“Inhale and Exhale Happy to Share Recipe” By Valerie Brown Cheers

Inspirational Stories


Organic candles (as many as you can light)
Running water sound, CD, etc.
Nice meditation music
Closed eyelids
Nice comfortable bed or
Nice comfortable floor with mats

(1) Inhale taking a beautiful breath of air and don’t forget to smile……….you must smile in order for it to become happy air!

(2) Exhale, releasing and blowing all that happy air out and you will feel like you are floating, and releasing all that happy into the atmosphere to spread and share all around you!

(3) Then start with once again until the whole room is full of happy!

(4) If you want the happy to stay within your inner most……..you must laugh instead of smiling!

You have now created a very contagious happy wind and spreading it all over the place! Catch……

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