“Pump Up The Jams” ~ Valerie Cheers Brown

It's not offensive when people say things like this, but it depreciates the meaning of a serious illness. It's much more than a term!

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to your life?” Christian Verse (Luke 12:25)

Music is a standout amongst the most decently mulled over medicines for situational nervousness, and listening to your most loved tunes amid times of anxiety can have a quick effect in your temperament. Many studies demonstrate that music helps diminish anxiety, decrease torment, and enhance state of mind for those in health awareness and different settings including those experiencing surgery, ladies going to conceive an offspring, those with Alzheimer’s illness, ill-used ladies living in asylums, those in hospice, growth patients, those with psychiatric disease, and that’s just the beginning.

And there are bounty a bigger number of studies than those recorded demonstrating the profits of music treatment for emotional well-being.

Take a look at this video about Henry and how it helps with his so called Altzheimer’s he was diagnosed and listen to his very reasonable discussion!  If you don’t trust me that music is unimaginably compelling in its impacts on the mind, I suggest you watch this stunning feature. (Truly, its jaw-dropping.)

Those medications which they presecribe to our seniors, only keep them drugged up dopey like, and sleep all of the time and will add to them forgetting who they are if we don’t keep memorable, beautiful and love into their lives.

It makes my heart so heavy when I see this and so, told this so long ago to my family, but of course, you are called crazy and think you know everything! I hate seeing our seniors looking like they are heroin addicts, when you go to the nursing homes.

It really disturbs myself and is one reason, I decided to pull back off of nursing school and decided to write and research ways in helping our seniors live better, longer lives by including music and pure love as a way of healing!

I don’t think I know everything, but I do know that getting older does not mean that it is the end of our lives, instead, it is the time you deserve to live to the fullest!  You have worked all of your life, raised your children, others children, etc. and now is the time for you to be pampered and live to the fullest, not be thrown away like a dishrag!

While more confirmation exists proposing advantages for “calming” styles of music like jazz or traditional, I for one accept that any music that you appreciate listening to can be temperament boosting. You can download your main tunes on iTunes, or sign up for an on-interest radio administration like Spotify or Pandora. Utilize your telephone, PC, or MP3 player to turn on your most loved music, and watch your anxiety soften away. You can even watch a 24-hour online music feature for the melody “Content” if that is the sort of music that gets you going!









There are so many ways of curing other than medications which research, studies has been done, but why doesn’t anybody either bother to use these amazing techniques to heal in this country?

It is up to us as students, as humanitarians who care about our well-being to begin to do our own researching and finding alternative ways of healing rather than medication, prescribed narcotics, bad food, and start to eating proper food which will heal and not kill, by growing our own foods, putting our heads together and coming up with ways of showing how important and the way we lead and live our lives, has to do with our longevity of life which is for the living, by not us, but by God saying when it is our time!

You could even dance to the music while you listen if you want and there is studies which show this really does work other than taking medications too!


Just to put a smile onto your face, please enjoy and share this video and it is the Steve Harvey Show! I totally agree with these ladies and do not like selfie’s either!!!! (lmbo)

Treating depression doesn’t need to mean hours of advising or days powered by pills. Those systems can be powerful, however you may incline toward characteristic strategies to help your mind-set.

Activity, brain body treatments, and home grown supplements may have the ability to influence your viewpoint and even adjust your mind science. A large portion of these medications are protected, yet aren’t generally ended up being compelling.


One day soon, we will come up with books which give all kinds of places where we can go to improve our lives! This is why education, reading and just learning is vital for us all to stay aware of many things going on right around us.  When in school, there are databases which you can use to find out all kinds of good information to read about and do further research and share with others.

God put us here to share our findings which He gives unto us and we hope you will share also and let’s begin to want to live longer, better and happier lives enjoying life to the fullest.

My daddy use to say all of the time”Once a man, twice a child.” God wants us to live our lives as a child and is a blessing from above to be able to go back to our childhood when we get older and when we remember those days as a child, they bring back good memories. Nobody has all good memories, but the good ones are the ones which keep our minds invigorated and alive! ~ Blessings!


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