Computer Love Waiting by Valerie J Brown

How could this possibly happen I keep on asking?

As I get in front of my laptop screen sitting tight for time to pass

You are presently hiding yet near a large portion of a world away

This separation is nothing, I always say being strong yet so weak for you

I never adored another who was so sweet

God, I anticipate looking you in the eyes finally

The emanation of your skin; the warmth of your touch

Is all I need along these lines all that much

As I ask authorization to chat with you knowing it is you, even though another it may seem

My heart pulsates substantial; there is sweat in my grasp

To be with you is my just dream

As the time passes I can’t resist the opportunity to shout it is him last

Hardly sleeping and staring at the ceiling and the moon as if it were you thinking the same as I at the same time as I

Kindly turn on your computer and read my face through my music I play for you and you doing the same for me, a poem sent here or there or even yet a favorite movie with a beautiful love scene which reminds of our day to come

How do I know it is you which in my fantasy mind knows it is

Yes, I know you through the music you like, sayings which remind me it is you

Long separation affection is tricky to handle

Anyway, our affection for one another will unquestionably last when you love at heart and that heart reaches and touches and keeps you holding on!

~ Valerie J Cheers Brown 2/3/2015

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