“Plants are The Original Source for Healing” by Valerie Cheers Brown

The vast majority in the United States are uninformed of what a vital part plants play in the field of solution. Plants are the first source material for about 40% of all pharmaceutical cures in the United States. As it were, there are medicine and over-the-counter medications available at this moment that either contain plant-inferred materials, or orchestrated materials from specialists that were initially gotten from plants.

You’ve most likely taken plant determined solution sooner or later in your lifetime. There are various samples of how plants have been utilized restoratively by means of western science and pharmaceutical organizations. Pseudoephedrine, a nasal and sinus decongestant and stimulant found in numerous over-the-counter frosty and influenza pharmaceuticals, was initially gotten from the ephedra plant species. The tumor drug Taxol is gotten from a plant alkaloid found in the Yew Tree. Quinine, the opposition to malarial medication, was initially found in the bark of a cinchona tree. It was initially utilized by the Quechua local individuals of Bolivia and Peru before being taken again to Europe by the Jesuits.

Socially and customarily, indigenous individuals have a particularly close association with plants. Indeed today, approximately 80% of the world’s populace still utilizes herbs as essential drugs. Albeit, deplorably, in light of the national government’s strategy of end and absorption of local individuals in this nation and the concealment of social and profound convictions that took after, a ton of American Indian conventional plant information has been lost. Locals are battling to ensure and safeguard their separate local dialects. In a comparative way, we should now battle to secure and safeguard genealogical learning about the restorative employments of local plants. Like the wild ox and each other wild thing that lives and develops, local plants established in Ina Maka (Mother Earth) are a piece of our way of life as local individuals. Without the blooming stick, the holy band of life is inadequate and can’t be mended.

Peyote develops in northern and focal segments of Mexico, and in parts of America’s compelling southwest. Local people groups have been ingesting peyote as a piece of otherworldly services for a great many years. At present, the lawful utilization of the peyote in the United States is presently limited to use in ceremonies and functions performed inside the Native American Church.

Under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, the conventional religious utilization of peyote as a ceremony inside the Native American Church was sanctioned; in any case, the transportation, ownership, and utilization of peyote by unapproved gatherings for utilization other than real customary stately intentions is entirely precluded. The Drug Enforcement Administration is in charge of the regulation and enrollment of persons who develop, reap and convey peyote under the law. State and nearby laws are likewise appropriate.

Peyote, alongside its commonly happening alkaloid Mescaline (or 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine), is viewed as a hallucinogenic medication. It ought not be taken daintily. Like all medicines, peyote can be lethal if taken in high measurements. On the off chance that one is inconsiderate in its ingestion, a nerve racking mental experience will take after. Recreational utilization of peyote is unsafe and may prompt genuine reactions.

That said, there is expanding proof that peyote has valuable restorative uses in the treatment of medication compulsion, liquor abuse, discouragement and tension. Mescaline, the alkaloid found in peyote, is known to tweak neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine inside the cerebrum, both of which assume vital part in the regulation of joy. Peyote enacts the same receptor as serotonin. Serotonin influences the parts of the human mind that identify with emotions and discernment. People experiencing despondency, uneasiness, liquor abuse, drug enslavement, and identity issue frequently have modified or harmed serotonin frameworks. Peyote, going about as a kind of serotonin copy, might subsequently help in the treatment of people who experience the ill effects of infirmities where serotonin is missing or inadequate.

Dr. John Halpern, a specialist who explored peyote use inside the Native American Church, has observed that peyote is advantageous in the treatment of liquor abuse and medication misuse among American Indians, and not at all like other hallucinogenic medications, peyote doesn’t seem to cause lasting cerebrum harm. The individuals who utilized peyote did as such just as a part of function, and avoided liquor and medication misuse. He likewise reasoned that setting is additionally significant to the successful utilization of peyote. Hallowed stately surroundings are vital to the recuperating dreams experienced by the individuals who use peyote as drug.

Today, local individuals battle with a horde of wellbeing issues. As opposed to bolstering our tired an unending cycle of extravagant, man-made doctor prescribed medications delivered by billion dollar pharmaceutical organizations, some with conceivable symptoms that incorporate lasting heart or liver harm, stroke, or even passing, we could be utilizing genealogical information to restore and shield our wellbeing. Local individuals who still practice customary drug are very much aware of their mending advantages of restorative plant utilization. They needn’t bother with western science to demonstrate it to them. In any case, as locals living in 2011, we should help moral examination into how local plants are utilized as medication for descendants, and to safeguard that our utilization thusly is secured under the law. As living agents of our progenitors, it is our obligation to save and secure customary information in all its structures. Local individuals are presently in the position to choose whether or not such information is spread and to protect its fitting utilization.

Unhealthy meals and a busy lifestyle with little time for exercise lead to a rise in obesity, which triggers a litany of health issues.

At the top of such a list would be type-2 diabetes, when the body becomes more resistant to insulin, resulting in an inability to maintain the normal blood sugar levels it once did.

There is also type-1 diabetes, a result of low insulin production.

There has been a huge rise in the number of patients with type-2 diabetes in recent years, said Dr Cho Li Wei, an endocrinologist at Changi General Hospital (CGH). Insulin resistance is caused by obesity which is increasing here and worldwide, she said.

Dr Chionh Chang Yin, a consultant in renal medicine at CGH, is not surprised. “The medical literature is rife with cases of a sudden rise in diabetes, when largely agrarian communities exposed to modernisation switch to a sedentary lifestyle and a diet rich in sugars and carbohydrates,” he said.


