To Do or Not to Do by Valerie Brown Cheers

Finding and understanding what kind of paper is the primary goal first and foremost when we get our assignments in school or college. Writing is much more than writing and using others work is critical in knowing how to cite properly, which to me means nothing at all, but it does when it comes to using other great writer’s work. I want to pattern other good writer’s and they are like mentors too!

Real writer’s use others work and I know myself, I want to leave it the way the original writer put it and sometimes this can be their whole entire report. Yes, I said that and I know that I could or can just change the wording or put into my own words, but to get across and until I become a so called experienced writer, I don’t want to lose the gist of the actual work I am using as my research material. it and doing this now, but in this life we got to make mistakes on purpose to get the help we sometimes need!  It is a job just reading a 180 page research paper and it is a good paper too?

I thank God. I know myself,  I am not trying to come across as the owner, but I think that it is twice as bad when you use other’s work and put into your own words, but for the sake of the academia protocol, I will do this! But, this I think is dishonesty and it then does not become their reference material anymore either? I don’t understand some academia process and have made mistakes on God purpose and not by trying to be slick or getting over, but to see if anybody will pull me to the side and help me! If you do some real research, you will see that some really good writers used others works.

I want to eventually be able to be a full-time researcher of others work, on my own time, which their work was never shared nor known about. We owe this to them and there are many unknown authors, writers, poets, etc.whose works just never got shared or even published. Reading and finding others who are somewhat like ourselves, can be very inspiring and gives us hope too! It does for me for sure! When you give the glory to those who motivated and inspired you to get up off your huff, God will be there all the way with you, believe me!

Sometimes, I feel like people are just waiting for you to mess up, but the thing about social media, nobody says anything and thinks we are suppose to know already, but yet, say nothing! This is where we got to pay attention and take heed to the things which are presented to us, and seriously how many students honestly are trying to get be criminal writers? Not I and God does not have me here for this, but felt the need to express this!

Everything is not about money and as bad I need I am willing to make as many mistakes it takes until I get better at what God wants me to get better at and you can tell when are getting closer, because you will begin to actually express how you truthfully feel and I can pleasantly say this with no regrets!

The freedom of expression of writing is such a wonderful feeling and a healer too and has done this for me. I suffer from no pain when writing, and I love it!  And…with music look out and the two together are powerful and detrimental to my hands, body and spirit and cure my mind!

When you read a lot and you read something which you know would make good material for others to know about, it is difficult to get down when it comes to writing for myself, what I believe to be societies correct way and like I said, it is way more to writing but I do fully believe getting your thoughts down is 101% you should get for the effort and courage!

I get so excited when I read something which has been around for a very long time, and if it were not good enought to share and even if one person reads it, it makes me happy!

Good things which are precious and valuable are kept at a place at the library called the stacks shelfs at our public libraries and I use to volunteer and walks those glass floors a whole lot and get dust in my eyes too working with Bill Olbrich as my boss. When in stacks it is like classic music and put away for safe keeps, because it is valuable and there are others who just may come and ask for it! When anything is good, it will be around forever and this is what I want my work to do now, then and later!

God has prepared and still preparing me and the journey has been a hard one too but an awful lot to speak about for sure so now I must start and begin keeping and journal about everything which I have been taught, people who have inspired me along the way, etc.!

I am reading  “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson and also “Population Explosion” by Paul R Ehrlich and these are perfect examples of books which had to be gotten from the stacks at the public library for me!

I have always had been different when it comes to not thinking like others and am very proud of it too!

What I mean is am still having difficulties when using others material and not knowing when you use their words, when to put in quotations, when to paraphrase, etc. I am not doing what I do for any money or recognition, but want others to know this great news and when I cry about something I had prayed for, I know it is nothing but God wanting me to share the Good News comes to me in time I want to share with others, if this makes any sense.

So, as I always say, please blame my head and not my heart!

Can somebody please come up with a program when you write any kind of paper, research, thesis, dissertations,etc., it will tell what you need to do properly and will also show you the right way to say for example, put into APA format, MLA, correct way to do appendices and will actually do it for you, proper way to do footnotes, etc.  This way your paper is ethically and an honest paper according to what the Land Of The Free stipulates we are to do?

This goes back to plagiarism and one who honestly does things on purpose and wants to go to Plagiarism Jail or even be thrown out of college? Can’t you help people and what kills me is when they say, we are warning you and give you no advice nor help?

Does anybody care about mental health and do we ever think why everybody does not think the same, and we all process things much differently from one another and why things are just so much harder for some more than others?

This doesn’t mean you got a problem or dumb, but it does mean you are special and not normal; and anyone who wants to be normal and like the others. you go right ahead, and I applaud you; but some of us are not!

I am one of those very few and proud to be who I am!

I can hardly believe this story I just read, but I do know this much that some of your best writer’s use others work and maybe that is why my first book did not sell, but I don’t care because I wanted to get what I got into their and did not break any rules nor trying to steal anybody else’s work on purpose. It is there and especially ones whose work never gotten shown, published or even heard of and sue me! The person who made this rule really needs the help!

