Well-being Happiness Begins with Us by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Did you know that walking helps and keeps the serotonin from breaking down?”

The Streets of Santiago, People seem Strange when you're a Stranger

“The idea of walking depression (sometimes known as smiling depression) captures the experience of those who are able to go on walking, talking and even smiling while feeling depressed.”

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Exercise and Depression

According to Harvard Health Publications, “Another study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, divided 156 men and women with depression into three groups. One group took part in an aerobic exercise program, another took the SSRI sertraline (Zoloft), and a third did both.”

“At the 16-week mark, depression had eased in all three groups. About 60%–70% of the people in all three groups could no longer be classed as having major depression. In fact, group scores on two rating scales of depression were essentially the same.”

“This suggests that for those who need or wish to avoid drugs, exercise might be an acceptable substitute for antidepressants.”

“Keep in mind, though, that the swiftest response occurred in the group taking antidepressants, and that it can be difficult to stay motivated to exercise when you’re depressed.”

Serotonin Happiness

“When serotonin is present, all the nerves in the brain function properly.”

According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,” There is a direct relationship between walking and the build-up of the brain tryptophan reserves.  There are several amino acids that compete for crossing the naturally designed barrier system into the brain.”[page 119]

“They all have to ‘piggyback’ on the same transporter proteins.  These competitors to tryptophan are grouped under the title of branched-chain amino acids (BC amino acids).”

“During exercise, these BC amino acids, along with the fats, are used as fuel in the larger muscles.  Muscles begin to pick up these amino acids from circulating blood.”

“As a result, the odds are changed in favor of tryptophan for its passage across the blood-brain barrier and into the brain.”

“One major physiological value to exercising is the direct relationship of muscle activity to the build-up of the brain tryptophan reserves.”

Most importantly, “The brain tryptophan content and its various by-product neurotransmitter systems are responsible for maintenance of the homeostatic balance of the body.  Normal levels of tryptophan in the brain maintain a well-regulated balance in all functions of the body; homeostasis.  With a decrease in tryptophan supply to the brain, there is a proportionate decrease in the efficiency of all functions of the body.”

Wow……so this means that “Depression and some mental disorders are the consequence of brain tryptophan imbalance.”

So walking can do the same thing which certain medications, i.e. Prozac, which is used in some mental disorders – particularly in depression – is a drug that stops the enzymes that break down serotonin, a by-product of tryptophan.”

“In other words when more serotonin is present, all nerves function normally.”

So…..prozac cannot replace the indispensable role of tryptophan itself, but one has to work at replenishing body reserves of tryptophan through a balanced diet and regular water intake.”

“Research has shown there is a direct relationship between water intake – and efficiency of function in the transport system for the passage of tryptophan into the brain.”

“Also, water shortage and proportionate histamine release bring about an increase in the rate of tryptophan breakdown in the liver.”

“It seems that adequate water intake arrests the increased and inefficient metabolism of tryptophan in the body.”

“It should be remembered that the genetic transcription mechanism of parents – in particular the mother – if affected by amino acid pool imbalance, will be equally represented in the offspring.  In effect, this is how genetic damage and inherited disorders establish.”

Health Care System and Our Responsibilities

Dialysis:What Should we Do for Dehydration

“If you have suffered because of the application of medical ignorance to your body’s earlier calls for water, it becomes the responsibility of your attending doctor to supervise your return to health by tailing off the chemicals used to treat the chronic dehydration in your body.”

“You should make sure your doctor becomes aware of the information on water metabolism, and your body’s other call signals for water, when dehydration begins to alter the physiology of your body.”

“Your doctor is responsible to you and , as your physician, he needs to become informed.”

“It is your responsibility to help your doctor become aware of the paradigm shift.  It is your responsibility to help change the health care system to work for you and not the commercial and political aims of its administrators.”

“It may become necessary to pass legislation to ensure exclusion of dehydration as a causative factor in disease conditions before any pharmaceutical or invasive procedures are undertaken.  Evaluation of drugs for ultimate use in treatment procedures should be carried out only after patients are fully hydrated and several days have elapsed before starting the test.”

