TankTheHelpfulDinosaur by Valerie Brown (Cheers)

“The greatest wealth is Health.

We will explain why if humans don’t eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and exercise, grow their very own foods, they will also become extinct. This is a story about a boy who had a dream of helping people eat healthy and getting his parents to work together again!

Tank loved eating his veggies, but he had to stay with his mommy sometimes, and then he had to stay with his daddy the other half of the time.  This made Tank very sad, although he loved both his parents, he wanted to see them back together again, as a family. Tank always kept a smile on his face and made others smile, and sometimes he was not feeling too well, but his customers always made him happy and smile!  What made him even happier was seeing his mommy and daddy working together as a…

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