Future of the Boutique Lifestyle Hotels

Madikwe Game Reserve. Amazing tree-house lodging is a fantastic eco-friendly idea.

What really made me become interested in being a part of the big vision of  the boutique and lifestyle hotels, is the dreams and visions which are still becoming global, and when it comes to being sustainability, the boutique and lifestyle hotels come to mind as futuristic, yet, coming up all over globally right now as we speak!  What I vision and see for the near future of the boutique and lifestyle brand is global and eco-friendly, and can be converted from something old into something new and trendy!  What I mean by this is say for example their is an old schoolhouse sitting out in the middle of nowhwere, well, these would be perfect boutique lifestyle hotels.  I can even see old schools in some cities, depending where they are located being turned into luxury schoolhouse boutique and lifestyle hotel accommodations instead of just tearing them down.  This way they can be remembered once as being a school and they could even be named after the school, in its memory?  In Switzerland, they are turning old jails into hotels.

“A prison is probably the last place on Earth most of us would want to spend the night, right? Well, for some of these converted prison hotels that still holds true: in Latvia, for example, ‘guests’ who pay to stay at a former KGB jail complex are subjected to humiliation and emotional torture. In other cases, however, notoriously terrifying prisons have since become luxurious 4-star hotels where you can cozily enjoy a stay in a former prison library or even the director’s office! Here are 5 examples from around the world that range from luxurious to downright frightening – then check out some of the world’s smallest and coolest hotel rooms. Next, check out these 70+ Amazing Theme, Castle, Jail and Art Hotels.”


Jail Hotel Interior Design

I can even see mini or portable accommodations being in all of our airports around the world for people whose flights may be delayed, bad weather, etc.  I really liked the concept of 200 rooms or less or even 100 rooms or less in certain boutique and lifestyle accommodations depending it where it may located.

The boutique and lifestyle has already begun turning caves and trees into hotels and if the caverns can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, what better accommodations when it comes to sustainability and being eco-friendly! I not only see the boutique and lifestyle becoming the new brand all over the world, but also as being a part of new public transportation when it comes to getting to and from your hotel, i.e. a riverfront which when the water gets high, you may be unable to get to your hotel, so you use the skylift as if you were on a ski slope.  I also see something such as a skylift being used to get you to and from your boutique and lifestyle hotels instead of using on the ground transportation, we could go with over the ground to get to our hotel properties and this would be part of the boutique lifestyle trend and also affiliated with the boutique lifestyle tourist attraction in whatever city, country, etc. you may be in. So, in other words when you hear the word boutique and lifestyle, you know that there is sightseeing over the ground, included in your hotel stay as well from your hotel. Now, these are just dreams I have for the near future and they may sound a bit crazy, but ideally think they could work.

As, Architecture & Design  The Future of Luxury Boutique Hotels By Roger G. Hill, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, The Gettys Group Inc. stated, “Boutique hotels are a continually evolving segment in the industry. Defying our definitions, boutiques can be historic or modern, adult or family-oriented, heavily themed, or eclectic. Once clearly identified as independent hotels with less than 100 rooms, well-known brands are adopting their characteristics in an attempt to capitalize on growing demand among travelers for a differentiated travel or lifestyle experience.”  http://hotelexecutive.com/business_review/1326/the-future-of-luxury-boutique-hotels

The main reason I loved the boutique and lifestyle is because of their uniqueness and the taking a risk of trying something very new concept.  The ICONIC SANTORINI, A Boutique Cave Hotel in:

The Iconic Santorini, a stylish boutique cave hotel, is the perfect place to experience the timelessness of this amazing island. Having the privilege of being located on the cusp of the volcanic cliff or caldera, with views that literally take your breath away, the Iconic Santorini embodies the unique architecture and lifestyle of the island, creating a laid back atmosphere conducive to rest.
You can take a look at some of our other boutique lifestyle hotel accommodations globally! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.508438245935358.1073741852.278339842278534&type=3

Check out more of our treehouse boutique lifestyle hotels around the world, and can you imagine yourself vacationing in one for your next luxury vacation of a lifetime?http://www.luxurytravelmagazine.com/worlds-best/tree-house-hotels.php

You may go the BLLA’s hotel engine website and take a look at our boutique lifestyle trendy hotels all around the globe and happy travels!  http://www.blla.org/blla-directory.htm

For information on becoming a member you may go to: http://www.blla.org/blla-members.htm

Jail Hotel Interior Design

We look forward to you staying in the boutique and lifestyle hotel accommodations for your next vacation of a lifetime. Happy Travels! http://www.blla.org

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