I Have A Dream by Valerie Brown Cheers

I can vision the capsule hotels everywhere in the future and some places which would truly benefit and for the people especially would be the airport terminals in the United States like they are doing in other countries as we speak!

I could also see these types of hotels as dorms and even one day the two (2) year community college will offer them, and this would be a good way to get the feel what to expect at the four (4) institution is like and just the idea of being away from home gives such a sense of responsibility to our young people too!

I can also see this type of hotel in Las Vegas! After all, who stays in their rooms when out in Las Vegas?

The pod, capsule are all forms of the boutique & lifestyle idea and trendy, economical and very comfortable and shows just how less can be best when it matters.

Just think how beneficial this little pod would come in handy when stranded in the winter and your flight has been cancelled and it may seem small when you look at it, but so greatly appreciated and would feel way better than sleeping in the chair or seat at the airport all night. I have experienced this and seems like it spoils your vacation even before it gets started.

Our bodies and backs need to be protected ergonomically at all times and especially our spines, for if you don’t treat them right by the way we sit, the way we lie down, the way we walk and much more, we will surely pay for it the older we get!

I “Have A Dream” that one day the capsule hotels will be in many airports in the United States, and I would love to be a part of the actual project of making this dream come true!


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