Medicinal herbs can provide natural, safer remedies to dozens of common ailments. This chart shows you more than 75 herbal remedies that do just that. For more information about herbal remedies, check out 75 Safe and Effective Herbal Remedies.




“God’s Growing, Curing & Healing” ~ by Valerie Cheers-Brown

Kratom is a substance that is used medically. As a case study, the West African traditional medicine is M. ipermis and M. stipulose in fighting Malaria. The alkaloid speciophylline becomes isolated from M. ipermis is known to fight off effects against leukemia.

Please find below a plant called the ” Kratom Tree” and it is in its native environment, the Kratom plant can quickly grow into a large tree topping 50 feet, and thrives in a rather wet humid environment. It has rather large, lovely leaves that can reach 10 1/2″ in length (The red vein leaves I am holding measured this length!). It is extremely difficult to grow from it’s very tiny seeds, and more so due to the fact that these seeds do not stay viable for long. I tried unsuccessfully on two different occasions to grow from several seed pods which I had ordered – totaling 100′s of seeds sown.


We have got to stop medicating ourselves with drugs in this society, which lead us to a need and rely on another drug to cure what that drug does to our bodies, minds and our soul, most importantly. Our minds lead us to believe that we must rely on something which is manmade to cure what ails us and mainly we believe in man’s way too much instead of God!

kratom tree

Anyone who suffers from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of energy, is looking to get off of other substances, or even if you just want a good mood boost, kratom is a fantastic herb. Kratom, otherwise known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant native to Southeast Asia and has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by those who live in Thailand and Indonesia.


It has come to our attention that there is a natural supplement, called Kratom, which also comes as a tea, from what we have heard, which can help those who are addicted to prescribed medicines, street drugs, etc.who will have withdrawals when trying to stop taking them. We need to go with God’s methods of healing and that is anything which God grows heals! When stopping most of the medications today, from experience and being on many medications in the past, you will have withdrawal symptoms, like trying to stop any drug; and if we can use this to help with street drug users, as well as prescribed medications which are not healling anybody, but causing all kinds of other problems for our society, we can begin to heal ourselves in this country and live long productive lives living long enough to see our grandkids and even their kids which is not impossible if we take care of our wellbeing!

For more information do your homework and research things folks! We must begin to live our lives and in order to do this, we must start to use our brains which God gave to us to use to save our own lives. Don’t you want to live to be 80 or even 90? We are not dead not through and to live a long lasting life is a true blessing from God! I know people in my family, friends who lived to be well into their hundreds and everything society says we should not do, they did just the opposite!

Now, when God says it is time only then, are we to go to a much better place than here in this world!

Everytime I think about Robin Williams, and how he was crying out for help and he even expressed this in his comedy shows for he was one funny man who was happy only when making others happy; and does not take a rocket scientist to believe those medications he was on had lots to do with his suicide. We are seeing many heart patients with problems mixing heart medication with anti-depressants, who are either dying, having to turn to dialysis or committing suicide and will cause problems with sleeping too like Michael Jackson went through.

I swear to you, when you Michael Jackson was on tv and said, “This is It!” I cringed and shouted out loud, where are you going? He was tired of being in pain and I do know what this means, but to help myself, I am writing about how I am helping myself with God’s help and guidance to help myself and to help others who want to be helped!

Now one thing may or may not have to do one another, but we do feel that we are taking way too many medications in our country which are only creating more problems!

Remember, we are not doctors nor scientist, and merely expressing our feelings via socal media, and hope that others will begin to take our lives back into our own hands and do research for your ownself and have the will to live and not give up.  Only God has the last say in when it is our time to expire, not man nor any doctor.  Because a doctor says you must have to your leg amputated, only means to me that it is time to start doing something putting pressure on that knee which is so called not going to be around much longer unless you have it deleted from your extremities.

Only one person knows when it is our time, and that is the almighty Jesus!

Remember we are not doctors, scientist, but we do have a brain which God gave to us and we want to see well-being improving in our country and try to get people to believe in anything which God grows heals!

Kratom effects vary from strain to strain and from one person to another. There are many Kratom strains from varied geographical locations for example, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


This is a testimony from a person who used “Kratom”:

“Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs I posted before, needing help with WDs from a Lortab addiction I wanted to stop. First couple days were hell. Then someone posted about getting Kratom to help with the WDs. I actually have a Kava bar here in St. Petersburg that sells Kratom and even has a Tea made out of the leaf

We say Mr.X testimony: “So, I went there and talked with the owner. And got as much information as I could. Then proceeded to get a small Kratom Tea. I was experiencing all the WDs this morning. Tired, Diarrhea, depressed, constant yawning. Within 20 mins of drinking this tea my WDs were pretty much gone. I even got a burst of energy. And felt great. Effects lasted about 2 hrs before my WD’s started back up..”

But from the testimonials I have read, YOU can get off pain meds with little or no WDs.

“And so far its working for me. Why isn’t Kratom talked about more on this forum??”

There is hope and help. Kratom is a blessing.

Medical Use of Kratom

Kratom is a substance that is used medically. As a case study, the West African traditional medicine is M. ipermis and M. stipulose in fighting Malaria. The alkaloid speciophylline becomes isolated from M. ipermis is known to fight off effects against leukemia.

