order to open the eyes of the people of the planet.  But was this God’s only reason for opening the eyes of the people of the planet or did He have something else more important needing the attention of the people of this planet?

You will never believe how this unknown character became known for what he really was and was he a spirit soul or was he an evil spirited demon in disguise was the question?

Not until one day the unknown character slipped up and thought he could continue creating chaos and mayhem amongst all the ignorant people on the planet.  The unknown character finally wasn’t how it wanted to be and never got caught until one day when the truth was told which had already been told but needed to be told by an ordinary guy who they never thought would be brave enough to tell it in writing their story who every single person of the planet believed.

The forward thickens when even though this unknown character was not being noticed for what he really was and doing to the entire planet’s psyche that this character becomes know for what he was really wasn’t and still, he did not care and kept right on doing until one day… You will never believe who this single person is who made the truth believable? Do you think you know who the unknown character is?  Better still, do you know who the single person is that is the only individual on this planet that was believed by everyone whether you were good or evil…




Dream Big & Share Good News With LOVE by Valerie Cheers Brown

Sharing the Good News is what it’s all about according to God. This page is where we can come together and share in our own individual way the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.  Matthew 24:14

I feel deep in my heart that you do not have to be in the pulpit to share the Good News with the world but I do feel deeper in my heart that you have to have the Good News to share with the people and when news is this good and can help all people no matter your color, gender, heart or weight!

To all of my Enagic Distributor CEO’s out there, please share water with those who are in need and thank you in advance for what we are doing is working with God. We have a lot of work to still do to get this Good News totally around the globe and we are getting there each and every second of every minute and have been keeping track of where we are reaching! My goal in 2010 was to see this water reach globally around the world and we are working hard to make this goal come true! It is so good to see one my soon to be homes, Richmond, VA. on this map and Dubai is not on here but is a new headquarter!

Let’s keep making big things happen around the world globally and we need to see Dubai!!!! 😉

Image result for where is everywhere enagic is reaching on map in 2018

If you have any questions feel free to ask my mentors: Linda & Carl Brown of Arkansas (you can ask her questions and let her know I sent you) on Facebook who is are angels God sent to me in 2010 to Saint Louis, MO.  A person who really inspired me and motivated me is my friend who I listened to each day on a conference call each morning and that is Mr. Sam Michaels ( you can ask him questions on Facebook) and I love this amazing man and if you hear me saying “You’re the CEO of your company” well it is because of Sam!  Also, last but not least you can ask my friend & FB sister, Svetlana Marovich Lutz (who is also a Global Independent Enagic Distributor and can ask where you can get to try water).  If none of these people work, then you have so many choices on Facebook and type in Enagic and your hometown or just start to asking on any Enagic Distributor’s page and hopefully, you will be served.

If you cannot reach anybody to try the water, feel free to email me: and happy healing and I will do my best to get you in touch with one of our distributors near you! 😉  Don’t forget to change your water and change your life everybody! Happy healing 😉

I was blessed to actually get to meet Mr. Oshiro the founder of this incredible water of Japan, who surprised me first of all and I had a dream of meeting him and my friend Linda Brown told me, oh, he won’t be at this meeting and I looked up and tears were everywhere all over my face and he was introduced to me and he shook my hand and gave me the biggest hug in North Carolina back in about 2010! It was the strangest feeling to hugging God that I ever felt like and not comparing the flesh to God but I knew that it was God and only God who put this amazing man’s Kangen water into my life in 2010 when I became prescription drug/medication free and the rest is history and I knew the whole entire world had to know! God makes miracles and big things happen and “when you think big, you get big” my grandmother used to say to me when a little girl but the soul of an older person!

My dream has been to visit Dubai because I dream big and what bigger place than Dubai and now Mr. Oshiro has set up shop there and the rest, as I stated earlier, is history. I have big dreams and am planning on visiting my dream place Dubai one day and hug Mr. Oshiro and shake his hand again along with my new friends of the wealthiest country in the world in my book which is beautiful and so advanced, Dubai! Yes, I plan on visiting Enagic Dubai real soon 😉

In closing, the “Genuine Health” Revolution of Enagic Is Sweeping The World,. Changing Lives and Shifting The Way People Think. Enagic is what it is About and What It Means To Really Live!  Sharing the good news is what it is all about and I am proud to say I am a business partner with Enagic Dubai! A girl, can’t help but dream big and I am hungry for big deals! 

“Change your life and change your water.”

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Meryl Streep’s Courage, “First Do No Harm” by Valerie Cheers Brown

Once I saw this film it lead me to begin researching and found how foods are the best medicine which first must heal the mitochondria (in the brain) like Dr. Terri Wahl’s states which cured and healed her own MS disease!

The Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Epilepsy Treatment

The genuine story of how one lady starring Meryl Streep, my hero, found the ketogenic eating regimen and her battle against a biased therapeutic foundation.

We had never known about the ketogenic eat fewer carbs until fourteen days prior. At that point, we watched this made-for-TV motion picture, “…First, Do No Harm” and chose we needed to take in more about this astounding eating routine, which has helped numerous youngsters with serious epilepsy to end up sans seizure when drugs couldn’t help them, as well as caused anguishing “side” effects.

The film stars Meryl Streep as the mother of little Robbie, whose serious seizures can’t be controlled by even the most grounded hostile to seizure medicines. His specialists are prepared to work when his urgent mother, beyond any doubt there must be a superior way, does some examination all alone and finds a book relating the stunning achievement of this eating regimen, first utilized as a part of the 1920’s.

Robbie’s specialist does not think attempting the eating routine is a smart thought since confirmed to support it is just episodic, and isn’t demonstrated by twofold visually impaired investigations. His specialist still needs to work on Robbie’s mind.

Be that as it may, Robbie’s gutsy mother takes him to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, where he starts the eating regimen and again turns into the cheerful, sound, sans seizure young man he had been before being determined to have epilepsy.

Moviemaker Jim Abrams coordinated “…First Do No Harm” quite a long while after his own particular child Charlie was cured of epilepsy with this eating routine, in the wake of having endured a large number of indistinguishable things from Robbie, and cerebrum surgery too, all of which had neglected to check his seizures.

The greater part of the patients who are fundamentally helped by the eating regimen (and a large number ordeal colossal change) can stop it following a few years and still appreciate the recuperating it conveyed them with no compelling reason to come back to against seizure drugs. This is astonishing and superb!

We’ll be taking a shot at getting more data to you about this eating routine for treating epilepsy, incorporating video interviews with specialists, recordings of remarks from individuals totally free from epilepsy because of the ketogenic count calories, and an asset page. For the time being, regardless of whether you know anybody with epilepsy, we generously prescribe this film which is a medicine and pure joy full of truth with facts which you can research and find out for yourself to be actually suppressed many years ago or we just had to look and find it, incredible knowledge when you get through watching, full of truth after my findings which shocked the hell out of me when I first saw it!

God brought this movie to me way back then and I merely made comments on YouTube and then did a few blogs but still don’t quite think it was absorbed, so here it is again as God gives to me to give to you again!

You can watch the movie on Youtube and is one to be purchased to go amongst the many research books for sharing with others.

I recommend this movie be shown in colleges on campus grounds, in churches with families with viewers being allowed to voice their opinions!

We must begin to stop sweeping truths under the rug and not be afraid, to tell the truth about works for you, research and ask questions of others and share your findings with the world! It is up to us to find what works for us and I find if and when you pray and ask God, He will lead the path of discovery of new and beautiful healing things which were right in front of us all the time!  I decided a very long time ago if God helped me and I am one person that I am already accomplished, therefore, it is my job to share with the world my LOVE God continues to give and show to me!

I pray for a healing of our world and that people wake up and realize that every bit of good organic dirt is for buying and growing healthy and healing foods to be used instead of manmade medications with deadly side effects full of poisons and neurotoxins which prevent us from healing but keeping money in pockets of people who don’t care about us! We must care about self and heal thyself and what may be good for me may not be good for you but you have to have the courage to try new things and find what your body likes and you will feel and look so much better! Amen

Science Doesn’t Prove Anything by Valerie Cheers Brown

Actually, science deals in probabilities, not proofs. The explanations behind that range from the philosophical to the pragmatic, however in the event that you truly need to comprehend the idea of science, at that point it is imperative that you comprehend the idea of evidence.

So why should we always depend on science if it proves nothing you may ask? Science doesn’t prove anything and is really something worth being thankful for and ought not to influence you to scrutinize the dependability of science.

The most ideal approach to consider science is that it reveals to us what is in all likelihood obvious given the present proof. All things considered, it is an amazingly helpful tool, and it is much better than the choices, however, it’s surely not great.

I am not a scientist, thank goodness and I believe in proof and who doesn’t want proof?

You may ask whose proof?

Well, I believe that testimonies are as about as much proof and could be about as much as a proven study which shows that something happened after something was done and especially when it is happening a lot.

Now, either I am crazy or am I missing something when innocent children and babies are dying and the sad thing is they were healthy and this is what puzzles me? Do doctors examine babies before vaccinations or just take the mother’s word for it that they are healthy?

I would not think so and doctors know that they examine healthy babies all of the time before they are given all of those vaccines into their poor little legs!

If they don’t examine a baby before giving vaccines then that is strike two on their part and strike three would be when a healthy child suddenly becomes ill or in this case and my reason for this blog a healthy young man suddenly becomes paraplegic and dies.

