“Kids Should Be Winners” by Valerie Cheers Brown

It couldn’t be any more obvious, no parent in America today would likely insist kids ought not to be urged to have an independent perspective. In any case, a more intensive take a gander at the way they treat their youngsters would uncover the unmistakable actuality that they don’t rehearse what they shout. Kids are advised to do things “since I said as much,” “since I’m the parent,” or even, in a Christian home, “since God says.” Personally, I think every one of these expressions fills the very valuable need of educating a youngster about expert, insofar as they’re not utilized only in circumstances where the guardians truly have no clue why the thing they’re ordering is right. However, despite the fact that we as a whole realize that youngsters ought to once in a while be advised to think as we do, it’s still not something we should state so anyone can hear. So we hone shrewdness secretly and announce accommodation to a silly social standard. This distinction clarifies the rankled voice. “How could you influence me to mull over my irregularity!”

God gave kids their brains. Also, the genuine inquiry toward the finish of each child-rearing day is whether you are more intrigued by forming that kid in the Image of the God who made him … or in your own picture? At that point, we should recognize that picking the correct response to that inquiry will require from us something beyond noisy lip administration to the possibility that kids ought to be urged to think for themselves … more often than not … particularly when the scariest thing to envision is the likelihood that they may really take in the lesson.

A partnership is a good thing for kids, for classrooms and not just good for corporations or organizations.  Parent involvement such as helping in your child’s classroom or even attendance at your child’s school events means so much for our kids.  Partnership implies imparted diversions and shared backing.

Teachers and your kid’s schools need your help and who knows your child best than yourself.  Communitarian backing helps not only the school or teacher but also helps the child in reaching accomplishments in school and in their lives as they become adolescents and then adult life.

There are so many more difficulties today such as parents having to work more than one job, one parent families, and we need our kids to succeed in school and in life, but we cannot hold them back for our lack of judgment.

With parents having to work more than one job, tend to forget that their children’s lives really to do come first before that job. We know that you must make ends meet and in order to provide for our kids, we must work. But never forget, our kids’ lives come first and yes, even before that job!

Kids are our priority, whether they are yours, your neighbors, etc. always have been, always be and even after they are grown and have left home.
If you want a productive and responsible kid, you must do what is needed while they are young so they will stay and become even more as an adult and they just may have to help you in your older days.

Our kids are our children for life and they are not loaned to us and from the day they are born, they are yours for the rest of your lives, regardless of what you think which society has you thinking that you are done at 18 years of age, you are not done and it has only just begun!

We all will get older one day and if you don’t want to be thrown into a nursing home, you can always count on at least one of those children to always be there for you!

We all need help and should allow others to be a part of our children’s lives, whether it be a companion, enlarged family, neighborhood, church or synagogue and experience sentiments of detachment in doing the obligations of parenthood.

Even with such social change, schools and kid forethought projects get to be progressively vital as wellsprings of backing for the family and in addition for the kid.

Typically, folks are the one nonstop compel in their kids’ learning. Yet few folks feel completely prepared to guide their youngsters’ learning. Associations with different grown-ups who look after and about their kid can impact folks’ disposition and kid raising strategies. Instructors are an effective and positive impact in this respect.

Even though we as the parents are the first and the prime key in our kid’s lives, some of our kids live ravaged lives and we don’t know the many circumstances our babies and kids have to go through. Therefore, when one form of guidance is not available, we need to put somebody into this child’s life which they can look up to in a positive way of living and be learning from.

Children today and have for some time, had to become parents, adults way too soon, by having to take care of their other sibling, taking care of a sick parent who may or may not have an addiction to drugs, abused at an early age, etc.
We as parents must and need a stable environment in which our kids can encounter the sort of progression that pushes solid advancement.

When we as the parent stay in close contact with what and how our children are doing in school, the necessary area or weaknesses can be addressed early on. Also, if our kids are gifted in any area, which all or our children are born very smart; these gifts can also be addressed and pushed for the kid to strive by putting them into that genre or area of expertise so they can become great leaders early while they are young.

God made us all with differences so that we can learn from one another. Some children are slower than others, but this does not make something wrong with them if we address these areas of what we will call conflicts. Because our kids are born so very smart and as babies if you start to do things, like reading or having them read to, i.e. library has story times for our babies, you will be surprised just how they adapt and learn so quickly. If you read the same books, i.e. Dr Seuss’s books, your child will know those books by heart, when they do become of reading age, and reading will be so very easy for them. So rather than wait until they are reading age, which society has you thinking is a certain age, please begin reading to your babies, for they are so very smart and do understand every single word you are saying to them.

We as a community need to start not only partnering with big businesses, but we need to start partnering with our kids and let the neighbors help out when you cannot be there for your kids and stop holding that child back and it does take a village to raise a child.

So, to those parents out there that think that work comes first, it does not, and that job will be there, when your responsibilities are first and foremost for your bringing up your child properly and if you can’t, make sure you put that child in a good mentoring atmosphere, so that child is not left behind because of your lack of knowledge or just plain old greed for money!

Remember think about having children and they should be planned just like our goals and when you do begin to have children, they are your number one priority and the job becomes second place, and our kids are ours forever and not on loan to us. Also, when having kids think of it this way, this is the Beginning of my New End and my children will always be mine, but they will leave on their own, if they are properly provided, loved and shared when it comes to being exposed to learning, they will leave on their very own when the time is right, but will always be there for you when you may need a helping hand.

We as parents must respect our kids and our kids will respect us and what this means is we must participate in their lives showing them love when we can and it does not work any other way but the right way and God wants us to treat them right too by giving them all love and affection. Raising children does not just go for the parents to be treated right, we must be good leaders for our kids to watch and grow up as great leaders themselves. We must set good examples in our lives for our kids to grow up leading good example lives as well.

Our children are our beginning of our end in our lives! Our kids should always be the winner if we raise them with love and guidance, talk with them, allow them to ask questions, allow them to express how they feel, and most of all allow them to grow into beautiful leaders with our help as they are growing and maturing, from the day they first cry and come into this mean old world.



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