IMPORTANT: After all, water used in taking a pill is immediately more effective in a dehydrated person than the chemical composition of the pill!  Please try to use the knowledge and consequent practical experience for the benefit of mankind, to attempt to bring into the practice of medicine the paradigm shift on water metabolism of the BODY!

FYI: Another main reason for my beginning my own travel agency is because of the travel we need to begin utilizing and gaining experience from other cultures which take health and wellness and mainly our well-being very seriously!

Material was taken from Dr. Batman’s book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” and “Exercise and Depression” article from Harvard Health Publications Harvard Medical School.




Capsule or Pod Airport Hotel Anybody? by Valerie” Brown Cheers

“Would you book a pod hotel in an airport?”

“Wouldn’t this become handy if you become stuck in the airport or have a very long layover?”

“Why do you think it would beneficial to stay at a hotel in the airport?”

“Airport sleeping is no longer just for the cheap young student, skier, etc.. ”

“Nowadays, early morning flights, long layovers, flight cancellations, snow storms and erupting volcanoes are just a few reasons why you’ll see travellers from all walks of life stretched out on airport floors around the world.”

“Could staying at a Pod or Capsule airport hotel  perhaps help you to have a head start on others?

“You could be the first to get in line going through the TSA perhaps?

“How could staying in a boutique pod hotel in the airport put your mind more at ease, especially when travelling internationally.”

“Just imagine the thought of less stress to know that you are already in the airport…… and think about that extra sleep you could get…..which would come with breakfast..work stations..get some work done…and even do laundry, etc.

“What if you had all of this right in your Pod or Capsule Airport hotel?

“Couldn’t this be a great mental load off of your mind, knowing you are already there.”

“Could boutique pod hotels be beneficial for business people maybe flying in just for a meeting?”

“There are benefits of boutique pod hotels being in airports and my dream is to be an investor one day.”

“My vision allowed me to see so much potential in the boutique lifestyle and their trendy different styles of hotels are totally incredible and I want to be part of this great project and have all sorts of other ideas.”

“Please take a look at some ideal pod hotels which would be essential for all major airports both local and internationally.”

“I found these on the CNBC page and hope you enjoy!”

“I can see these different style hotels coming up everywhere very soon!”

Here are some airports that feature these pod hotels, sometimes called micro hotels. Plus, some feedback on what road warriors think of them (Dollar values are estimates, which have been converted from local currency).

Dubai: Weary travelers can avail themselves of one of the 10SnoozeCubes located at Terminal 1 (passengers from Terminals 2 and 3 are welcome, too). Each of the sound proof rooms has a twin bed, a touch-screen TV with a variety of entertainment and music options, and hi-speed wireless Internet access. Prices start at $16 per hour. The verdict, according to one user: “Much better sleep than the lounge, because it’s so quiet and dark.”

Atlanta, Philadelphia: The sleep pods at these two airports are calledMinute Suites. There are five pods in Atlanta on Delta’s Concourse B, and 13 at Philly. A minimum one-hour stay will set you back about $30. Every 15 minutes thereafter costs $7.50. This adds up pretty fast. But rate reductions are offered after four hours, and there’s a flat overnight rate of $120. In addition to a daybed sofa, pillows, blankets and HDTV, the rooms also have a sound-masking system in each suite that neutralizes noise.

Munich: The six NapCabs in Terminal 2 at Munich’s airport are spread over the fourth and fifth floors. They are self-contained, self-service units which simply require you to swipe a credit card to rent. The interiors feature a bed and small workspace with adjustable ambient lighting. The rates vary from $12.50 to $19 per hour, with a minimum charge of $37.50.

London, Amsterdam:Yoteloperates 32 sleep cabins at Heathrow Terminal 4, 46 at Gatwick’s South Terminal and 57 in Lounge 2 of the main terminal at Schiphol. Rooms are tricked out with luxury sheets, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, workstations with lots of power outlets and a monsoon power shower stall with towels and body wash. There are three room sizes: the standard bunk style single cabin; the premium double cabin; and the premium twin cabin, with prices hovering around $39 for four hours and $93 overnight. The company also operates a pod hotel in New York City’s Times Square. “For one night it is a good place to overnight. The room was small — very small … but it was well planned out,” said one forum commenter.

