“Let’s Help Change The World” by Valerie Brown (Cheers)

Let's Help Change The World by Valerie Brown (Cheers)

If we help to save our planet, we automatically help ourselves and humanity in itself! God will do the rest, but it is our job to help to save our planet and you will be surprised how writing and sharing our concerns for our well-being and our planet are most important.

Things we can do to make this a better world for starters, is every time we leave our homes, and get into the public crowd, share a smile; if nothing else to a person who looks sad to cheer them up, and watch that sad face turn quickly to a smiling face and the best part is: you get one in return. You just don’t know what sharing a smile with a person which may be going through something including yourself will do for them and yourself. It gives you this beautiful sense of being a part of something which meant something to make somebody else smile. Sometime, we don’t realize the way we look, but a smile works every time!

Helping humanity! We sometimes think that we cannot help unless it be money, but that is far from being wrong and there are so many ways to help others and the farther away they are, the easier it is to get somebody to listen by writing and expressing and showing your concern for fellow man, animal, our children, seniors, etc. You could start a petition for getting signatures for a law you may want to try and change, but first see if anybody else is interested in helping and even if not, keep going until you get the needed amount of signatures to truly make a difference, not only for yourself but for humanity and our society. Sometimes, we give up, but when you really feel strongly about a cause, repeatedly speak on it and claim that it is already changed and you will be surprised just what your efforts will and can do for our world.

Take a look at everything around you! What I mean, say for example the ingredients in all products which we may purchase; and if you see something which could be harming humanity, do your homework and research, and find out about what exactly it is in the product which is making it make many allergic to nowadays? You will be surprised the answers you will find which will make you so mad, that you will want to do much more research and then share with others, so they will know that we need to stick together to get that product off of our shelves if we can, and or for them to make the product using natural ingredients. If they won’t change, we must make a change. When there is a peanut allergy, I have found if you switch to natural products, there is a complete turnaround, because it is made from natural products. For example, I have been doing much research on why so many kids now have peanut allergies and when you do your homework and find out what is actually in store bought peanut butter that is not natural, you will learn to switch and find something which replaces what kids love most, and what kid does not love PBJ? What kid does not love PBJ and if you switch to the natural product, there is a big difference from the store brand product which is truly making our kids sick. You could go with Nutella, etc. Because something is making you sick, does not mean all of that kind of product will make you sick, but you must do your homework and look at the ingredients and pay close attention and find natural products. Share the information you find out that will and can help somebody else too.

Do you know how important it is to give old things which we don’t use anymore? Make a habit once a year to set aside time to clean out your closets, cabinets, etc. and donate them to a local church, Goodwill, The Heart Society, etc. and make sure they are clean before you donate them. You could even hold a giveaway once a year at your own home and make fliers passing them out as you see maybe homeless people, while driving or utilizing public transportation; letting them know when you will be holding the event and personally invite them making sure that they get first dibs and you know they will appreciate what you may have and don’t use it. Never through away things and there are so many people if it is broken, and you will be surprised how many schools have programs which is where students learn how to repair items, especially electrical items or if a table is broken, they may have classes which students rebuild the item and refurbish it into something beautiful and new! Always remember the idiom, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.” It is all about being sustainable and recycling.

You could also turn into a promoter or speaker speaking on things, which you believe have good cause to be spoken about and not only spoken about, campaigning for change. Again, you don’t have to have money to donate to already charities which are good causes, i.e. Feed America. Talk up about treacheries on the planet and get your companions and friends, included, as well. Compose pledge drives to help raise cash for your picked philanthropy or reason. In the event that you can’t raise cash, add your voice to those officially battling to end neediness, war, bad form, sexism, bigotry, or debasement on the planet. Activism can begin at any age. “Craig Kiel burger was twelve years of age when he turned into a lobbyist for tyke work rights. He went ahead, with his sibling, to begin Free the Children and Me to We.”