The oxindole alkaloid Mitraphylline and speciophylline those were isolated from a wooden liana (Uncaria tomentosa Rubiaceae which is native to South America. During the ancient times, the liana was used to fight off arthritis, cancer, intestinal problems as well as epidermal diseases. Even though it is a natural plant, it is recommended to avoid kratom use by children.

1993 saw Stuppner et al. test Mitraphylline as Speciophylline for their anti-leukemic effects on cell lines Hl-60 and U-937. Stuppner was able to determine that both alkaloids were capable of preventing Leukemia from spreading when he induced delimitation of the HL-60 cells to granulocytes and of the U-937 cells to marcophages.

M.Africans is extensively used in Nigeria as a mental illness treatment. The plant M.ciliata which is native to the African continent has been traditionally used to fight inflammations, lung diseases, high blood pressure, gonorrhea, headaches, and rheumatoid arthritis. Click here for more information.

Kratom was and is still used as an alternative to opium and it is also used during opium withdrawal symptoms. Many online sites carry individual testimonies largely on forums where individuals confess to have taken Kratom as an expedient against opium withdrawal symptoms. Varieties like Green Malay, Premium Commercial Bali orMaeng Da are very popular amongst online users.

Similar symptoms are recorded quite often which occur during opium withdrawal however in such cases these withdrawal symptoms appear less severe and spun for a shorter duration of time. A part of Kratom users indicate that they suffer smaller depressions after having quit Kratom intake making the quitting period a difficult one.

A recent study suggests the use of Mitragynine as a methadone replacement. Addicts in New Zealand were served Mitragynine as opposed to methadone to treat their addictions. The report indicated that New Zealand addicts smoked Kratom once and withdrawal symptoms would spring up.
It is indicated in a report that the treatment would have lasted 6 weeks, during this time, reports of exist of visualization apparitions during night time in-form of vivid hypnagogic dreams. An American activist Dana Beal who champions “Cures not Wars” came up with this suggestion during the time when Ibogain experiments were being conducted.

The activist made this suggestion during a meeting conducted by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee. The activists suggested that the use of Mitragynine in the studies as a placebo for comparison purposes.

Sadly though, her (Dana Beal) suggestions were shot down since it was brought to her attention that there is very little that is known concerning Mitragynine than about Ibogaine. The notes from the meeting suggested that no known entries were found on Mitragynine not Kratom study in New Zealand as neither Kratom nor Mitragynine serves as registered products in New Zealand.

The false assumptions is touted to have sprung up from the report of Jansen and Prast (1988) who had written a report suggesting that Kratom is best for replacement for methadone in withdrawal programs. Jansen and Prast carried out extensive research at the University of Auckland in New Zealand making it a possibility that Dana Beal may have very well misinterpreted the article.

Ibogaine and Mitragynine share similar chemicals, however their effect mode varies. To add more to it, their treatment to addictions also varies to some degree. Ibogaine is good for use once as its dependency is used in curing after a single prescription.

Kratom on the other hand is used in the treatment of drug addictions bit by bit. Kratom’s advantages include the fact that it is legally available in a vast majority of countries and its withdrawal is safer and way simpler.Pregnant women should not use kratom, because there are concerns that some properties of Kratom could potentially pass into the milk. Since this process hasn’t been researched, it is advisable be careful and abstain from using Kratom when  giving breast milk to a child.

I want to know why plants such as this is not being used to treat and cure? People, please take the time to pass this along and feel free to ask any questions!

This is one of the main reasons Culture and Places Boutique Travel’s mission is:

We are a completely different kind of travel agency which focuses soley on improving our health!  We offer both land and water trips to global vacation spots, which we can learn from different cultures globally, which live long lives; and our agency does much reseearch of many countries which utilize and specialize in living long productive lives by eating, growing and living healthy!


Father God, please continue to be our mentor and lead us, and continue giving us the tools to help our people stay healthy and live long prosperous in health and our well-being improvement! ~ Amen.

Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally.  Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.  I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord.  Thank You for forgiving me of my sins and giving me eternal life.  Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.  Amen

“Living Like Shining Stars” by Valerie Cheers Brown

Thinking again at what it took to get my wellbeing where it is today, there were several minutes when I very nearly surrendered.

These were the times I was so debilitated, so feeble thus drained… that I was prepared to stop. Prepared to surrender. Prepared to be finished with this… On those solutions, and so forth.

At the same time in those minutes, when I was wavering on the edge, something dependably got me as the day progressed. I supplicated a considerable measure and asked God to improve me and He generally replies, particularly when you got a ton to do in life still. What’s more the following day. Furthermore the following day. Until things improved. And….now solution free and relying upon the God-like higher being for my medicine and healer changed my life for better.

Once in a while it was not having the capacity to rest around evening time or bedtime, on the grounds that that is the point at which the torment hit most, and I thought when you went to bed, this is the place the peace becomes an integral factor, yet when resting with Sciatica nerve agony, is the point at which it was prepared to go and get up and play and about drive you insane, to the point where you needed to stay up keeping in mind the end goal to move around or simply basically to stay occupied with the headsets on. You see all agony detests music and this is my solution and cure which God recommended for every one of us to beat that torment.

Different times, it took more. And….it took a great deal of drinking water, on the grounds that a ton of the time, when we think we are debilitated, it is on account of we need water which our bodies require more than else other possibilities. In this way, every time I pondered anything, there went the drinking water.

Presently, once more to the subject available and this eventual dyslexia. Did you realize that you are not the only one? When I was a child, I had issues with concentrating, and was so frequently bothered and felt that I was more idiotic than the majority of my different schoolmates or peers!

