Once A Man, Twice a Child by Valerie Brown Cheers

For he strengthens the bars of your gates; he blesses your children within you.

~ Psalm 147:13

When we think of older adults going back to school for anything, we often think, “Why in the world are they going back to school?” Well, one could say for the same reason as anybody would, only when get older, we get wiser and when going back to school can open many doors for you, regardless of age. For myself, it made me more inquisitive toward working hard day end and day out of becoming an Entrepreneur, following my passions and dreams which I had when a young lad. As a matter of fact, when we get older we have more time on our hands.

What I mean by this is: we have raised our kids, in some cases; have been caregivers for our family, worked all of our lives, still not able to do the things we have often dreamed about doing, i.e. travel the world, paying bills like clockwork each month, then must depend on a once a month check for the duration of our lives, unless we come up with ways of making our own lives much better.

Well…..for myself, I have chosen to begin the process of making my own life better for myself and my family by following my passions and my dreams! It is never too late to do this and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. The only thing though, it is not easy by a longshot, will take much praying, endurance, stamina, willpower, patience and most of all just plain not giving up no matter what!  I have found that when following or pursuing your passion, it won’t bother you so much because starting off, there will be no money in the picture and if you are in it just for the money, you will quickly back off. Me, myself am in it for the long haul and am blessed to actually get by with God has blessed me with and and therefore, am grateful and willing to go all the way, no matter how long it takes.

There are things about getting older which I want to share which stand out and make it worth getting there:

  • You begin to want less and have accumulated so much stuff over the years, that some of us actually do believe that less is best or that low maintenance is what we want in our lives!
  • We learn more not to judge others and accept things and people as they are; or we become more humble in our ways!
  • We become more confident, and yes we have made mistakes and thank goodness for them, but that doesn’t necessarily stop us from taking risks and we are more willing to pick up where we left off when younger; and this is where the once a man, twice a child, come into play too! If you ask me, we become more adventurous and sort of childlike again and willing to take chances, i.e. not having surgery when the doctor says it is needed.
  • We don’t always have to be right, although in our childlike brains once again, we don’t care what anybody thinks and neither do us in a way of speaking, but we have such electrifying personalities which attract others with our wisdom which shines brightly!
  • When we speak, we get the attention of many and sometimes others will be brave enough to say, now we let you talk, now let me and let you know what they did not like about what you said. And….it is okay and we need more courageous humans willing to express their own opinions without making it seem like anything anybody else says is wrong? But…just being free to speak and be listened is about wisdom. But…not hurting ones feelings, at least not on purpose!
  • Giving advice nobody asks for is quite known, but for some strange reasons other just take it with a grain of salt and we just feel we must say it anyway. What does feel really great is if a seed is planted for you to contemplate which drives you on to locate the right reply.
  • Playing the fool and who cares what they think! It is not as important and as stated above, we are less worried about what others think of us and not taking ourselves so serious also.
  • We learn not to criticize others, but we do say what is on our minds and you either take it or leave it!
  • We are blessed and thankful for getting older, but don’t want to get old so we don’t hold what we feel and just say it!

In closing, more older adults are becoming more and more interested in giving back, i.e. volunteering, becoming inventors, going back to school, writing and publishing books, finishing what we started when younger and even becoming famous.

The mental stimulation that goes with inventing also strengthens the brain, and the more we think, the more we invent and the more we invent, the more we think. Again, “Once a Man, Twice a Child” and who are better inventors, than our incredibly bright children which we can learn so much from?

As we get older our short-term memory does begin to decline, but there are many challenging things which we can do to break that cycle! So, I now truly do realize that the older we get, the better we get, and it is an essential ingredient in creating products for others, especially something which we really need or through simple life experiences we come up with ways to make things better for those coming behind us.

So, in a way this is a tasty ingredient in actually implementing and creating products, which we see that the audience needs. So getting older is not only a blessing, but actually fun when you do things with that greatness you have accumulated!


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