I Hear You So Make It Sweet? by Valerie Brown Cheers

Can my child hear anything inside the womb? Should I be perusing or conversing with him while he’s still in my tummy?

Dr. Oz wrote an interesting article which explained just why it is good and, yes our babies can hear sounds while in our fetuses.

While fetuses hear much the way that we hear an adjacent stereo—bunches of bass, not a great deal of high frequencies—they find themselves able to hear voices separated through tissues, bones and liquid. Also, by week 24, they perceive and are calmed by—their moms’ voices. Obviously, they can’t recognize single words from another. Maybe, the cadence and tune of voices they hear serve as their establishment for dialect. That is the reason such a large number of mothers read resoundingly to their youngsters, even before that first night in the baby crib.

We firmly support that practice as well for mind health as well as to permit your child to hear your voice and make a sound-related bond at an early age.

We, likewise, urge you to listen to a wide range of music amid and after pregnancy. This will help fortify infant’s faculties and enhance his mind health. Introduction to distinctive sounds and scenes is basically what aides secure associations from one arrangement of neurons—the nerve cells of the cerebrum to another. This is the way we all learn. These neural structures are formed like a tree and root framework. An infant’s mind is greatly plastic, implying that it can continually adjust and make new associations between trees.

Does music make babies smarter?

It’s a conviction called the “Mozart Effect,” which guarantees that when pregnant if ladies play traditional musical for their unborn kid, it will make them more brilliant. In any case, there is no restorative proof demonstrating that established music aides pre-birth babies.

Despite the fact that studies all through the previous 15 years have demonstrated that listening to traditional music has enhanced the knowledge amid test-taking and other rationale and spatial expertise tests, there’s insignificant proof that music can enhance insight in babies.

Nonetheless, if folks acquaint their kids with traditional or other complex music like jazz at an early age, it does help them with ahead of schedule advancement of one of their faculties, as per Bonnie Ward Simon, music instructor, creator and president of Magic Music Maestro, a Washington-based interactive media organization, which delivers established music story CDs for youngsters.

Genius Baby Einstein Inventor

I don’t know about you, but this music makes me relaxed and can you imagine what it would do for sweet babies little mind and body’s also?  The Baby Einstein inventor, Julie Aigner-Clark, has always been my hero! I use to play many Baby Einstein videos for my great nephew Trevor, and if you met that little boy now, you would be amazed at how cool and calm this kid is compared to his younger brother. It does work, and I love the videos myself and when studying, or even writing can concentrate very well and relaxes me too! I still like to listen to Baby Einstein classical videos and they are also good for calming baby’s down when fretful and just try it and see for yourself!

I have an idea which I want to innovate one day which help mother and baby both before, during and after baby is born! Just wait and see what it will be and will be coming soon! I can hardly wait myself and can see all mommy’s and baby’s using it too! I am going to give you a hint!  Happy father with his ear next to his wifes pregnant belly

New wearable pregnancy monitors can help your baby listen to music or track his heartbeat.  I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, and this is exactly what I thought about and this was just invented this year in March 2015! Wow, there goes the idea, but still have another one for mother and baby too!

I challenge you to try the Baby Einstein music out if you are a mother to be, and it even helps relax unborn baby as well as after born too! Try and see!  This is what I used to play for great nephew Trevor and that is the calmest little 3 year old right now, seriously, not taking credit for but all they need to listen to is a few times and it relaxes their little minds and body. Have found that this music or any classical music can even help some to better understand what we read or taking tests.


Psychology 101

One topic I read about during Chapter 8 that I began to wonder about was reading to children in the womb. Many mothers will read children’s books to their unborn children aloud to make their voice known even before birth. This makes sense to me because unborn children can hear their mother’s voice quite well when they are in the womb, but studies explain another perk of reading. Scientists and many mothers believe that this practice will make babies better readers in the future. I don’t know if I believe this statement. Just because a baby is hearing their mother read books doesn’t necessary correlate with better reading skills in the future. Reading to me is more about the visual words and using comprehension and other skills to put these words together into meaningful thoughts.

Another similar practice that has exaggerated claims is that playing music can affect the baby. There is the common rumor that playing classical music for your child whether aloud or putting headphones on the belly like in the picture above, can increase your child’s IQ or intelligence. Again, I understand that there are benefits of this for the child including calming sensation or introduction to different sounds, but I find it hard to believe that it can affect the child’s brain that greatly, but from my own experiences it does relax one.


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