This story will be about how you can conquer any ceaseless ailment, from adolescence to adulthood, and they can and will result in issues in the event that you don’t get help or regardless of the possibility that you don’t request help, yet just by not surrendering.

In any case how would you request help when a child, and all we know is that we are not doing likewise things different children are doing and achieving? As a child, you think that you are not the different one, but our peers who can do the so call normal things most kids do, i.e. reading, writing, arithmetic. As a child it can truly take a toll on our lives.

As a grown-up, you may dibble and dally with drugs, alcohol, street drugs, etc. and it is a demonstrated truth, that those most influenced with adolescence sicknesses, illnesses, and so on will utilize and attempt sedates as a grown-up, however for reasons unknown, by the Grace of God and you having something which helps us to defeat our fights, improves us even in light of the fact that you can empower others, on the grounds that as it were, you overcome due to confidence and not rely on upon man from preventing you from doing something which may get to be addictive! We every single one of us have vents and addictions, quite recently some concede more than others.

I went from being debilitated as damnation to where I am currently, and the first thing I did was to say, “I can overcome this.”

I outlived it. I outlived each and every tear I shed from intuition something wasn’t right with me the greater part of the time and even as a grown-up, didn’t exactly think like the others and dependably had questions.

Be that as it may as kicked more established and off to asking more, God demonstrated to me that this made me additionally exceptional, and with this gift of being diverse and that, you can take this being distinctive and make it work for you and your life to better your life.

A few things in life, you simply need to let yourself know, “I’m going to overcome this.”

I wasn’t the strongest child, in any event, at least I didn’t think so, however, I made up in my brain, “I’m going to get past this.”

What was the one thing I did that the vast majority aren’t ready to do? I outright never surrendered. I never quit.

A great many people that come up short surrender.

It’s about deciding that you’re not going to surrender. That you’re not going to stop.

Simply on the grounds that you’re not the same as others, doesn’t mean you’re a washout. Simply in light of the fact that the last supplement you attempted didn’t help doesn’t mean the following one won’t. And I am speaking of that spiritual higher being!

I’m not saying it will be simple. It wasn’t simple for me. I had setbacks. I had several days I needed to surrender.

Anyway, I need you to know is this: You can overcome anything on the off chance that you let yourself know, “I am a survivor.”

In case you’re reading this at this moment, I know you’re not a loser

You’re a survivor. I KNOW YOU’RE A SURVIVOR.

So please… simply survive today.

Furthermore know this: If you were going to surrender, you would’ve surrendered quite a while prior. You would have stopped years prior. Yet you’ve come this far. You’ve worked SO HARD. You’ve as of now put in the hard work to get to this point.

Receive something in return!

Don’t surrender and don’t give in… and there’s literally nothing you can’t succeed. Indeed your outlandish ailment.

Here are a rundown of numerous survivors who had issues, issues, told they were moronic, asked an excess of questions, just you will never add up to anything when you get more older, and so on. Along these lines, never think nor surrender simply in light of the fact that you are not prefer the standard or whatever is left of others.

Stephen King World famous, horror writing phenomenon, and the visionary behind such scare-you-to-pieces flicks as “It”, Stephen King fought a battle with drugs and alcohol for years.

Here is a list of celebrities who had addictions, etc., yet some are no longer with us, yet some still are and went on to becoming very successful!


Here are the names of some of the many talented and accomplished individuals who are dyslexic, or historic figures who had the pattern of talents and learning difficulties associated with dyslexia or related learning styles.

I am not famous, but I do know that I am great, according to my higher spiritual power,  but am right amongst this list of people who even though had issues as kids, took those differences and made them make a difference in our lives and for helping others to understand that they can too!

Read more: http://www.dyslexia.com/famous.htm#ixzz3RwiZRCoV

Now, my mentor and I always call my mentor, because I have been following this incredible human being for so very long’s story is the best of all!  Let me introduce to you Sir Richard Branson and his story:

“I left school when I was 16 years old partly because of my dyslexia. I couldn’t always follow what was going on, so I didn’t find the lessons interesting and became distracted. My teachers thought I was just lazy because back then; people didn’t understand as much about dyslexia as they do today. On one of my last days at school, the headmaster told me that I would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. That was quite a startling prediction, but in some respects he was right on both counts!”


“The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life.” ~Eckhart Tolle

For quite a while dread has controlled me. It has deadened me, kept me living in frantic circumstances, and halted me from carrying on with the life I had always wanted.

It has just been with age and the act of care these last few years that I now perceive the apprehension inside me, having at long last started the procedure of confronting it.

By confronting apprehension, I don’t imply that I’ve begun base-bouncing, deliberately caught myself in lifts, or permitted tarantulas to climb everywhere on my body.

I imply that I’ve sat in contemplation, viewed the apprehensions emerge, and instead of respond to them or permit them to wind up a piece of the stories that make up my life, I’ve watched them in my psyche from a separation.

I’ve felt how they’ve showed in my body, and I’ve moved into that physical uneasiness keeping in mind the end goal to pay consideration on trepidation in a manner I’ve never permitted myself to do previously.

When I consider the impulsive and addictive exercises that have kept me stuck in a position of trepidation before, they all originate from stories that play through my head daily.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.


Tank the Dinosaur “Gangsta Saurus” by Valerie Cheers Brown

This is about a rapping dino named Gangsta Saurus, and he tells his stories by rapping and hope you dig our messages and feel free to share his raps!  We put music so you can sing along with us!  Gangsta Saurus raps all of his messages and he raps about different positive goals he aims for.

