What is Dyscaculia? by Valerie Brown Cheers

What is Dyscaculia?

Individuals with this type of Learning Disability may also have poor comprehension of math symbols, may struggle with memorizing and organizing numbers, have difficulty telling time, or have trouble with counting.

I have been slightly bothered when I hear students or where individuals have said that “They did not or couldn’t move on or even graduate from college without passing Math, frequently Algebra.” I worry about others who may be good in one thing, but not good in another! Society expects all to get through things, but it does not work quite like that at all.

When God made us, he made us all with beautiful differences, but he did not make us all the same, so we could help one another. But, we in this society fail to realize that the most important time to help our kids or children is when they are babies and young and it most more easily for them to catch on and they are born little sponges who soak up everything they see or even hear. There are test which show the development of early motor behaviors of our babies.

It is pitiful to me that college math is required when you get into college and should be done way before even gotten into college, but in middle school, etc..  Individuals have diverse aptitudes and endowments and a few individuals are all the more Right brained, innovative, and dialect situated while others are all the more left brained, scientifically arranged. I realize that this may be terribly oversimplified, however I hope that you get the thought.

Back in the mid-70s through mid-eighties, there were numerous great universities that did not require any science keeping in mind the end goal to graduate. Truth be told, it was looking as if General Education, or Distributional Requirements would be a relic of days gone by. Be that as it may, at most schools and colleges by the late 80s they were back in full constrain.

I began thinking about whether there were, other than Harvard, any 4 year organizations that did not oblige science and I thought I’d impart my introductory discoveries. Regardless I have to totally confirm them however and will be doing much more research for our children’s sake.

There are some colleges and universities, however very few and will list them that don’t require math to graduate. As per what I have examined and studied very closely, the accompanying schools don’t hold one back due to one Math course to graduate. The colleges which do not require math to graduate are as follows: Earlham, Brown, Hiram, Bard, Evergreen, Kenyon and Smith Colleges and/or Universities.

There are schools that allow a Science substitution for those with an analyses of “dyscalculia.” Numerous individuals, including the Spell Check on my PC, have never known about dyscalculia.  According to Meriam Webster, DYSCACULIA means impairment of mathematical ability due to an organic condition of the brain.  Basically, its dyslexia however with numbers.

While doing research and also came across another report I ran over a few discussions where individuals got down right mean and dreadful at the prospect that an individual could move on from school without a comprehension of Math. Individuals were calling others “Morons” “Lazy” “hopeless” and more terrible names.

It’s amusing, we don’t request that STEM majors compose a poem or short story with a specific end goal to graduate. They simply need to read one, or a few, and record what they consider it. They have to know a couple of acclaimed artists and short story essayists and the kind of writing they compose. At the same time, they don’t really need to WORK in composition or verse. Simply think about it.

Truth be told, they are never going to really need to compose a ballad, a story or a book. Also, I concur with that.

However, right brained people don’t just need to realize what analytics, variable based math, and trigonometry are, what they are utilized for and have the capacity to rattle off the names of a couple of well-known mathematicians, they have to WORK scientific issues when truth be told; they are never going to need to solve a mathematical equation or whatever else those individuals do on the grounds that I haven’t done it or required it since …1980 something…  It’s not precisely reasonable.

At any rate – please add to my officially sparse rundown if you find more! Truly would prefer not to contend about who needs Math or doesn’t. I might simply want to order a rundown of schools that don’t require math and it would be interesting to do interviews with colleges, for there are many new colleges in 2000’s and the 21st century.

Found some very interesting answers to “How Do We Use Algebra in Real Life” and wanted to share them with you! The site can be found below and if anybody knows why Algebra is needed for when we get into the real world, please comment!

Now of course if an individual is going to be a math teacher, mathmatician, scientist, chemist, etc. would be totally required! Let’s face it, yes math helps us to solve problems, but basics meets those requirements if you ask me! Good luck to all who are struggling with DYSCACULIA and we must begin to diagnose our kids early on and it can be done measured as babies with the Test of Infant Motor Performance and the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development.

If we know these things during our kids child development, we can help our kids earlier rather than waiting until they get into kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school and most importantly college. If caught early enough our kids can be helped with weaknesses which can be turned into strengths later on in life possibly.

Let’s continue to pray for our schools, teachers, parents and most importantly our students.

Chelsea Kravitz, “Why Math Is Important” tells basically why math is very important in our lives and think she covers it very well in her Slideshare presentation and thank you Chelsea!


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