Please help me to understand and are we just supposed to believe that this is normal for a healthy kid who was given a vaccine all of a sudden he and his family’s lives change so drastically to the point he eventually dies before actually becoming a paraplegic?

Is this family just supposed to accept that it is what it is?

Here is a true story about a young man who was healthy until he was given the Gardasil vaccine.

4 years ago my perfectly healthy son became a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic due to the vaccine Gardasil.   Whether you call the condition TM or AFM they are both terms for polio renamed.   Colton fought so hard to get better. He was so strong and pushed himself trying to achieve a normal body that he once had never to achieve it in this lifetime. Gardasil took his happy life from him.  Gardasil took everything away from him that you take for granted like breathing, being able to walk, scratching your own itch, hugging someone, dressing.  Gardasil took my son from me.

MERCK knows these risks exist. THE GOVERNMENT knows these risks exist!  Doctors know these risks exist, yet, they still administer vaccines because of money! They aren’t administering vaccines for your health and safety it’s all about money!  There are no true safety studies on vaccines CDC destroys the info showing bad side effects from vaccines.  Please do your research!  I did mine too late.  My son is gone!   I miss him like crazy.   You can protect your kids don’t be a fool… don’t trust a doctor that makes money pushing vaccines. READ A TRUE VACCINE INSERT-DARE YOUR DOCTOR TO READ THE VACCINE INSERT.   WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS= neurotoxins!

Image may contain: outdoor

My heart goes out to Colton’s family for their loss and you have our sincere sympathy but with all respect, this is not acceptable!  What happened to Colton should not have happened and in order for it not to happen again to any child, it is time for somebody to be held responsible don’t you think?
Can you imagine losing your healthy child and not only do you lose your child, he becomes all but a vegetable not able to breathe on his own because you followed the U.S. Government protocol which mandates us to have our children vaccinated?
Where are the studies proving vaccinations are safe for our children?
According to my finding of the CDC’s data show that the current U.S. vaccine supply is the safest in history.

The United States’ long-standing vaccination safety program nearly and always screens the safety of vaccines.

A basic piece of the program, CDC’s  Immunization Safety Office  recognizes conceivable vaccine symptoms and behaviors concentrates to decide if medical issues are caused by vaccinations.

Featured Resource: HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) is Safe

HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) is Safe Factsheet
The wellbeing safety and effectiveness of vaccines are under steady investigation.
Since immunizations or vaccinations are intended to be given routinely amid healthy or well babies or children visits, they should be phenomenally protected according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.   Safety testing starts when another vaccine is thought about, proceeds to the point that it is monitored and is checked inconclusively after licensure.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) works intimately with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to influence suggestions for immunization to utilize.

Over the previous decade, questions have been raised in regards to a connection amongst a mental imbalance and antibodies. Alongside general wellbeing concerns, guardians have pondered about:

Excessively numerous immunizations overpowering the resistant framework

The measles, mumps, rubella mix immunization (MMR)

The additive thimerosal, which was never present in MMR yet was available in a few immunizations utilized as a part of the 1990s—it has since been expelled from all routinely utilized childhood vaccination except for influenza.

According to research has been led on these subjects, and the investigations keep on finding vaccines to be a safe and viable approach to anticipate genuine ailment.

This article records those investigations and gives connects to the productions to permit guardians—and each one of the individuals who manage or prescribe antibodies—to peruse the confirmation for themselves. These investigations don’t demonstrate any connection amongst a mental imbalance and MMR antibody, thimerosal,  multiple vaccines given at once,  fevers or seizures. Note: This isn’t a thorough rundown—vaccine safety examines are always being led and distributed and may not be reflected here.

Please examine the evidence for yourself. If you have any questions, speak with your pediatrician. Please ask questions and please read the pamphlets and if they cannot answer the question about contents of vaccinations to you when you ask this should lead to serious concern!

What’s a VIS?

A VIS or Vaccine Information Statement is an archive, created by CDC, that advises antibody beneficiaries – or their folks or lawful agents – about the advantages and dangers of an immunization they are accepting.

Read about the evolution and history of Vaccine Information Statements[5 pages].

VISs are required by law

All antibody suppliers, open or private, are required by the National Vaccine Childhood Injury Act (NCVIA  42 U.S.C. § 300aa-26[2 pages])  – to give the proper VIS to the patient (or parent or lawful agent) before each measurement of particular immunizations.

The proper VIS must be offered to precede the immunization and must be offered before each dosage of a multi-measurements arrangement. It must be given paying little respect to the age of the beneficiary. See “Ways to give a VIS“.

Approaches to give a VIS

Previously, healthcare providers and public health elements deciphered government law as a necessity that a paper duplicate of every vi must be given to the beneficiary preceding inoculation, and that the beneficiary must take this duplicate away with him or her following the immunization.

