Letter to Sir Richard Branson from Valerie Brown Cheers

Dear Sir Richard Branson:

I am looking for a person which will help me to make my dreams come true!  I have had dreams all of my childhood life, and since did not get to pursue them then, I am now more than ever now!

I have been following you for a very long time since studying and coming back to college.

I would truly love to meet you Mr. Branson one day and when I saw you hugging my partner and friend, Fran Kiradjian/CEO of the BLLA  which I am a proud member of,  I almost died!  I feel as though I do know you more than ever, and I do and I see you everyday right here on Google+.

I am asking for your help and I know that you are the one to ask and I have so many ideas and innovations which want so badly to get out there! I see a few which are no longer ideas, but actual products and thrilled to see this, but I want the next ones to be more than ideas, but actual products which I can put my brand onto and be proud of one day.   I had the dream to do this and ask you for help last night and don’t know what has taken me so long, but here I am and thank you!

I would like to discuss my ideas with you for my own baby clothing accessories from baby stroller, car seat to baby diapers, which when are wet keep the baby’s bottom warm due the material which is used. I want to brand a baby sustainable clothing acessory line. Many have been shared via internet and am proud to see them actually alive right now!

I thank you Sir Richard Branson in advance!

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