“Follow Your Dreams” by Valerie Cheers Brown

Following Your Dreams

First of all, I would like to say that I have many new innovative ideas or dreams, and the one closest to my heart is my very own line of babies clothing line, i.e. diapers, etc. I also want to do major prepared healthy meals which can be distributed to homeless people and they help somebody, help somebody and a way for them to get themselves out of poverty. A major reason for me starting my very own business was to be able to travel to find good eco-friendly fabrics for my babies clothes line, to learn about health and wellness of other cultures and be able to show others how they can heal themselves by learning about other health and wellness cultures, to implement music into a healing process for my niche which will also involve water related venues as well as introducing KANGEN water into all of our boutique and lifestyle properties, music trend upscale luxury boutique and lifestyle hotels globally, own some boutique lifestyle treehouses, cave hotels and show other means of their usefulness for our world, i.e. to be in each and every airport on the globe. I also want to do a series of TANK books which he is a researching Dinosaur, who decides to save the planet from becoming extinct like his ancestors and these books can also be a tool for helping the less fortunate get themselves out of poverty! I am praying nonstop to make these dreams come true!

When I thought about owning my own business in 2004, I decided if I am going to do this, it has to be something which not only would help myself but my clients, and the world globally too. So, I decided to do my passion which is helping others locally and globally with my business. When a flight attendant many years ago for a short time, I worked so much, having a family and being a mother, really did not get to see anything, nor really travel for fun to really explore the world at large.

In 2004, I decided to go back to school and explored different cultures through my studies and mainly was really enthused in African American jazz and blues and the great history of. I also learned a lot about my history and learned a lot about my heritage also. I studied many greats who if I had been back in slavery time, and who would I have been most like; and found incredible individuals such as Sojourner Truth, who I found abundantly amazing and very courageously strong. She spoke very well for a woman of slavery, with little or no education and she stood up to her masters brilliantly bravely.

I studied so much about so much, that it really has allowed me to explore education as a lifetime process, which is really helping me with my business right now! When it comes to Project Management, I never knew how important it is when working a project just how important it is from A-Z to be fully accessible to your vendors, suppliers, stakeholders; and being honest with each and everyone of them is necessary to carry a successful project out, with less errors as possible by working and communicating effectively with your team, staff, etc.

While back in college and even right now, I studied all kinds of people who I would dream of being like during my senior years while continuing my education. I found that the things you can accomplish while in school are amazingly available if you want them. So, I decided to study Public Policy and learned about different laws globally. I then went from there to study Organizational Leadership and became very knowledgeable in different organizations and learned about different cultures, work ethics, etc. and how important it is to please not only yourself, but your employees, and most importantly the clients, stakeholders, etc.

I decided one day to start to actually to implement project papers, which would gain myself and my company, Culture and Places Boutique Travel, partners, stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc. I decided to start to put papers together and started following the Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association, owned by Frances W. Kiradjian, who just happened to be one of the strongest women I had studied about in a very long time, so I decided to pursue her loyalty and trust by doing projects, showing her that I really was interested in becoming a member of this amazing association, which was by the way, the very first globally of its kind. I had set in my mind anything which I put my mind to, would have to be very impressive and would have be something so different, it would gain noteriety and gain more business partners too by being the very first of its kind anywhere.

So, I started following boutique hotelier, Ian Schrager, who I found not only amazing but a great risk taker and an incredible business person. This is what really made me want to pursue following him and how he did business was more intriguing. It would take a book to tell you all of the reasons I followed this amazing human being. I would take a few of his great and amazing hotels, i.e. Studio 54 and compare them to the brand hotels. I would show how I believe that less truly is best and how these amazing properties would eventually be the new millennium and they really are booming and popping up everywhere all over the world globally. He would take brand hotels and eventually turn them all into the boutique lifestyle hotels. You see, Mr. Schrager and another entrepreneur I found astonishing was Mr. Kimpton, of the fabulous Kimpton Hotels.

What I really loved about Mr. Kimpton was his ways of helping to save the planet’s carbon footprint with all of his properties and could say that Kimpton Hotels balances strategy and environmental sustainability. These two amazing heroes of mine, which I chose to study while in college, made me really interested in pursuing the boutique lifestyle and now my business and myself are members of the one and only BLLA, “The Boutique Lifestyle Lodging Association.