Gangsta Saurus’s goals are shooting for the stars and he hopes that they take off and reaches the moon. So these are pretty high hopes so get ready for some shooting for the stars Gangsta Saurus rap! We hope you can learn something from Gangsta Saurus and have fun, cause we sure did have fun making them just for you!

The first one is about what being consistent means to Gangsta Saurus, and why it is most important to be consistent in life.  Gangsta Saurus says, “if we want to make something out of our lives we got think way bigger than life itself and head for the moon which is way beyond the stars, but will take some hard work climbing way up there!

The thing which makes Gangsta Saurus different from other rappers is that he uses music which heals not only the mind, but the spirit and the soul! So, just move your head and put the words and see what happens ~ Enjoy!


Continually I am bungling

Attempting to keep time with the beat

I find up with one thing

While the other one topples in the heat

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

Continually I am bungling

Attempting to keep time with the beat

I find up with one thing

While the other one topples

Rocking in the street

Like a teering totter

One side high the other side low

Would I be able to get some consistency

If you don’t mind


Battle as I go

Battle as I go

Over and over


Battle as I go

Battle as I go

I sit here on this park seat

Continually I am bungling

Attempting to keep time with the beat

I find up with one thing

While the other one topples

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

Viewing the world

Once more the downpour falls

Breaking against my skin

Displaying its adaptability

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

The capacity to break separated as it terrains

Having no regret for what its lost

Making me insane again and again

Not able to take this

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

I hear it each time it falls

Never thinking twice

Developing into shouts

Filling my body calls

I shudder each time

Not able to take it any longer

Who drove me to this torment?

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

You should discover something new to do.

I figure you like the same old exhausting example

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

Continually I am bungling

Attempting to keep time with the beat

I find up with one thing

While the other one topples in the heat

Consistency is the name of the game

Gangsta Saurus is my name!

Battle as I go

Battle as I go

 Gangsta Saurus is out!

Consistency is the key, if you can’t be consistence, then you can’t be anything!

You Will Never Stand Still

You may go ahead ..But..

You will never stand still

View the world as a developing place

And experience goodness in all things

Consistency originates

From taking a stab at the entire human race

Pulling quality accepted genuinely

Realizing that attempting

Will prompt achievement

Enormous or little

Life is an excursion

You may go ahead ..But..

You will never stand still

A revelation may be

The smallest thing

It might be a something moment

View the world as a developing place

And experience goodness in all things

From taking a stab at the entire human race

It may even be seen in the common

Or somebody you’ve generally known

Eyes, heart and psyche are betrayed

So frequently by misinterpretation

Give up and live

Adventure to another spot

Transparent new eyes

View the world as a developing place

And experience goodness in all things

From taking a stab at the entire human race

You may go ahead ..But..

You will never stand still


On The Off Chance

On the off chance that I would let myself let you know

Where I’ve traveled every which way

On the off chance that I would let myself let you know

How far I have run

In the event that I would let myself let you know

Where I now stand

At that point possibly you could help me

Also let me know you get it

On the off chance that I would let myself let you know

Where I’ve traveled every which way

Where Now I stand

Such a large number of give in

So they wind up bumbling

What’s more despite the fact that life is a struggle

I have so much pride,

Like a lion in his wilderness.

My pockets don’t jingle

In any case I’m rich

Cause with such a large number of characters

I should blend

As my 2 souls battle inside

I’m attempting to keep my fantasy alive

To stay concentrated on what exact

What’s more toss the malevolence side

Conditions do change

On the off chance that I would let myself let you know

Where I’ve traveled every which way

Where Now I stand

I’m composing my life on every clear page

So think positive and grounded you’ll sit tight

A few streets are harsh

Be that as it may there’s dependably a superior way

Life is great, life is delightful

What you sow you harvest,

Since is truth

So plant great seeds

Also harvest great foods grown from the ground.

On the off chance that I would let myself let you know

Where I’ve traveled every which way

Where Now I stand…

Enjoy our friend, Robert Mercardo, speak about consistency and he definitely does not give up! ~ Enjoy!

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
Maya Angelou
“Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde
“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”
Anthony Robbins

“Kids Should Be Winners” by Valerie Cheers Brown

It couldn’t be any more obvious, no parent in America today would likely insist kids ought not to be urged to have an independent perspective. In any case, a more intensive take a gander at the way they treat their youngsters would uncover the unmistakable actuality that they don’t rehearse what they shout. Kids are advised to do things “since I said as much,” “since I’m the parent,” or even, in a Christian home, “since God says.” Personally, I think every one of these expressions fills the very valuable need of educating a youngster about expert, insofar as they’re not utilized only in circumstances where the guardians truly have no clue why the thing they’re ordering is right. However, despite the fact that we as a whole realize that youngsters ought to once in a while be advised to think as we do, it’s still not something we should state so anyone can hear. So we hone shrewdness secretly and announce accommodation to a silly social standard. This distinction clarifies the rankled voice. “How could you influence me to mull over my irregularity!”

God gave kids their brains. Also, the genuine inquiry toward the finish of each child-rearing day is whether you are more intrigued by forming that kid in the Image of the God who made him … or in your own picture? At that point, we should recognize that picking the correct response to that inquiry will require from us something beyond noisy lip administration to the possibility that kids ought to be urged to think for themselves … more often than not … particularly when the scariest thing to envision is the likelihood that they may really take in the lesson.