The advancement of electronic media has brought about a widening of this understanding. For instance, now:

A training may create changelessly, overlaid, office duplicates of every vi, which might be perused by beneficiaries preceding immunization.

VISs might be inspected on a PC screen (or any video show).

VISs might be downloaded by the beneficiary to a cell phone or other electronic gadget to peruse at his or her comfort. (VISs have been extraordinarily organized for this reason.)

VISs might be influenced accessible to be perused before the inoculation to visit (e.g., by giving the patient or parent a duplicate to bring home amid an earlier visit, or revealing to them how to download or see a duplicate from the Internet). These patients should even now be offered a duplicate in one of the organizations depicted already to peruse amid the vaccination visit, as an update.

Suppliers should, in any case, offer a duplicate (which can be an electronic duplicate) of each fitting VIS to take away after the inoculation. Nonetheless, the recipient may decline.

Where to get VISs

CDC keeps up a present English dialect VIS for every antibody.

You and your patients can:

1) View and show the website page

2) Download and print the PDF document

3) Import the RTF (content) document into an electronic framework

4) View on a cell phone, tablet or another electronic system

No figures are accessible on the number of paper copies of VISs conveyed preceding their accessibility on the web, yet from that point forward the yearly number of downloads from CDC’s VIS site has developed generously. For instance, downloads of flu VISs expanded from 113,004 out of 2005 to 316,378 of every 2010, to 621,054 out of 2015; and the quantity of suppliers who have enrolled to get VIS email refreshes has developed from less than 70,000 in July 2011 to more than 235,000 by February 2017.

CDC’s Vaccine Information Statements have developed extensively during a few time of development and change in the U.S. immunization program. As future needs and difficulties emerge, they will without a doubt proceed to develop and keep on fulfilling their command to obviously illuminate patients about the advantages and dangers of all vaccines.

How to report adverse effect of vaccination

“Several people may submit reports about one patient. The person reporting the adverse event may supply additional information, but no supporting information is required. The form asks for the following items: the patient’s initials, age, and sex; the time of event onset; description of events; a general assessment of condition (dead, hospitalized, disabled, etc.); relevant diagnostic tests or laboratory data; date of vaccination; and the vaccines that were given. Once submitted to the contractor, the data are entered into a computerized database. The narrative regarding the description of the adverse event is used to determine the index terms used to categorize the adverse reaction. Up to eight terms can be assigned to each report. The indexing system used is the Coding Symbol for Thesaurus of Adverse Reaction Terms (COSTART) system.”

According to the CDC Public Health Implications: 

It is assessed that vaccines have averted or prevented more than 300 million youth sicknesses and more than 700,000 unexpected losses between the years 1994 and 2013[14]. While this day and age happen to concur with the presentation of VISs (vaccine information statements) and there proceeded with utilizing, regardless of whether VISs have affected antibody scope is obscure. Notwithstanding, a current report taking a gander at an acknowledgment of human papillomavirus (HPV) antibody announced that CDC’s VIS “essentially expanded impression of immunization benefits and diminished apparent dangers.”

History of Vaccine Information Statements

(These are the exact words of the CDC and can somebody please explain to me what this means or does this even make any kind of sense)?

2016 was the 40th anniversary of the first vaccine patient information sheet produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since then, these materials have evolved, influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. How have these factors transformed vaccine information materials from the first “Important Information Statement” in 1976 to the 28 “Vaccine Information Statements” in use today?

It just breaks my heart what happened to Colton and the devastation his family will never get over.  Can you imagine the pain they must go through right now? It is without a doubt disbelief what is going on right now in our society when it comes vaccines is above and beyond ‘Insanity’ and the sad thing is that we choose to cover our eyes to children dying like it is normal!

I am used to older people dying and God sort of prepares us for that when we take care of them and be their caretakers and it teaches and prepares us that they will not be with us forever and you get this peace and I know from experience of losing and being with both of my parents until they died at home, but for children and babies actually dying from being once healthy and then getting sick or dying after they get vaccines?   It does not take a rocket scientist to see with your own eyes using common sense that God gave to each and every one of us (at least I thought) all of us to see that something is definitely not right with vaccinations at all!

Don’t you think we should be saying, “Say NO to vaccines?” One death is too many and we demand that somebody takes responsibility for what is happening to our children and to all people that we are losing like people are buying lottery tickets from taking what you claim is to protect us from illness and disease!

I just want to know where are the studies proving vaccines are safe for our children?


14 Whitney CG, Zhou F, Singleton J, Schuchat A. Benefits from immunization during the Vaccines for Children program era – the United States, 1994-2013. MMWR. 2014;63(16):352-355.