Design by Val Go Green Backpack

I have come up with an idea for a backpack which plays music while being ergonomically safe and designed using sustainable and green material. The bag would also have a massage vibration when music being played.  I feel that by using 100% recycled yarn from post-consumed  plastic bottles which would also help our earth and its environment from using recycle material.

Since you go through multiple backpacks in your life, and dozens more if you have children, you should try and find backpack brands that are committed to reducing their use of resources and energy and that utilize recycled materials in their production. This is what Design by Val Go Green Backpack would offer and not only be safe for the consumer, but safe for our environment..

The International Ergonomics Association defines Ergonomics or Human Factors as follows:

Ergonomics (or Human Factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

Human Factors and Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the goals of health and safety, and productivity.

Below we have the correct way to carry a backpack and the incorrect way, which the incorrect way can cause all kinds of back problems and spine issues later on in life for our kids and adults and for as we get older.

Research and backpack safety:

Based on over 30 years of evidence, backpacks continue to cause postural distortion, pain and injury when used as a daily school bag in spite of “backpack safety” programs and guidelines, and claims of “ergonomic” design. Using  as a school bag Design by Val Go Green Backpack effectively addresses the issues contributing to such problems. Design by Val Go Green Backpack will be truly ergonomically safe for health and well-being.

If students insist on using their backpacks for school, they and their parents must be made aware of the long–term physiological effects and how best to mitigate them with appropriate exercises, training in posture and body mechanics, and to be informed of healthy alternatives for carrying their supplies. Medical professionals can do their part in combating this epidemic by informing the public about these safety issues and about what makes a healthy choice when investing in a child’s school bag.

Solutions for wellbeing and health and safety music Design by Val Go Green Backpack are:

  1. POSTURE DISTORTION IS ELIMINATED. Spine is loaded axially. No leaning; response to load is vertical posture.
  2. REDUCED PAIN AND INJURY: Reduced or eliminated with postural training system of axial loading and the ability to sit with Design by Val Go Green Backpack on with load transferred off spine and shoulders onto “lap strap.” Since compartments are always accessible with music, and the wearer can sit unloaded with bag on, there is no need to frequently take the bag off since will have music and this way won’t distract person wearing and won’t keep them from hearing, i.e. Fire siren, police car, etc..
  3. NO INJURY TO OTHERS from user being unaware of posterior projection: Design by Val Go Green Backpack wearer is always aware of personal space related to bag he/she is wearing and can accommodate space so as not to impose it on others’ safety nor be too loud and you will not only hear the music but will feel and will help as a meditation or massage while carrying or wearing.
  4. PERSONAL SECURITY, CONTROL OVER BELONGINGS: The wearer’s items are accessible only to the wearer. The bag does not need to be removed for access or when sitting.
  5. BIKING STABILITY, POSTURE, ACCESS: Design by Val Go Green Backpack provides a lower center of gravity, is a balanced load, and compartments are easily accessed music and built in speakers and attachable headphone. When in the forward lean position, the load is applied to the body in posterior-to-anterior direction against the spine (not from shoulders), promoting a neutral spinal alignment of thoracic spine and neck.
  6. WEIGHT OF LOAD DOES NOT AFFECT POSTURE: Since the Design by Val Go Green Backpack loads axially, there is no postural distortion with increased load. Loading this way trains upright posture. The limit of the load increase is a matter of comfort to the wearer. Some or all of the load can be transferred to the hips via the optional hip loading system provided in the design.
  7. EMERGENCY EVACUATION: Design by Val Go Green Backpack remedies all of the safety issues mentioned. Design by Val Go Green Backpack do not need to be removed for sitting — no trip hazard — and can even remain on the chair when the wearer gets up. The wearer has balance and mobility for rapid evacuation. Turning does not pose a hazard to others.
  8. NO BALANCE DISTURBANCE FROM LOAD: Balance is reinforced with axial, bilateral loading.

It is a neuromuscular preparing reality that when resistance is connected against a provided guidance of development, that development is reinforced and prepared. This implies that resistance connected reliably over the long haul to the front of the shoulders, as by the straps of a loaded backpack, will prepare a forward head and forward lean with adjusted shoulders. To prepare upright stance, we must load the body on its vertical pivot, i.e., the book on the head, or an adjusted two-sided burden.

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