“God’s Growing, Curing & Healing” ~ by Valerie Cheers-Brown

Kratom is a substance that is used medically. As a case study, the West African traditional medicine is M. ipermis and M. stipulose in fighting Malaria. The alkaloid speciophylline becomes isolated from M. ipermis is known to fight off effects against leukemia.

Please find below a plant called the ” Kratom Tree” and it is in its native environment, the Kratom plant can quickly grow into a large tree topping 50 feet, and thrives in a rather wet humid environment. It has rather large, lovely leaves that can reach 10 1/2″ in length (The red vein leaves I am holding measured this length!). It is extremely difficult to grow from it’s very tiny seeds, and more so due to the fact that these seeds do not stay viable for long. I tried unsuccessfully on two different occasions to grow from several seed pods which I had ordered – totaling 100′s of seeds sown.


We have got to stop medicating ourselves with drugs in this society, which lead us to a need and rely on another drug to cure what that drug does to our bodies, minds and our soul, most importantly. Our minds lead us to believe that we must rely on something which is manmade to cure what ails us and mainly we believe in man’s way too much instead of God!

kratom tree

Anyone who suffers from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of energy, is looking to get off of other substances, or even if you just want a good mood boost, kratom is a fantastic herb. Kratom, otherwise known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant native to Southeast Asia and has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by those who live in Thailand and Indonesia.


It has come to our attention that there is a natural supplement, called Kratom, which also comes as a tea, from what we have heard, which can help those who are addicted to prescribed medicines, street drugs, etc.who will have withdrawals when trying to stop taking them. We need to go with God’s methods of healing and that is anything which God grows heals! When stopping most of the medications today, from experience and being on many medications in the past, you will have withdrawal symptoms, like trying to stop any drug; and if we can use this to help with street drug users, as well as prescribed medications which are not healling anybody, but causing all kinds of other problems for our society, we can begin to heal ourselves in this country and live long productive lives living long enough to see our grandkids and even their kids which is not impossible if we take care of our wellbeing!

For more information do your homework and research things folks! We must begin to live our lives and in order to do this, we must start to use our brains which God gave to us to use to save our own lives. Don’t you want to live to be 80 or even 90? We are not dead not through and to live a long lasting life is a true blessing from God! I know people in my family, friends who lived to be well into their hundreds and everything society says we should not do, they did just the opposite!

Now, when God says it is time only then, are we to go to a much better place than here in this world!

Everytime I think about Robin Williams, and how he was crying out for help and he even expressed this in his comedy shows for he was one funny man who was happy only when making others happy; and does not take a rocket scientist to believe those medications he was on had lots to do with his suicide. We are seeing many heart patients with problems mixing heart medication with anti-depressants, who are either dying, having to turn to dialysis or committing suicide and will cause problems with sleeping too like Michael Jackson went through.

I swear to you, when you Michael Jackson was on tv and said, “This is It!” I cringed and shouted out loud, where are you going? He was tired of being in pain and I do know what this means, but to help myself, I am writing about how I am helping myself with God’s help and guidance to help myself and to help others who want to be helped!

Now one thing may or may not have to do one another, but we do feel that we are taking way too many medications in our country which are only creating more problems!

Remember, we are not doctors nor scientist, and merely expressing our feelings via socal media, and hope that others will begin to take our lives back into our own hands and do research for your ownself and have the will to live and not give up.  Only God has the last say in when it is our time to expire, not man nor any doctor.  Because a doctor says you must have to your leg amputated, only means to me that it is time to start doing something putting pressure on that knee which is so called not going to be around much longer unless you have it deleted from your extremities.

Only one person knows when it is our time, and that is the almighty Jesus!

Remember we are not doctors, scientist, but we do have a brain which God gave to us and we want to see well-being improving in our country and try to get people to believe in anything which God grows heals!

Kratom effects vary from strain to strain and from one person to another. There are many Kratom strains from varied geographical locations for example, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


This is a testimony from a person who used “Kratom”:

“Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs I posted before, needing help with WDs from a Lortab addiction I wanted to stop. First couple days were hell. Then someone posted about getting Kratom to help with the WDs. I actually have a Kava bar here in St. Petersburg that sells Kratom and even has a Tea made out of the leaf

We say Mr.X testimony: “So, I went there and talked with the owner. And got as much information as I could. Then proceeded to get a small Kratom Tea. I was experiencing all the WDs this morning. Tired, Diarrhea, depressed, constant yawning. Within 20 mins of drinking this tea my WDs were pretty much gone. I even got a burst of energy. And felt great. Effects lasted about 2 hrs before my WD’s started back up..”

