Simple Treatment Water Letter

It is for this reason that I selected this section of the book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, in which to present his observations.  My hope is to impress upon many minds a simple fact.  There is more natural magic in a glassful of water than any medication you are brainwashed into using for treatment of conditions I have talked about in this book.  And I do not sell water!

I share with you a testimony and letter written from and by:

From: William E. Gray (Bill)

411 Ayrhill Avenue

Vienna, VA  22180


To: Dr. Batmanghelidj

2146 Kings Garden Way

Falls Church, VA  22043

It has been one year since I first read your book, which was given to me as a present by Marcel Thevoz.  Since then my health has improved significantly.  I am now 52 and in excellent health.  This was not the case before your book and Marcel’s kindness inspired me to make water an integral part of my life.

To most people I was successful and in excellent health – normal weight, unusual strength and endurance, above average at sports, with an excellent diet (a lot of fresh vegetables and whole grains and very little meat, animal products or processed food).  Yet, my list of complaints stretches over the last fifty years and includes: duodenal ulcer (age 19), indigestion, colon and elimination problems (age 19 to 51), food allergies (age 12 to 17), and chronic sinus infection (age 5 to51), chronic and acute back problems (age 13 through age 51), emotional illness and mental confusion (age 6 to age 51).

These problems were even more bewildering and confusing because I am intelligent, educated and motivated to find solutions to problems.

I have been searching for answers to these problems for 35 years.  I have looked for answers in diet, diet supplementation, exercise, yoga, meditation, Traditional Religion, spiritual practices, Acupuncture, traditional medicine, Chiropractic, Massage, Raki, Polarity Balancing, 12 Step Programs, and self-improvement books and courses, such as EST and the Hoffman Quadrant Process.

I had, of course, read many times about the importance of drinking plenty of water.  I even invested in a reverse osmosis water filter six years ago, hoping that the improved taste of the water would motivate me to drink more water.  In spite of this, I never gave water therapy a fair chance.  Until I read your book, other beverages always looked better to me, particularly tea and coffee.

At the time I read your book, I had chronic nerve injury in my upper back that intermittently prevented me from playing golf or racket ball for a period of two years.  My arm strength was a third of what it had been only two years previously.  I was at a low point in my life physically and mentally.

I have never been drunk in my life or smoked more than five cigarettes in a day.  At the time I was not smoking or drinking alcohol.  Yet, I found myself obsessed with the thoughts of caffeine, smoking and drinking.  Although, I have been a frequent visitor at Chiropractic, Osteopathic, and Massage Therapists.   I had not needed to visit a medical doctor for 15 years.  In my desperation, I went to a MD who prescribed an anti-stress medication, a pain reliever, and a muscle relaxant.  I took the prescribed doses and fell into a semi-coma for 16 hours, and discontinued the medication.  A few weeks later Marcel came to my home for dinner and gave me your book.

Within one week of adding two or three quarts of water to my diet noticed that I:

The pain from the nerve injury went away and I was able to begin exercising.

I had much less indigestion and gas.  My urges and compulsive behavior lessened or vanished.  I no longer had to fight the urge to smoke, drink, stuff myself or use excessive caffeine.

My energy levels improved.  My thinking and work improved.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.  I am happy to talk to anyone about water any time

William E. Gray

This great testimony can be found on pages 140-142 of this great book copyrighted 1992, 2000 (F. Batmanghelidj) by the Tagman Press.

Now, is this not a great testimony and I know exactly how this man feels and felt after including the water regimen into his life?


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