Survey Along the Way by Valerie Brown Cheers

Inspirational Stories

“Without dreams we reach nothing. We reach nothing without love, we feel nothing.  And without God, we are nothing.” ~ Valerie J Brown

Sometimes what we dream may not be what we expect! But it’s okay! But without dreams where we would be?

I have come to realize when things are meant, they will be what they really are….and what that is…..we will just have to wait and see won’t we?

We may think one thing, see another, and it may appear what it really is and not even that at all!

If you have a dream about traveling, taking a journey, or visiting somewhere else, you are having one of the most common human dreams the world over.

Jung wrote about such dreams as being commonplace.  In general, such a dream is about the journey through life!

Writing is such a comforting way of dealing with our dreams, Write…

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