But from the testimonials I have read, YOU can get off pain meds with little or no WDs.

“And so far its working for me. Why isn’t Kratom talked about more on this forum??”

There is hope and help. Kratom is a blessing.

Medical Use of Kratom

Kratom is a substance that is used medically. As a case study, the West African traditional medicine is M. ipermis and M. stipulose in fighting Malaria. The alkaloid speciophylline becomes isolated from M. ipermis is known to fight off effects against leukemia.

The oxindole alkaloid Mitraphylline and speciophylline those were isolated from a wooden liana (Uncaria tomentosa Rubiaceae which is native to South America. During the ancient times, the liana was used to fight off arthritis, cancer, intestinal problems as well as epidermal diseases. Even though it is a natural plant, it is recommended to avoid kratom use by children.

1993 saw Stuppner et al. test Mitraphylline as Speciophylline for their anti-leukemic effects on cell lines Hl-60 and U-937. Stuppner was able to determine that both alkaloids were capable of preventing Leukemia from spreading when he induced delimitation of the HL-60 cells to granulocytes and of the U-937 cells to marcophages.

M.Africans is extensively used in Nigeria as a mental illness treatment. The plant M.ciliata which is native to the African continent has been traditionally used to fight inflammations, lung diseases, high blood pressure, gonorrhea, headaches, and rheumatoid arthritis. Click here for more information.

Kratom was and is still used as an alternative to opium and it is also used during opium withdrawal symptoms. Many online sites carry individual testimonies largely on forums where individuals confess to have taken Kratom as an expedient against opium withdrawal symptoms. Varieties like Green Malay, Premium Commercial Bali orMaeng Da are very popular amongst online users.

Similar symptoms are recorded quite often which occur during opium withdrawal however in such cases these withdrawal symptoms appear less severe and spun for a shorter duration of time. A part of Kratom users indicate that they suffer smaller depressions after having quit Kratom intake making the quitting period a difficult one.

A recent study suggests the use of Mitragynine as a methadone replacement. Addicts in New Zealand were served Mitragynine as opposed to methadone to treat their addictions. The report indicated that New Zealand addicts smoked Kratom once and withdrawal symptoms would spring up.
It is indicated in a report that the treatment would have lasted 6 weeks, during this time, reports of exist of visualization apparitions during night time in-form of vivid hypnagogic dreams. An American activist Dana Beal who champions “Cures not Wars” came up with this suggestion during the time when Ibogain experiments were being conducted.

The activist made this suggestion during a meeting conducted by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee. The activists suggested that the use of Mitragynine in the studies as a placebo for comparison purposes.

Sadly though, her (Dana Beal) suggestions were shot down since it was brought to her attention that there is very little that is known concerning Mitragynine than about Ibogaine. The notes from the meeting suggested that no known entries were found on Mitragynine not Kratom study in New Zealand as neither Kratom nor Mitragynine serves as registered products in New Zealand.

The false assumptions is touted to have sprung up from the report of Jansen and Prast (1988) who had written a report suggesting that Kratom is best for replacement for methadone in withdrawal programs. Jansen and Prast carried out extensive research at the University of Auckland in New Zealand making it a possibility that Dana Beal may have very well misinterpreted the article.

Ibogaine and Mitragynine share similar chemicals, however their effect mode varies. To add more to it, their treatment to addictions also varies to some degree. Ibogaine is good for use once as its dependency is used in curing after a single prescription.

Kratom on the other hand is used in the treatment of drug addictions bit by bit. Kratom’s advantages include the fact that it is legally available in a vast majority of countries and its withdrawal is safer and way simpler.Pregnant women should not use kratom, because there are concerns that some properties of Kratom could potentially pass into the milk. Since this process hasn’t been researched, it is advisable be careful and abstain from using Kratom when  giving breast milk to a child.

I want to know why plants such as this is not being used to treat and cure? People, please take the time to pass this along and feel free to ask any questions!

This is one of the main reasons Culture and Places Boutique Travel’s mission is:

We are a completely different kind of travel agency which focuses soley on improving our health!  We offer both land and water trips to global vacation spots, which we can learn from different cultures globally, which live long lives; and our agency does much reseearch of many countries which utilize and specialize in living long productive lives by eating, growing and living healthy!


Father God, please continue to be our mentor and lead us, and continue giving us the tools to help our people stay healthy and live long prosperous in health and our well-being improvement! ~ Amen.

Lord Jesus, I want to know you personally.  Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.  I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord.  Thank You for forgiving me of my sins and giving me eternal life.  Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.  Amen

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