“Flipping Into Ownership” by Valerie Cheers Brown

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

~Aristotle Onassis

I hear kids these days expressing how they don’t want a job flipping burgers a whole lot, and am glad I never felt like that. It is because of my very first job working for a restaurant, The Goody Goody Restaurant, that I am where I am today. Rich Connelly taught us that if you have one customer and treat that one customer the way you want to be treated, word of mouth will bring other customers to you.

Something I learned very quickly from going back to college and doing financial aid, is how important it is to work any kind of job to be able to eat and feed yourself and your family. Having money to eat requires doing any kind of work you can find, even flipping burgers!

Now, on the other hand flipping burgers can also come in handy, if you want to own “your own burger joint.” What better way to learn how important it is to know how to flip a burger and the importance of not only flipping them, but making sure you never run out of condiments for your business. Running out of any thing which the customer needs, i.e. condiments could sure be a way to lose customers and a job too when they have to fire or get fired, for you giving away too many condiments or simply not asking the customer how much they need would be even better.

“Some people are not dippers,” as my grandson often reminds myself he is not. Some people just like to taste their food without any condiments running over their food! So if you would ask the customer if they need condiments, could and would be beneficial and would not take away from that businesses condiment budget or overhead, when it comes to giving them to customers who will throw them away and best if we ask. It is okay if you ask the customer if they need and also shows that you care, so they won’t have to ask for them.

A good way I have found to learn about any passion you may have is to volunteer in the area of your emphasis. For example, if you want to own your own bookstore, what better place than volunteering for one, and you just let them know what and why you want to learn the business and am almost certain, they would agree to it. As a matter of fact, they may even hire you, if you are good and learn the job well! Learning how to flip burgers can help you and show your employees, this is where I had to start before I owned my own business and helps them to understand how much hard work it will require, to have your own any kind of business which is not easy at all.

Volunteering is a very good way of getting all of the experience you may need and always keep a journal handy to keep notes and ask lots of questions. But most of all, pay close attention and watch and listen to what and how they treat their customers. You can learn a lot by just watching and listening. You can also learn from mistakes by yourself and by what you see which may be done wrong with a customer! In other words, others including our own mistakes makes us pay more closer attention, so we don’t repeat it again! You can make sure that from the mistakes you see and listen to, that you don’t do the same to your customers, clients. Also, remember that you can never do a business by yourself and mingle and introduce yourself to people who you may come into contact with. You just never know that person you meet, may become a perspective client, partner, stakeholder, vendor, supplier, or even a customer in the future!

I have a friend and won’t mention his name, but he owns several McDonald’s restaurants and he learned the business from actually working for them as a kid, and now he owns I do believe 6 or 7 restaurant chains! As a matter of fact, the little boy on the commercial which aired many years ago, where the little boy, while at the counter which he can barely see over, is that little boy who I am talking about. The little boy says to the cashier, “One day I am going to own my very own McDonalds” and today he owns many McDonald chains both in Illinois and in Missouri. I love this young man and am so very proud of him and nothing comes easy when owning comes into play!

You must work very hard when you first begin thinking about owning your very own business and work like you are already a millionaire, both day and night. The good thing about owning your own, is you can work as much as you want and if you are really serious about owning, you will work even harder than if working for somebody else. The money will follow, if you follow your passion and dreams and work like you are being paid a lot of money, even though you are not in the beginning. The good thing about not minding the working hard long nights and days is that know eventually, it will all pay off! And even though you are not making money in the very beginning, you must continue to work hard and I mean real hard until your dreams come true!

This is where the volunteering pays off, and not everyone can volunteer either! You must really be determined to give back without expecting anything in return, and it is the same way when you start to work your very own business. The difference I have found from working hard and volunteering is really pretty much the same, because with both you work hard just like the employees for whom you volunteer and if you work even harder, this will pay off in the long run and could turn into a permanent job for you. Well, this is where the volunteering really pays off and instead of getting hired by the company which you volunteer for, you start to get others interested in what you are doing because you are working very hard and showing that you are very serious about making your dreams come true.

One last thing, is when starting your own business, don’t expect anybody to believe in you, but don’t let this ever stop you for one minute. As a matter of fact, when nobody wants to help you, you may just be doing something right, and people just don’t want to help others make their dreams come true for some peculiar reason or another. It is rather sad, but when you do start to become successful, then you can proudly tell them, see I told you I would do it with a great big smile on your face. The other wonderful thing when you are almost at fulfilling your dreams, is all of the wonderful people who start to come into your life, and these are the ones who believe in you; and they will also support you and stay with you all of the way. Just make sure that you continously thank the people who help you along the way always and never stop thanking God, for if it were not for Him, none of this would even be possible. Good luck to you and never give up!

P.S. Always be courageous enough to admit to our own mistakes too and this is very important and thank a person rather than being rude for them bringing it to your attention. Remember without mistakes we would not be who we are, which is better.

~”The harder the struggle the more glamorous the triumph!”~

Feel free to take a look at my inspirational pages and again, thank you!







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