Donating blood is such a fulfilling and rewarding way of giving back, and just think when we each donate blood, that is helping somebody to live. You can sign up with your favorite blood drive and most of the time if you donate, once, they will let you know when it is time to donate again! I worked for the Apheresis Department at the American Red Cross, and boy did I ever learn a lot about how important blood is for our bodies. The procedure of apheresis includes expulsion of entire blood from a patient or giver. Inside an instrument that is basically planned as a rotator, the parts of entire blood are divided. One of the differentiated bits is then withdrawn and the remaining segments are transfused into the patient or benefactor. The segments which are divided and withdrawn include: Plasma (plasmapheresis), Platelets (plateletpheresis) and Leukocytes (leukapheresis)

Entire blood is brought into a chamber that is turning, and the blood differentiates into segments (P = plasma; PRP = platelet rich plasma; WBC = leukocytes; RBC = red platelets) by gravity along the divider of the chamber. The segment to be uprooted can be chosen by moving the level of the goal gadget at the right. In this case, plasma is generally uprooted.

Then, you got things like recycling programs where we can in our homes, our churches, schools, jobs, etc. can come together and work at this as one. Using public transportation, bikes, walking, etc. are ways of keeping us from driving also. Minimizing our water usage is also very important and by doing these things we can all help in some way or fashion of helping to save our planet’s carbon footprint. There are a lot of businesses which have started becoming and/or going green, my business Culture and Places Boutique Travel is proud member of the BLLA, and all of our hotels have gone green and are eco- friendly and educate sustainability in each and everything which we serve our clients, partners, suppliers, etc.

Help animal welfare. All life ought to be acknowledged if mankind is to venture forward in our interest for a superior society. Invest time supporting every living creature’s common sense entitlement, volunteer at your neighborhood safe house, or give to an association for creature welfare. Remember that most creature enduring happens to homestead creatures, not pets. A great many people overlook this, since they can’t see the creatures they consume. Consider going veggie lover – its healthier, helps the nature’s turf, lessens creature enduring and may really be less expensive! In the event that you can’t envision being vegan, consuming less meat likewise lives up to expectations. Recall that, it doesn’t need to be a win big or bust choice. TANK the Dinosaur and myself truly do believe that our dogs and all kinds of animals can protect our children!

We should all become one great big village raising our children too, and neighbors should be neighbors and care about our neighbors. We should look for one another and pay attention what goes on in and around us at all times. You will be surprised when you speak to your neighbors, they will treat you so kindly and will also look out for you. No neighborhood is perfect and you can live in where you think you should be protected from crime, but crime is everywhere, therefore, we must pay attention to what goes around us at all times. Being nosey can help a crook from breaking into not only your neighbor’s house, but God will make sure that your house is protected when you are not there too. We just must be friendly with our neighbors, and we do have to live all together in our communities, so we may as well at least speak and be cordial with each other. Together we stand, divided we fall and this is what is happening within some of our neighborhoods. Don’t ever think you are too good to speak to the next person, and as stated, you just may see something suspicious at your neighbor’s house going on and by seeing these things and doing something, whether it is what you think it is or not, will help you and your home from being disrespected when you are not there. God sees everything which we do for our fellow brothers and sisters and we need to start to help one another.

Remember, we go back to number one and that is just sharing and caring and it is so important in helping our fellow man. Just helping a senior, kid, mentally challenged, disabled, etc. across the street who may be going too slow, smiling at a person, who we don’t know what is going on in their life, but they look sad, speaking to our neighbors and watching out for one another’s children. Parents can take turn carpooling kids to school and/or walking the kids to school, making sure they get to and from with adult supervision at all times, when very young.

With these few things, we could be on our way to helping our world to be a much safer, healthier and happy planet to live in for all of our well-being which is so important for longevity. If you would like to add some things to help change the world please feel free to comment and we know there are so many ways which we can do this together!


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