Animals Are Part of The World Too! ~ By Terrence Gooden

I helped my grandson, but he did this paper and it amazed me how he put this paper in his own exact words.  We did a draft yesterday, and made corrections last night for the final paper. I had to smile and laughed and the way he presented himself was like he was a CEO, dictating to his secretary, his Grammy…!  Terrence is 11 years old, goes to South City Prepatory School, goes to school all year round and keeps a book in his hands. I am so very proud of my grandson and his mom and dad for doing such a wonderful job with this young man!  I see bright things in his future! ~ Enjoy!

I feel that my role as a human organism in our schoolyard ecosystem is a lazy job.  I feel this way because I litter too!  My schoolyard ecosystem includes: soda cans, candy wrappers, six-pack rings which hold soda cans, and animal traps.  The interactions I would change is to walk a little further to a trashcan.  I would change that interaction because, if I leave trash all over Tower Grove Park then it would attract unwanted animals.  The interactions I would keep the same would be throwing bread to the animals and making birdhouses.

The harmful effects I feel other human interactions have had on our schoolyard ecosystems include: throwing charcoal for barbequing.  Also, cutting the grass can be helpful and sometimes, it can be bad because some animal’s homes are on the leaves.  The reason I believe the interaction between me and my friends, causes a harmful effect because we trap tiny bugs from getting to where they need to be by throwing soda cans on the ground.

The beneficial interactions already present in our schoolyard are: trashcans, birdhouses, and the planting of more trees.  The beneficial effects we can add to our schoolyard ecosystems are to: make sure to pick up litter, don’t dig in the dirt, and don’t pull plants out of the ground.  We can do this by taking ten minutes to look around Tower Grove Park to pick up litter.  One way to change littering on the ground is by throwing away our trash in the trashcan. I would encourage others to help by calling them to tell them to take ten minutes of the day to pick up litter. Also, me and my friends can get together to build birdhouses.  Another way we can help the ecosystem is to install cameras in public parks and places to see if people are littering, then if they do litter be given a fine.  If we do not recycle this will happen to the world:

In conclusion, take what you’ve learned and pass the information on to others.  If each individual you know could make an effort toward being greener, the world could better and cleaner!



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