So, my niche is the boutique lifestyle and sustainability is of the utmost importance, in anything we serve or provide to and for our clients, has to not only protect our planet’s carbon footprint, but also for improving our health and wellness for all well being. Following please find some amazing reasons why the BLLA properties will be the way of the now and new millennium. I guess you may ask what is the boutique and lifestyle?

“Boutique properties are intimate, distinctive, quirky, cutting-edge, avant-garde, trendy, funky, classic, and luxurious. They go by different names to express their unique amenities: lifestyle hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, villas, boutique resorts, boutique hotels, spa hotels, wellness hotels, designer hotels, signature hotels, or trendy hotels, to name only a few. What makes them stand out in the hotel and hospitality industry is their incredible attention to detail and distinct qualities.”

“These boutiques can be found in the surf, safari, or the city. Travelers can find them near wineries, world heritage sites, or in the country. Boutiques are often frequented by the sophisticate, the artist, the politico and all those travelers who have a taste for something different.” http://www.blla.org/who-do-suppliers-reach.htm

To find out why you will benefit by becoming a member of the BLLA click here please:


What I truly found quite amazing about the BLLA is their great belief in how sustainability has to play an important role. The BLLA is always looking for ways of how we can make it a better world by using what others waste or don’t want anymore to help others. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasures.” When it comes to hotels, word of mouth gets around much faster than any television commercial ever could or will and this is what the boutique lifestyle lodging gives to its clients, and the clients cannot wait to tell somebody even while on the vacation before even getting back from. For a look our BLLA Blog and how and what sustainability can do to save our planet, please feel free to click on: https://boutiquelodging.wordpress.com/category/sustainability/

So, now I have a wonderful host agency which is the Montrose Travel family based in Montrose, California and “Montrose Travel is one of America’s Top 50 Travel Management Companies, with over 200 employees, over 500 independent contractors and $214 million in gross sales. Since our humble beginning in 1956 and every day thereafter, we’ve been “Helping people travel. One at a time.” I work everyday as if I have millions of dollars in revenue, but take one day at a time and the good thing about working for self, is you can work just as much and even harder, because it is for you and your partners success.

Our consortium is Ensemble Travel which comes with their very own standard which is, “Experience that takes you places” and one of my favorite quotes of Ensemble is “It’s one thing to read about history and culture in a textbook or novel but it’s a completely different experience to stand where history was made. Wander through a thousand year-old temple, explore a medieval castle, bathe in a healing mineral bath, or feast upon local fruit and spices. Capture your own piece of history.” Ensemble, our consortium; along with Montrose Travel, comes with hundreds of upscale luxury partners, preferred suppliers, vendors, etc. Ensemble Travel, our consortium also comes with many private charter partners, jets, yachts, chefs, limousine services and wholesalers, etc.

While being in college, it allows you to take your time, do your homework, research and follow through and pursue your passions, your business, partners, etc.. I plan on in the near future implementing an innovation, which will help mothers while carrying babies to relax both baby and mother and hopefully for a much easier childbirth, owning boutique lifestyle properties and I would like to contribute most of all to my hometown, which is Saint Louis, MO, with ideas to better our city and mainly our riverfront landing area, which is a vast goldmine for the boutique lifestyle hotels, which will bring not only bring great revenue to our city, but beautify our city and make those travellers want to come to Saint Louis and stay at our fabulous boutique hotels. I also plan on pursuing my writing and this does something to my soul to write my expressions through the art of writing and when I retire and move to St, John’s, plan on really brancing out with the TANK series for all ages! You can do anything you wanted to do when you were younger, if you believe you can receive! It is and has taken me getting to this beautiful place where a very higher being talks and walks with me and gives me much peace. I for the very first time in my life am happy with me and love me so much, I want to share me with the world.

Displaying me at home.jpg

My main focus will be getting married to my partner for life, and travelling different countries learning about the new and different cultures and meeting some of our new friends from different lands and countries. I have been so blessed to meet so many amazing and incredible friends and I call them family, along this journey. Don’t ever give up on your dreams and don’t ever let your age stop you from being what you wanted to be when you were younger. Age is nothing merely but a number which to myself means “The older you get the better you get.” Don’t think about it, just do it!

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

Langston Hughes


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