When Dreams Come True!

All of my life, I have been pretty much a really big dreamer, especially as a kid.  My sister and myself would invent things, hold our own carnivals, made the rides ourselves and charged our customers, which were our friends from our neighborhood, who truly had fun with us!!! We have always dreamed of making soemthing of ourselves and we invented a cereal and our parents would get big boxes of cereal for months delivered to our house, we could only think it was our royalty for something we didn’t even know what were doing when it came to laws of securing your ideas! lol

Anyway, now as an adult still quite the dreamer and decided to go back to college to finish my education back in 2004 and the rest is history.  I started becoming interested in becoming a business owner, mainly because I saw how my father, when he retired lived from paycheck to paycheck and was at his job for almost 40 years with perfect attendance.  That meant absolutely nothing to that employer, so I decided to break the cycle at the ripe young age, of at that time in my 50’s, to break this vicious cycle which still is happening to millions of people.  Work all of those years, looking forward to retirement and then instead of travelling, living the life of Riley, you are now saying, “I have to watch how I spend, because I am retired.” And…to me this is so backward if you ask me and not what I want to do! So I decided to continue my education and pursue ownership and becoming an entreprenaur and with much hard work I did it!

For most of projects I found a man named Ian Schrager spectacular.  Mr. Ian Schrager is the Hotelier of the Boutique Lifestyle Hotel and I started to following him and what really intrigued me about Mr. Schrager was how he loved taking risks and this motivated me.  So, I used pretty many of his hotels, Morgan Hotels , etc. and used them as part of my projects, which I submitted to the BLLA and also was graded on for my college papers.  I also found it very amazing what and how the Marriott could gain from using Mr. Schrager’s concept and wouldn’t you know it, they are now working together as one vision! So, I started doing and following the Marriott Brand and showed how they could actually do better by going the boutique lifestyle way if they partnered.  I saw something in what Mr. Schrager was doing that felt like it could actually be the new millennium and it has begun to come up everywhere now! I have this really big passion on partnering and volunteering as well!

“Together Marriott and I have a new vision and plan to radically rethink and catapult the boutique/lifestyle category hotel into the present by capturing the spirit of the times,” says Schrager.

“Ian Schrager’s groundbreaking concepts have changed the business and set industry standards that continue to be imitated throughout the world.”http://www.publichotels.com/chicago/about-us/ian-schrager/

What I decided to do was to pursue organizations which had ups and downs, but still remained as successful companies; and my all time favorite was the Milton Hershey Company.  I relished Mr. Bill Gates when he was  owner of Microsoft’s organization history and also his good friend; who I got to hear speak in person at Saint Louis University at the John Cook Hall, Mr. Steve Jobs.  I really loved Mr. Gates for the way he treated his employees and this is what really intrigued me about Mr. Milton Hershey of the Hershey conglomerate, which today is standing even more stronger!  So, I decided to follow the Hershey Corporation and did lots and lots of research on this amazing company. I studied work ethics, work policies both locally and globally and found the corporation to be sustainable and not only good to the employees, but good to people who bought their products.  Not only, what really was a great challenge was the amount of times he failed and just started all over again thinking even bigger with better ideas each time he failed.

This along with many other corporations is what has kept me going for such a very long time without even a single customer yet, but what is most important is the many partners which were not partners, who are now partners, i.e. Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Air, since I joined and became a member of the BLLA.  I find this so appealing and invigorating in itself. Not only did Fran, the owner of the BLLA, make me a partner, but she started yearly a convention which is a Leadership Symposium where education plays an important role in what we stand for.  I thank her so much for that!  I also find it quite amazing that not only did Sir Richard Branson become a partner with the BLLA, but also of my Host Agency, Montrose Travel, and I am thrilled and so happy!

I use to wonder why I wasn’t getting any customers, but since studying Organizational Leadership emphasis, I am finding how important it is to get to know your stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc. and get them to know you as well. So, now I begin calling and getting to know them and my most favorite is Fran of the BLLA, who has been so wonderful and I so thank her for believing in me and my visions. I am constantly thinking of ways to make my business something which will make me different from the rest, so I decided to be more concerned in our health and wellness.  Not only our health and wellness was a concern, but to travel to different lands which truly take health and wellness seriously, by growing their own products which are not sprayed with pesticides like many are here in my country, making many sick!

So, now I do lots of research on different countries, i.e. Japan which has a very high life expectancy and also their babies, which are born very smart because of what and how they treat their bodies, before, during and even most importantly afterwards for nursing.

We will be sharing with you different country highlights when it comes to sustainability when it comes to lifestyles and our bodies from all around the globe. Coming up next, we will talk about this incredible KANGEN water, which I was introduced to! In Japan, I have met Mr. Oshiro, and have found through research, this water is used in medical facilities in Japan.  To give you an example of its healing powers, it heals bedsores which we see a lot in our country, especially in nursing homes, in one to two days tops! It not only does that, but it will help you to get off of manmade medicines which have many side affects which are more harmful for our bodies, souls and minds!


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