Just like I did a blog about Chris Long writing about Paul T. Frankl!  Who are we to know that even when we cite others work that it is certifiable correct? I am not trying to justify plagiarizing and the word gives me the creeps!   Knowing when to put into quotations, using their exact words, then other times, paraphrasing and putting in our own words, and on and on and it is incredibly stressful and there needs to be programs which will check for this for us students who are seriously interested in writing and writing good honest stuff for the reading and viewing of the public’s eyes!

To make a long story short, we need to begin to teach our children how to read and write at very early ages!

When I did the blog “Form and Reform,” I wanted the words to come out exactly how Chris Long wrote them about the incredible Paul T Frankl, whose story is right now displayed in the big hall at our Central Public Library in Saint Louis downtown and not trying to use anybody’s words as mine!

When they are mine, I know and don’t care if anybody believes me or not and this is the freedom of expression of writing and we do things like this, no disrespect!

It takes a special, not normal of course, to break the so-called norm and rules, and what I care most is knowing what and how come the rules which come along with writing turn into madness and understand why so many writers cracked up, smoke, etc. and so many which are so hard to do and follow which can throw our focus completely off.

Usually our first thoughts are our best thoughts and have learned to follow them always, but try to get the right way of going about doing so that is academically correct and can really help others!

I am challenging this vicious cycle and refuse to go down like this, and just want the honest truth when being given an assignment, and I am not back in school to be a criminal student, but do want to learn to get better with academia etiquette, improve and get better producing proper and readable writing and works which will get an audience!

Enough with bits and pieces of explanations, rules policies, etc. Doing what is proper and correct according to societies manmade rules is very stressful!

I just feel if you find a good source and can back it up with others who also contributed, it is to be used in their own words, but get so very confusing when we must cite throughout the paper with page numbers, and etc. if found material on website, how to make the website a proper citation, etc. It is crazy and when it comes to references, bibliographies, I really dread and this worries me most!

Most of the journals, books, articles I am finding when I go and get the book, it is not the same as what is on social media either? Has anybody else had any of these issues? It confuses me and can somebody help with and give us students who really do want to be good writers a method to this madness.

I have always had been criticized by many Professors, instructors who I know have my best interest, but instead of telling me what I am doing all of the time, give me an example I can follow and so this is what I do now!

Can somebody tell me where it is written in stone it is called plagiarism and where do these words, maybe the person who invented it should be checked out? Now they got computer packages checking for this and don’t you as a Professor or instructor no when we are using somebody elses work and what makes you think we are doing this as trying to become criminal students? There are many of us who want to get better at what we profess we must do!

When is it okay to paraphrase and don’t we need books to be able to do this, and when we find on website and from good papers found on internet to use as mentor papers, so that we can see the page numbers and with so many revisions nowadays, we really, I guess be very careful with this too, because this means the page number will change if you don’t have the right year when looking for the actual book at the library. All of these manmade laws are making teachers and professors do nothing anymore and you are suppose to use others work and don’t care what others say or think of me!

I have used very old books which were either given to me by Washington University, library stacks, bought myself, etc. and am seeing so many revised books now. Or it could mean that now see that others are using for research, etc.  When the books are revised this already makes many papers not believed because each of the book’s page numbers change, etc. For example: “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj and guess this is why there are so many revisions and we must make sure of the dates for the book we are using is correct, “DMSO Nature’s Healer” by Dr. Morton Walker, etc. and I have the very older versions which I use as my research and sometimes, the old books cannot even be found.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this and see if any other writers or students out there are experts who produce perfect papers? Needing help with my papers and again, please blame my head and not my heart for I am not here to get paid, but assigned by God and to honestly learn from others mistakes and mine too, and hope somebody can learn from mine!  Thank goodness for partners!

I so love mistakes, and for those of you out there just waiting and looking for mistakes, get ready because they are what make us better and when you are not normal, we don’t really care nor or afraid to break the rules!

One last thing and I must say, it amazes me how important it is for students to do what is most important while in college, for once you educate a woman, watch out and the rest is history!

So, I close with “To Do or Not to Do” is like being perfect according to society and I am not perfect, nor normal so we got a real issue! Don’t let anybody tell you that you are doing something not the right way all of the time, but help a person instead and show them your so called right way and also and please back it up with the way it is suppose to be done and this even goes for Professors, instructors, mothers, fathers, even me!

Always use an outline before wasting your time and send to your professor to see if you are on the right path to somewhere. When you are doing an outline and know you are on point because you feel so good about what you have done and then get the bomb dropped because you don’t know what you are talking about it makes me so wonder what is really happening with our leadership in our educational arenas!

Distance learning is not easy at all for students, but those who do accelerate, should be praised, but when you get assignments which make no sense and then the right answers are wrong answers, I question the Dean’s of colleges and no disrespect to any of the good Deans out there!


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