Tokyo: Japan originated the concept of the capsule hotel, literally a plastic or fiberglass pod just long, wide and tall enough for a person to climb in and lie down. However, the ones at domestic Terminal 1 inside Tokyo’s Haneda Airport are a little bigger and nicer than the traditional capsule hotels elsewhere in the city. You can walk in while standing up, instead of climbing in, and there are two classes of rooms. There are common areas for lounging, eating and bathing. Prices start at $20 for a hour for day use (2 hour min), and $60 for an overnight stay. Flier feedback: The hourly fee “isn’t a bad deal for a nap between planes.”

Beijing: Terminal 3 at Beijing airport has slept pods that can be rented by the hour. It costs about $47 for a standard room with private bath for 4–6 hours, and less for shorter periods or for a room without a bathroom. Be aware that at this particular airport, pods are outside the security/immigration screening checkpoint, so you either need a Chinese visa or an onward international ticket for departure within 24 hours to leave the secure area.

Moscow: There is currently one SleepBox at Sheremetyevo Airport and 60 more will soon be installed all around downtown Moscow.

Delhi: Inside Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport you can lay your head at the colorfully named Sam’s Snooze at My Space. The spaces can be rented to sleep, work, or just lounge around, starting at $10 per hour ($14 for two people sharing).



June 21st Dedicated To My Father by Valerie Brown Cheers

“Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there!”

Deacon Geroge L. Cheers

“It is so ironic that my dad passed on June 21, 2012 and this Father’s Day I celebrate my dad’s honor.”

“He took care of my mom best he could with our help until she passed in 2005 with MS……and he loved my mom so much and anything she told him she needed…..he got it.”

“I had to have one of the hardest working father’s on the planet and was very blessed to be his oldest daughter.”

“My dad had many extended family children and he was loved very much by so many.”

“When it came to community events, my dad was right up there and our neighborhood even won Best Block Unit a couple of years because of his hard work of being Block Captain for many years and dedication to giving back to his community!”

“I loved my mom dearly and she was my mom, but my dad I can see where I get the giving back from.”

“My dad was the youngest of eight (8) siblings and he was a work horse.”

“As long as I can remember my dad always was working and not once did we ever see lights out, creditors calling about bills being late, none of this and my dad saw to this never happening when it came to his family.”

“My dad worked this one job at the Church of Good Shepherd for Claudius Miller and family in Creve Coeur and he worked there longer than he worked for his primary job at Monsanto for over 38 years!”

“He worked for Monsanto World Headquarters in Creve Coeur, Missouri for 38 years and perfect attendance all 38 years!”

“Now….tell me this wasn’t a great man and he was a superb leader also and he was also a Crew Leader when he began working for Monsanto and then became a Manager.”

“My dad loved attending lectures and seminars and I truly get this from him!”

“When it comes to certificates, my dad had hundreds and this I truly am like him.”

“My grandson saw some of my certificates one time when he was very young….and said, “Grammy you are just like Paw-Paw…..and this made me so smile.”

“I looked up to my dad and he taught me how to drive, to change a flat tire, to change the oil in the car, and always told me that always work hard because you never know who is watching.”

“Was he ever so right……and always tried to follow after him, even though I did not like staying at one place for too long due to my learning and then moving on to learn even more from someplace else.”

“In 1998, my dad received letters from President Bill Clinton, the late Governor Carnahan, and the Archbishop of the Anglican Church for his hard work and dedication for working a part-time job for over 32 years at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd.”

“This was another job and he had so many, I cannot remember them all and never got fired from one, except….one where he took me and my sister Tam and we were very young….. and he cleaned a bakery on Grand down the street from the Fox Theater.”

“When he left the room…..my sister and I stuck our fingers in every pastry we could reach and tasted every single thing and unfortunately he lost that job.” 🙂

“I use to be really upset and would cry as a child and wanted to go with him when he left the house and this is where and when he began taking us with him to work and showing us the ropes.”

