Eating The Enemy by Valerie Brown Cheers

I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:6

I was out just looking at what we may call unwanted weeds and just started picking, smelling and really wondering if they are really sources for healing?

We may be our own worst enemies and while not a horticulturist, farmer, nor expert these plants are not just growing for the hell of it and may just be good for more than destroying and using weed killers and hurting our own soil and environment too.

I would love to see more taking interest and experimenting and begin boiling some of these so-called unwanted weeds and see what effect we get when the aroma hits our noses!

I hand-picked some mint yesterday from my yard, and shared with a couple of neighbors and one of my neighbors told me, “When that guy comes to cut your grass, make sure and tell him to use Weed B Gone!” I just looked at her while thinking to myself if we keep using Weed B Gone, we may eventually be gone on this planet ourselves and just smiled at her.

I would love to learn more about the many different plants, weeds, which grow and especially the ones which when we cut our grass, they come right back. It may just be a blessing from God that they keep coming back and we as humans just are not paying attention!

I came across a very interesting article “The War On Weeds – Eating Your Enemy” and where I got the title from also and we may just be getting rid of the wrong things in our society which may be medicine, healing and for curing growing right in front of  our own lawns and under our own noses.

The article basically states, “Even though he has had a lifetime of planting and cultivating where weeds are just considered as far as destruction. I had taken a look at these plants as an undesirable scourge on the scene.”

As of late he states, “that he now admires their potential esteem as a green fertilizer crop or for fertilizing the soil, the length of they are trimmed before seeding. I have understood that nature severely dislikes a vacuum so it will deliver a groundcover of weeds if a vacuum is made.”

In the process “These plants photosynthesise and reuse supplements and thus they can really enhance soils with included carbon and minerals when they bite the dust. I have likewise come to comprehend that numerous weeds can be seen as a signpost for healthful lack or ecological awkwardness. The weed seeds can get by for up to seventy years in the dirt and they develop when “perfect” conditions present themselves.”

“This may be dry conditions, compacted soils, wet conditions, soil acidity, salt, or a need or overabundance of particular minerals. Then again, I have never considered these yield-taking contenders as potential sustenance. It was a tremendous ideal model transformation to stroll in my greenhouse and watch, distinguish and acknowledge these previous adversaries as companions.”

He states that “In light of his newly discovered enthusiasm for green smoothies I have been examining “wild greens” and their dietary and remedial quality.”

He also found that “It was a noteworthy shock to find that some of my scorned foes, weeds that are bounteous in my greenery enclosure and on our examination homestead, are truth be told consumable and sometimes scrumptious.”

That, as well as a number of them are emphatically helpful and have been utilized as a part of natural solution for quite a long time (preceding turning into “the wrong plant in the wrong place”).

So, after all this is said and done, we may need to stop mowing and allowing the growing and just see what happens and start experimenting.

If we are brave enough to eat from many fast food establishments, aren’t we taking great risks? So, why not experiment with the weeds which continously keep growing even after we cut, they just come right back. We may have miracles for healing our bodies and minds growing right under our noses?

Important: ensure you know your weeds before consuming them from your garden. There are millions of books and now that the internet is available we can start to looking and finding the weeds which keep coming back in our yards and just educate ourselves and research them.

We see this plant everywhere and I constantly see it being cut down and this is chickweed:

I have stated many times when we see birds and other animals eating, we may need to invest, however many things birds eat we CANNOT EAT from trees, but on the ground, watch God’s creatures what and why they dive into our yards and see what they are eating and if they keep on flying, maybe we need to truly invest and try it for ourselves.

Chickweed is rich in minerals (including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, silica and selenium) and it also contains particularly high levels ofvitamin C and an important essential fatty acid called GLA. It must be remembered that these wild plants have never been hybridised, with the often associated, negative impact on nutrient uptake. Their reputation as a problem plant is often linked to their seeding efficiency. In this case, chickweed produces up to 15,000 seeds per plant and these seeds can survive for decades in the soil. The plant is constantly flowering so it becomes difficult to control. This pest-like capacity has nothing to do with the plant’s food potential. The leaves, stems and flowers can be eaten in salads, lightly steamed with other greens, steeped in hot water for ten minutes to make chickweed tea or, of course, they make a perfect additive to your green smoothies. .


There are so many more weeds which we destroy by applying weed killers and we may be destroying ourselves and our planet too!  Take a look at this one and I see all of the time as I am walking along the railroad tracks where lots of food grows and birds have a field day and are found there in groves munching and crunching away!

This is Purslane – a medicinal succulent

Most of us are familiar with the powerful health benefits linked to the leaves of succulents like aloe vera and yucca and many are discovering the taste treats from the antioxidant-packed harvests from dragon fruit. However, few are aware of the suite of benefits associated with a common weed called purslane.


Now, everybody sees the dandelion or the “magic bullet weed” all of the time and don’t we mow right over them too?


The botanical name for dandelion is Taraxacum officinale, which literally means “official remedy for disorders”. It turns out to be an accurate description of a remarkable herb when we see that dandelion is one of the top six herbs in the Chinese herbal medical chest and has been ranked in the top ten in several other cultures. Even the 1984 USDA bulletin called “The Composition of Foods” listed dandelion in the top four green vegetables in terms of total nutritional value. It could also be seen as nature’s remedy for calcium deficient soils, as the dandelion grows where calcium is deficient.

I know this probably means nothing to most of us, but next time before pull them up and go to your computer and investigate and check them out and see what they do and how they may just be our medicine cabinets growing right in our own front or backyards.

The only to find out is to research and find out for ourselves, WE must begin to take our own lives into our own hands and I pray that we all live long and prosperous lives using our brains which God so graciously gave to us! ~ health and wellness

In closing, I state eating the enemy because society and many of us think that weeds are to be destroyed not even thinking what it says in the scriptures about God’s growing!

So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:7


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