A partnership is a good thing for kids, for classrooms and not just good for corporations or organizations.  Parent involvement such as helping in your child’s classroom or even attendance at your child’s school events means so much for our kids.  Partnership implies imparted diversions and shared backing.

Teachers and your kid’s schools need your help and who knows your child best than yourself.  Communitarian backing helps not only the school or teacher but also helps the child in reaching accomplishments in school and in their lives as they become adolescents and then adult life.

There are so many more difficulties today such as parents having to work more than one job, one parent families, and we need our kids to succeed in school and in life, but we cannot hold them back for our lack of judgment.

With parents having to work more than one job, tend to forget that their children’s lives really to do come first before that job. We know that you must make ends meet and in order to provide for our kids, we must work. But never forget, our kids’ lives come first and yes, even before that job!

Kids are our priority, whether they are yours, your neighbors, etc. always have been, always be and even after they are grown and have left home.
If you want a productive and responsible kid, you must do what is needed while they are young so they will stay and become even more as an adult and they just may have to help you in your older days.

Our kids are our children for life and they are not loaned to us and from the day they are born, they are yours for the rest of your lives, regardless of what you think which society has you thinking that you are done at 18 years of age, you are not done and it has only just begun!

We all will get older one day and if you don’t want to be thrown into a nursing home, you can always count on at least one of those children to always be there for you!

We all need help and should allow others to be a part of our children’s lives, whether it be a companion, enlarged family, neighborhood, church or synagogue and experience sentiments of detachment in doing the obligations of parenthood.

Even with such social change, schools and kid forethought projects get to be progressively vital as wellsprings of backing for the family and in addition for the kid.

Typically, folks are the one nonstop compel in their kids’ learning. Yet few folks feel completely prepared to guide their youngsters’ learning. Associations with different grown-ups who look after and about their kid can impact folks’ disposition and kid raising strategies. Instructors are an effective and positive impact in this respect.

Even though we as the parents are the first and the prime key in our kid’s lives, some of our kids live ravaged lives and we don’t know the many circumstances our babies and kids have to go through. Therefore, when one form of guidance is not available, we need to put somebody into this child’s life which they can look up to in a positive way of living and be learning from.

Children today and have for some time, had to become parents, adults way too soon, by having to take care of their other sibling, taking care of a sick parent who may or may not have an addiction to drugs, abused at an early age, etc.
We as parents must and need a stable environment in which our kids can encounter the sort of progression that pushes solid advancement.

When we as the parent stay in close contact with what and how our children are doing in school, the necessary area or weaknesses can be addressed early on. Also, if our kids are gifted in any area, which all or our children are born very smart; these gifts can also be addressed and pushed for the kid to strive by putting them into that genre or area of expertise so they can become great leaders early while they are young.

God made us all with differences so that we can learn from one another. Some children are slower than others, but this does not make something wrong with them if we address these areas of what we will call conflicts. Because our kids are born so very smart and as babies if you start to do things, like reading or having them read to, i.e. library has story times for our babies, you will be surprised just how they adapt and learn so quickly. If you read the same books, i.e. Dr Seuss’s books, your child will know those books by heart, when they do become of reading age, and reading will be so very easy for them. So rather than wait until they are reading age, which society has you thinking is a certain age, please begin reading to your babies, for they are so very smart and do understand every single word you are saying to them.

We as a community need to start not only partnering with big businesses, but we need to start partnering with our kids and let the neighbors help out when you cannot be there for your kids and stop holding that child back and it does take a village to raise a child.

So, to those parents out there that think that work comes first, it does not, and that job will be there, when your responsibilities are first and foremost for your bringing up your child properly and if you can’t, make sure you put that child in a good mentoring atmosphere, so that child is not left behind because of your lack of knowledge or just plain old greed for money!

Remember think about having children and they should be planned just like our goals and when you do begin to have children, they are your number one priority and the job becomes second place, and our kids are ours forever and not on loan to us. Also, when having kids think of it this way, this is the Beginning of my New End and my children will always be mine, but they will leave on their own, if they are properly provided, loved and shared when it comes to being exposed to learning, they will leave on their very own when the time is right, but will always be there for you when you may need a helping hand.

We as parents must respect our kids and our kids will respect us and what this means is we must participate in their lives showing them love when we can and it does not work any other way but the right way and God wants us to treat them right too by giving them all love and affection. Raising children does not just go for the parents to be treated right, we must be good leaders for our kids to watch and grow up as great leaders themselves. We must set good examples in our lives for our kids to grow up leading good example lives as well.

Our children are our beginning of our end in our lives! Our kids should always be the winner if we raise them with love and guidance, talk with them, allow them to ask questions, allow them to express how they feel, and most of all allow them to grow into beautiful leaders with our help as they are growing and maturing, from the day they first cry and come into this mean old world.


“Flipping Into Ownership” by Valerie Cheers Brown

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

~Aristotle Onassis

I hear kids these days expressing how they don’t want a job flipping burgers a whole lot, and am glad I never felt like that. It is because of my very first job working for a restaurant, The Goody Goody Restaurant, that I am where I am today. Rich Connelly taught us that if you have one customer and treat that one customer the way you want to be treated, word of mouth will bring other customers to you.

Something I learned very quickly from going back to college and doing financial aid, is how important it is to work any kind of job to be able to eat and feed yourself and your family. Having money to eat requires doing any kind of work you can find, even flipping burgers!

