Feel it Heal It by Valerie Brown Cheers

Yoga Drawstring Backpack Drawstring Bags
New therapies are using rhythm, beat and melody to help patients recover language, hearing, motion and emotion. Do you realize how many people can be healed starting right now by using music?
I have begun the healing process utilizing music for calming sciatica nerve pain. There needs to be more studies using different kind of illnesses with live human beings and not with mice utilizing music!
Pain hates music and there needs to be different kinds of apparatuses to use to heal pain depending on where it is in our body.  This is why I have come up with an idea which is being seriously considered and am very proud of sharing.
This is why I think my idea of the musical backpack will work and not only will it help with pain, but will also massage and cushion the spine when sitting down for long lengths of time, which we all need.
If we don’t protect our backs now, we will pay for it when we get older for sure! This backpack will not just be for books, but can worn alone and still help our bodies well-being be protected as well.  Protecting and being aware of how important proper alignment is for our posture’s well-being is crucial!
It is just something about the headset which soothes my pain but if I had something which I could wear constantly for in my case dealing with nerve pain for duration of life!  Immediately after I place the headset onto my head, the music does something immediately to my nerve pain. It has actually caused less nerve pain!
With the backpack, you get comfort as well relieve any kind of pain, and helps protect our spines too!
We don’t know or realize how important our bodies are and very important knowing how to move, sit and stand appropriately can help you stay dynamic and avoid broken bones and handicap our lives later on in life. Legitimate stance can likewise help to cutoff the measure of kyphosis, or forward bend of the upper back, that can come about because of softened bones up the spine.
Also, the way we lie is very important too and how many of us can really afford a Tempur Pedic? But, just thoughts but maybe we should start to invest into good beds like we would an automobile!

A standout amongst the most imperative things about body mechanics and stance is posture. Our posture alludes to how the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and lower legs relate and line up with one another. Legitimate arrangement of the body puts less weight on the spine and helps you have great stance.

To keep legitimate arrangement, maintain a strategic distance from the accompanying positions or developments:

(1) Having a drooped, head-forward stance
(2) Bowing forward from the waist
(3) Curving of the spine to a state of strain
(4) Anything that requires you to reach far. i.e. reaching up for an item on a high shelf, which also could cause you to lose your balance and fall.

Many exercises can do more harm to us than better and here are some examples:


  • Sit-ups
  • Abdominal crunches (also referred to as stomach crunches)
  • Toe-touch.


Bending forward amid routine exercises additionally puts weight on the spine and can expand the shot of softening a bone up the spine. While bending forward puts strain on the spine, it is normally more secure in case you’re ready to hold your back level.

This is why I think my Design by Val, Go Green Musical Backpack, which can be carried with or without books will help with keeping proper alignment and is very important and if we don’t protect now, we will end up having to use canes, walkers and mainly having to deal with kyphosis back as we get older!

NOTE: I am not a doctor, but the next time you have a headache, it just may be because of the way we walk, sit or stand and may be from our improper body alignment which is so very important and should be treated with CARE!

For more information on proper sitting, standing, etc. please check out the many websites.



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