I Was Born To Make Mistakes by Valerie Brown Cheers

I Was Born To Make Mistakes

“The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.”

As a kid I was scared to death to make mistakes, and was told over and over not to keep making the same mistakes. But as a kid, you don’t understand this when it comes to, i.e. math, etc. Being the first child has its good and bad. I never thought that I could ask my younger sister, who was way better in math than I was, and I was better in English than she, but we never thought about asking each other for help and “Crazy I know, right?”  Or at least I never did and this was my petpeave, not knowing how to ask for help!

Yeah, it may seem bizarre, but I was afraid to ask for help for the sake of being a dummy! I just didn’t and thought it was our parents or our teacher jobs only to help us; and back then we could not get help from another student for some strange reason or another. Crazy, I know!  The teachers would always say, “Ask your parents to help you!” But what if your mom was a stay at home mom, but not good in math; and the one who was good worked all of the time being my dad?

Anyway as I got older, mistakes come with growing up for life! We learn from our mistakes, and if we keep making them and keep trying, we get better, “At least I am still trying to get better with age!” Makes me think about George Bernard Shaw’s quote “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” 

Mistakes are what I would rather call them to be as errors and they help you find who you really are in way of speaking. We all learn differently and one way for me, may not be the good way for you and so on.  With each mistake or error that we make we find more out about ourselves, about who we are, about our breaking points, about our abilities, about what we may or may not be able to withstand. They help us be more humane and more tolerant with ourselves as well as other people.

By committing errors, and as a kid, “I thought they were a crime” you will actually learn profitable life lessons and you will turn into an excited learner or may even become hungry for more when you learn how to correct those mistakes. There is so much we can all gain from our mistakes, and the minute we see them as lessons instead of mistakes, we will no more have this insane trepidation of experiencing them along the way.

Mistakes are a part of being a human being, and we should relish them and not let them get us down or discourage us from wanting to do more when it comes to improving ourselves. Admire your mistakes for what they are because they truly are valuable life lessons that must be found out while making things as difficult as possible. Unless its a deadly mistake, which at any rate, others can gain from what we all will make them.

One of the best lessons I learned from committing errors or mistakes is forgiving myself. With each mistake that you’ll make, you will figure out that it is so vital to forgive yourself and a large portion of the individuals around you. You will comprehend that you are not perfect and that flawlessness doesn’t generally exist, just our expectations of trying our hardest exist only if you make it happen. Also, who needs to be perfect anyway? How would we ever change if we did not make mistakes and can you imagine Corporate America not making mistakes?

Just imagine if we did not make mistakes? That would really be the biggest mistake we could ever make. Life isn’t about staying away from mistakes, yet rather grasping the thought that errors will come your direction and being willing to gain from these errors is what matters most.

So, as I get older it is better to simply relinquish your apprehensions and permit yourself to truly encounter life by making mistakes. They tend to come with the territory of life.

Mistakes help with improvement and development and are the best lessons we can learn from. In case you don’t make mistakes “In what way would you have the capacity to want to grow and to evolve as a single person?” What number of us get stuck in light of the way that they allow the fear of making mistakes to stifle us? In what way would we have the capacity to want to learn anything new if we don’t allow ourselves to make mistakes?

Mistakes demonstrate to you industry standards to be happy in a way of speaking I guess you could say.  You get conviction, valor and experience every time you make another mistake in an incredibly thin field and in time you will enhance and be better at the things you need to do. Remember Thomas Edison? He failed more than 10,000 times while wearing down the light and finally he succeeded.

When you know accurately what you require and when you have the ability to see this something in your inward awareness’, nothing can keep you from making progress, nothing can keep you from accomplishing your dreams and allowing bliss to go into your life.

Trust it or not, you won’t admit all the mistakes you would like to make, and when you do admit to them, the sky won’t come tumbling down and the whole world won’t stop doing whatever it is doing as such ideally it can laugh at you!


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