Now, on the other hand flipping burgers can also come in handy, if you want to own “your own burger joint.” What better way to learn how important it is to know how to flip a burger and the importance of not only flipping them, but making sure you never run out of condiments for your business. Running out of any thing which the customer needs, i.e. condiments could sure be a way to lose customers and a job too when they have to fire or get fired, for you giving away too many condiments or simply not asking the customer how much they need would be even better.

“Some people are not dippers,” as my grandson often reminds myself he is not. Some people just like to taste their food without any condiments running over their food! So if you would ask the customer if they need condiments, could and would be beneficial and would not take away from that businesses condiment budget or overhead, when it comes to giving them to customers who will throw them away and best if we ask. It is okay if you ask the customer if they need and also shows that you care, so they won’t have to ask for them.

A good way I have found to learn about any passion you may have is to volunteer in the area of your emphasis. For example, if you want to own your own bookstore, what better place than volunteering for one, and you just let them know what and why you want to learn the business and am almost certain, they would agree to it. As a matter of fact, they may even hire you, if you are good and learn the job well! Learning how to flip burgers can help you and show your employees, this is where I had to start before I owned my own business and helps them to understand how much hard work it will require, to have your own any kind of business which is not easy at all.

Volunteering is a very good way of getting all of the experience you may need and always keep a journal handy to keep notes and ask lots of questions. But most of all, pay close attention and watch and listen to what and how they treat their customers. You can learn a lot by just watching and listening. You can also learn from mistakes by yourself and by what you see which may be done wrong with a customer! In other words, others including our own mistakes makes us pay more closer attention, so we don’t repeat it again! You can make sure that from the mistakes you see and listen to, that you don’t do the same to your customers, clients. Also, remember that you can never do a business by yourself and mingle and introduce yourself to people who you may come into contact with. You just never know that person you meet, may become a perspective client, partner, stakeholder, vendor, supplier, or even a customer in the future!

I have a friend and won’t mention his name, but he owns several McDonald’s restaurants and he learned the business from actually working for them as a kid, and now he owns I do believe 6 or 7 restaurant chains! As a matter of fact, the little boy on the commercial which aired many years ago, where the little boy, while at the counter which he can barely see over, is that little boy who I am talking about. The little boy says to the cashier, “One day I am going to own my very own McDonalds” and today he owns many McDonald chains both in Illinois and in Missouri. I love this young man and am so very proud of him and nothing comes easy when owning comes into play!

You must work very hard when you first begin thinking about owning your very own business and work like you are already a millionaire, both day and night. The good thing about owning your own, is you can work as much as you want and if you are really serious about owning, you will work even harder than if working for somebody else. The money will follow, if you follow your passion and dreams and work like you are being paid a lot of money, even though you are not in the beginning. The good thing about not minding the working hard long nights and days is that know eventually, it will all pay off! And even though you are not making money in the very beginning, you must continue to work hard and I mean real hard until your dreams come true!

This is where the volunteering pays off, and not everyone can volunteer either! You must really be determined to give back without expecting anything in return, and it is the same way when you start to work your very own business. The difference I have found from working hard and volunteering is really pretty much the same, because with both you work hard just like the employees for whom you volunteer and if you work even harder, this will pay off in the long run and could turn into a permanent job for you. Well, this is where the volunteering really pays off and instead of getting hired by the company which you volunteer for, you start to get others interested in what you are doing because you are working very hard and showing that you are very serious about making your dreams come true.

One last thing, is when starting your own business, don’t expect anybody to believe in you, but don’t let this ever stop you for one minute. As a matter of fact, when nobody wants to help you, you may just be doing something right, and people just don’t want to help others make their dreams come true for some peculiar reason or another. It is rather sad, but when you do start to become successful, then you can proudly tell them, see I told you I would do it with a great big smile on your face. The other wonderful thing when you are almost at fulfilling your dreams, is all of the wonderful people who start to come into your life, and these are the ones who believe in you; and they will also support you and stay with you all of the way. Just make sure that you continously thank the people who help you along the way always and never stop thanking God, for if it were not for Him, none of this would even be possible. Good luck to you and never give up!

P.S. Always be courageous enough to admit to our own mistakes too and this is very important and thank a person rather than being rude for them bringing it to your attention. Remember without mistakes we would not be who we are, which is better.

~”The harder the struggle the more glamorous the triumph!”~

Feel free to take a look at my inspirational pages and again, thank you!







“Follow Your Dreams & Don’t Let Failures Stop YOU” by Valerie Cheers Brown

Following Your Dreams

First of all, I would like to say that I have many new innovative ideas or dreams, and the one closest to my heart is my very own line of babies clothing line, i.e. diapers, etc. I also want to do major prepared healthy meals which can be distributed to homeless people and they help somebody, help somebody and a way for them to get themselves out of poverty. A major reason for me starting my very own business was to be able to travel to find good eco-friendly fabrics for my babies clothes line, to learn about health and wellness of other cultures and be able to show others how they can heal themselves by learning about other health and wellness cultures, to implement music into a healing process for my niche which will also involve water related venues as well as be introducing KANGEN water into all of our boutique and lifestyle properties, music trend upscale luxury boutique and lifestyle hotels globally, own some boutique lifestyle treehouses, cave hotels and show other means of their usefulness for our world, i.e. to be in each and every airport on the globe. I also want to do a series of TANK books which he is a researching Dinosaur, who decides to save the planet from becoming extinct like his ancestors and these books can also be a tool for helping the less fortunate get themselves out of poverty! I am praying nonstop to make these dreams come true!

