No Excess Baggage by Valerie Brown Cheers

“You don’t have to eat less, just eat right.”

This blog will discuss healthy foods and suggestions for flights and for long international flights we will discuss the Paleo Diet.

To eat healthy can become very expensive, however, we will turn healthy foods into snacks which will give you the nutrition which we need until we get to our destinations when travelling.

We would love to see the beautiful blue Kangen glass bottled waters on flights also one day, but there will be a charge for your foods which would be included in your air fare. This way we can prepare and not be hungry during flights and when travelling it is most important that we eat properly so that we can maintain good body condition.

We realize there are many who are allergic to nuts, but natural nuts are so good for our bodies and they also keep you from being hungry for junk foods! There are so many kinds of healthy foods which we can serve during flights or we can even pack for ourselves when travelling!

The snack: Cheese (Brie, pecorino romano, gouda), dried fruit like cranberries and apricots, and nuts, grapes, and crackers.

Why I love this: First of all, who doesn’t love cheese? It’s savory, satisfying, and unless you’re bringing one of those super-smelly varieties on the plane, it’s not so odiferous as to upset your neighbors. Nuts and dried fruits also last, package, and travel very well, not to mention provide a sustaining snack.

The snack: Cream cheese on a bagel with some fruit of choice.

Why I love this: Bagels are high in fiber and carbohydrates, which means that they will keep you feeling full for a long time. And because carbohydrates stimulate serotonin production, they can help lessen anxiety and promote sleep. Make it an even healthier snack by choosing a whole wheat bagel, which has more fiber than its white counterpart.

The snack: Oranges. They are protected by the peel, and are instantly refreshing. Put a few (unpeeled) in a ziplock bag with a paper towel and you have a place to put the peels and wipe your hands (or your kids) if it is juicy!  Oranges even help maintain a very good and positive smell onboard flights too! 😉

Why I love this: Not only is it a refreshing snack, but it’s jam-packed with Vitamin C which provides a nice boost to the immune system at a time when you need it most (yes, airplanes are a breeding ground for germs, but a strong immune system will keep you healthy).

The snack: Sturdy, raw vegetables like celery, carrots, broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower with a nut butter, hummus or salsa dip.

Why I love this: They’re low in calories, almost completely odor-free, and bursting with vitamins. Eating these veggies regularly will keep you super-healthy in the long term, but in the short term they’ll help with digestion and keep your immune system healthy, which, as we discussed above, is a desired trait in any snack that’s designed for air travel. Just make sure that your dip conforms to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rules for liquids (or that you buy it once you’re past security) or it’ll be confiscated at the gate.

The snack: Instant oatmeal packets, just ask for cup of hot water from flight attendant.

Why I love this: It’s a hot snack that you don’t have to pay through the nose for, it’s incredibly transportable, and it’s high in fiber and protein that will keep your tummy feeling full for hours. Mix in some trail mix to make it more interesting. I eat oatmeal all times of the day and it can be a really good bedtime snack too!

The snack: Kale chips

Why I love this: Kale is bursting with vitamins A, C, K, and antioxidants. Yes, it’s also full of the oil that was used to cook it, but it’s a way healthier snack than a big bag of potato chips.

Plus: 4 Savvy Tips for Keeping Snacks Fresh:

Cut sandwiches in half and wrap separately to keep them fresh in case you decide you don’t want the whole thing at once.

Make sandwiches with a kind of bread that won’t get soggy easily. Grain bread does not get moist or soggy. I also like baguettes for that reason.

If you bring a sandwich, pack frozen grapes as well to keep cool and to provide a refreshing snack.

You should buy wipes that fit in your handbag, as well as extra zip lock bag (or two) to put all of your trash in.

Thanks Laura Michonski for your article “6 Snacks That Are Perfect For Air Travel.”

10 paleo snacks for air travel

Louise Hendon wrote a very interesting and great article called. My Top 10 Paleo Snacks for Air Travel”  and hope you enjoy! She mentions things like boiled eggs, bananas, dark chocolate, apples, fruit and nut mix, Paleo snack bars which have everything right in them, i.e. Epic Bars (meat + dried fruit bars). Very Paleo and very delicious! You can get them on Amazon hereBearded Brothers Energy Bars (nuts, seeds, dried fruit bars). Delicious, firm, moist, and really really good! Get them on amazon here.  Beef Jerky and meat stix, option is beef or turkey sticks like Nick’s Sticks. You can get them on their website here.  Yet, another option is salmon packs (super nutritious but can smell a bit if you’re opening them on the flight). You can get them on Amazon here.

You can add coconut oil and ghee to any tea or coffee you get at the airport or on the plane. It’ll act as a creamer and fill you up.  Caveman Cookies – the name says it all. You can get them on Amazon here.

There are so many different and wonderful ways to eat healthy, but like I said, “They can become quite expensive” so would be a good idea if the airlines allows us to pick and choose our menus when buying our air tickets and it could be included into the fare. This way, you don’t have to worry about having actual money onboard the aircraft and also helps flight attendants not have to handle cash on flight either or you having to carry either or use your credit card!

It would be good if we could begin to not have our valuables on us when travelling, but some way have back up waiting for us at our destination and we suggest we do this by using your bank to purchase money, etc. and have it waiting for you where you pick up at our boutique hotel upon arrival. This is where an ATM machine and using them is really convenient when travelling and much safer too!  ATM machines could have choices for us when we lose items and we can report to them immediately so nobody can use our lost items.  Yes, some may say this is where the Smart phones come into play, but what if you lose your smart phone and need to call in a hurry to report lost items.

Again, this is where trusting your personal travel agent or agency and we will handle this for you and must always remember to purchase that travel insurance too!

Nothing like getting to a foreign country and losing your passport, money, visa, etc. so we must learn to think ahead and have backup plans just in case we run into problems.

This where the personal travel agency comes into play and we can be your back up for if you lose anything we have backups for you!

Culture and Places Boutique Travel

Please take a look at what and how our agency’s travel tools can be beneficial when travelling! Most importantly travel insurance.

Happy Travels!,12497/#ixzz3a8XAcU5B


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