“My dad would sit us down and he would do the job,,,,,and then he would allow us to do what we saw him do.”

“You better believe my dad was a perfectionist and it had to be done correctly and professionally…..or he would make us do all over again.”

“So…..this is definitely where we get working hard from and my dad was a hero when it came to providing and saw that we had what was essential to make us happy.”

“Christmas time was the best!”

“My mom would have us each to make a Christmas list.”

“And we were sensible kids and not very extravagant and greedy, but we put on that list what we wanted.”

“My dad always made sure along with my mom, that we got everything on our Christmas list too.”

“My dad stood for  no-nonsense when it came to time to cleaning and guess I watched him so much, I sort of went overboard you might say, but not so OCD anymore.” lol 😉

“When we were teens and on Saturdays, when he also worked……we would hear that car pull up and we jump out of bed and pretend to be cleaning  or we had to be doing something constructive!” lol 😉

“Those were the good ole days and will always remember them too.”

“Anyway, I would like to say “Rest in Peace”  daddy and thanks for teaching me and being a great leader for your family.. for if it had not been for you….I would not be where I am right now….at this moment.”

“Even though you are there and I am here….I am working effortlessly to get myself to the place where I can pay my own way and be able to come and go as I please for the rest of my life.”

“I helped to take care of my dad when he got sick and took care of him at home and it was the best time ever and to be with your parents when they take their last breath……tends to give you this wonderful peace.”

“I always believed that God intended for our parents to be there when we come into the world crying as babies…..and we should as their children……be with them……on their way out.”

“I thank you Daddy and may you and Mom rest in peace and I feel you with me always in my heart.”

“Thanks Daddy and I love you!”

“May all of you dad’s out there have a very Happy Father’s Day.”

Rolling vs Folding by Valerie Brown Cheers

Being an ex flight attendant, we were taught how to get more into bags by rolling!

Here we will share with you how to roll to get more into a carry on bag and into your luggage so you carry less.

Nowadays, with charges for extra bags we could use some tips on how to roll rather than folding our clothing and get way more into our carry on bags.

Airlines are wanting you to bring on smaller carry ons and you will find that taking things with you just in case anything were to happen to your big luggage by rolling can be done.

Always, carry a change of clothing in your carry on bag with essentials which can also be rolled if you put them in ziplock bags, etc.

How to Roll Clothing for Packing : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

First, we will visit with Leslie Wilmott and she is rolling exactly the way I use to roll when a flight attendant.

Rolling clothing for packing is both a great way to prevent wrinkles and save some space in your suitcase at the same time. Roll clothing for packing with help from a travel savvy professional in this free video clip.
You will be surprised how rolling is a way to not only get more into a smaller, but using a smaller bag for carry on is so less stressful, but also there is a way to roll them when you unroll them, they will be wrinkle free!

When rolling it makes it also easier and much faster when your baggage is being examined by TSA’s too!

Series Description: Smart packing for your trip will allow you to both take everything that you’re going to need and make sure that you don’t end up with a lot of wrinkled clothing once you get there. Learn about smart packing and other travel tips with help from a travel savvy professional in this free video series.

How to Pack Clothes for Traveling Using the Rolling Method

Now…this next video is also totally helpful and again another to get more into your luggage and carry much less!

When traveling it’s important to pack efficiently, organized and smart. The method I show in this video is rolling the clothing into a tight bundle that makes them very compact. Rolling your clothes is a great way to prevent wrinkles and conserve space. When you roll clothing you can fit more than you can normally by folding or just placing clothes in to your luggage bag. This can also be used for things other than traveling such as any time you are moving clothing and want to conserve space. The same method can be used on other clothes I did not demonstrate such a shorts, the same way the pants were rolled would be applied. The first T-shirt in the video was designed by me and can be purchased athttp://vonmalegowski.spreadshirt.com/

Army Packing Hack: How to Pack Luggage Like a Pro for Travel || Space Saving Military Style 

Enjoy this video also using Military rolling, but if you roll properly, I assure you won’t have to use an iron while travelling!

 I hope these videos help you and happy rolling! 😉