When I thought about owning my own business in 2004, I decided if I am going to do this, it has to be something which not only would help myself but my clients, and the world globally too. So, I decided to do my passion which is helping others locally and globally with my business. When a flight attendant many years ago for a short time, I worked so much, having a family and being a mother, really did not get to see anything, nor really travel for fun to really explore the world at large.

In 2004, I decided to go back to school and explored different cultures through my studies and mainly was really enthused in African American jazz and blues and the great history of. I also learned a lot about my history and learned a lot about my heritage also. I studied many greats who if I had been back in slavery time, and who would I have been most like; and found incredible individuals such as Sojourner Truth, who I found abundantly amazing and very courageously strong. She spoke very well for a woman of slavery, with little or no education and she stood up to her masters brilliantly bravely.

I studied so much about so much, that it really has allowed me to explore education as a lifetime process, which is really helping me with my business right now! When it comes to Project Management, I never knew how important it is when working a project just how important it is from A-Z to be fully accessible to your vendors, suppliers, stakeholders; and being honest with each and every one of them is necessary to carry a successful project out, with fewer errors as possible by working and communicating effectively with your team, staff, etc.

While back in college and even right now, I studied all kinds of people who I would dream of being like during my senior years while continuing my education. I found that the things you can accomplish while in school are amazingly available if you want them. So, I decided to study Public Policy and learned about different laws globally. I then went from there to study Organizational Leadership and became very knowledgeable in different organizations and learned about different cultures, work ethics, etc. and how important it is to please not only yourself but your employees are first and they are happy so will be your customers, stakeholders & vendors.


I decided one day to start to actually to implement project papers, which would gain myself and my company, Culture and Places Boutique Travel, partners, stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc. I decided to start to put papers together and started following the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association, owned by Frances W. Kiradjian, who just happened to be one of the strongest women I had studied about in a very long time, so I decided to pursue her loyalty and trust by doing projects, showing her that I really was interested in becoming a member of this amazing association, which was, by the way, the very first globally of its kind. I had set in my mind anything which I put my mind to, would have to be very impressive and would have been something so different, it would gain notoriety and gain more business partners too by being the very first of its kind anywhere.

So, I started following boutique hotelier, Ian Schrager, who I found not only amazing but a great risk taker and an incredible business person. This is what really made me want to pursue following him and how he did business was more intriguing. It would take a book to tell you all of the reasons I followed this amazing human being. I would take a few of his great and amazing hotels, i.e. Studio 54 and compare them to the brand hotels. I would show how I believe that less truly is best and how these amazing properties would eventually be the new millennium and they really are booming and popping up everywhere all over the world globally. He would take brand hotels and eventually turn them all into the boutique lifestyle hotels. You see, Mr. Schrager and another entrepreneur I found astonishing were Mr. Kimpton, of the fabulous Kimpton Hotels.

What I really loved about Mr. Kimpton was his ways of helping to save the planet’s carbon footprint with all of his properties and could say that Kimpton Hotels balances strategy and environmental sustainability. These two amazing heroes of mine, which I chose to study while in college, made me really interested in pursuing the boutique lifestyle and now my business and myself are members of the one and only BLLA, “The Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association.

So, I tried the travel industry and it just was not my passion! I had a wonderful host agency which was the Montrose Travel family based in Montrose, California and “Montrose Travel is one of America’s Top 50 Travel Management Companies, with over 200 employees, over 500 independent contractors and $214 million in gross sales. Since our humble beginning in 1956 and every day thereafter, we’ve been “Helping people travel. One at a time.” I worked every day as if I had millions of dollars in revenue, but took one day at a time and the good thing about working for self is you can work just as much and even harder because it is for you and your partner’s success.  I just could not get any business and this was a failure which made me want even more!

While being in college, it allows you to take your time, do your homework, research and follow through and pursue your passions, your business, partners, etc.. I plan on in the near future implementing an innovation, which will help mothers while carrying babies to relax both baby and mother and hopefully for a much easier childbirth, owning boutique lifestyle properties and I would like to contribute most of all to my hometown, which is Saint Louis, MO, with ideas to better our city and mainly our riverfront landing area, which is a vast goldmine for the boutique lifestyle hotels, which will bring not only bring great revenue to our city, but beautify our city and make those travellers want to come to Saint Louis and stay at our fabulous boutique hotels. I also plan on pursuing my writing and this does something to my soul to write my expressions through the art of writing and when I retire and move to St, John’s, plan on really branching out with the TANK series for all ages! You can do anything you wanted to do when you were younger if you believe you can receive! It is and has taken me getting to this beautiful place where a very higher being talks and walks with me and gives me much peace. I for the very first time in my life am happy with me and love me so much, I want to share me with the world.

While the travel agency business did not pan out for and I will say failure number one for me, this did not stop me from continuing on where I left off making my dreams come true, pursuing writing, creating a first of a kind backpack, eco friendly children wear, I want to do something totally different besides writing books being creative, getting married to my partner for life, and traveling around the world learning about the new and different cultures and meeting some of our new friends from different lands and countries. I have been so blessed to meet so many amazing and incredible friends and I call them family, along with this journey. Don’t ever give up on your dreams and don’t ever let your age stop you from being what you wanted to be when you were younger. Age is nothing merely but a number which to myself means “The older you get the better you get.” Don’t think about it, just do it!

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.