Cultural Etiquette Around the World for Travel Agents by Valerie Brown Cheers

Have you ever been to a country which you just didn’t know the language, yet your travel agent booked you there and neither you nor your travel agent did their homework?

Well, I have an idea which would give TA ‘s ways to improve their selling and gain trust from clients too by knowing their stuff from on hands experience which you would get from your Cultural Etiquette Counselor which there will be one in every country.

There would be an individual designated guide who has a speciality in that area of expertise, they will give you a tour of the city near hotels, its people culture, laws, the people in general, proper way of meeting and greeting, body language, corporate culture, dining and entertainment etiquette, dress, gifts so no disrespecting, etiquette practices, especially for women and other helpful hints which a client may need to be known while visiting their country!

Take a look at some of the cultural etiquette around the world and just click onto the country and these would be the countries which we would work with and the TA would have to learn each topic and will help you sell and be more believable to your clients too.  (Please go to the bottom of page and click onto and take a look).

What will make us so much more better than searching the internet is that we will have a real live person whom partners with us with expertise in different areas which will be working with our TA groups Cultural Etiquette Around the World Educational Trips!

These would be excellent comments or even testimonies to put on your website letting them know that you learned from, i.e. An actual safari specialist by their name, who knows about all of the animals say in Africa, the weather, etc. or a person who is use to walking…. say in Jordan and knows the land and the history of the journey along the way of each place of interest, etc

I have a vision of educational trips and strictly teaching and exposing TA’s about the culture and these trips would be only places which we can improve our well-being and longevity of longer living lives in our country of the United States and could partner and have sort of like FAM trips, but more on the educational scale learning about ways to get for their clients vacations they may not even think they can afford. These TA trips would concentrate on learning the countries ethics, etc.

These would benefit those interested in well-being and you would think that each client experience would want this type of treatment pretty much.

These different country Cultural Etiquette Counselors could partner with consortiums and host agencies around the world. We could also have a chat session online, 5 days a week if you choose to join and learn, where we can share what we learned and until you get that personal experience would be a dependable place to go and ask questions for perspective clients and a good way of selling too for country you may not have experienced or travelled yourself!

Pictures would be the focus and we could share photos of our experiences with each other and be one big happy Cultural Etiquette Around the World family.

These TRIPS would not concentrate on hotels unfortunately, but save those for the actual clients if they choose, but you will learn what is near that hotel and this is how and what you focus on for selling the different locations globally. This would be a good way you can sell the different boutique & lifestyle properties, but more about the culture is what we teach to our TA’s and how we can learn from them and bring back and show others what you learned and this will get trust from clients I assure you!

We would also concentrate on boutique & lifestyle hotels and visit and introduce ourselves to them and let them know how much we appreciated meeting them and when you do book a guest there, you got a name for them to ask for which shows that we are all working together and have their interest at hand also

The good thing about the boutique & lifestyle hotels s its vast amount of different trendy styles and you don’t have to be rich to get the same treatment but you pay for what you want by paying and planning for this all-inclusive vacation. Now smaller scale does not mean less, but you still get that up and close personal boutique & lifestyle touch and you are a name instead of a room number.

Also, these trips will show our TA’s  how to charm and gain clients respect… using names of individuals which they can contact with any questions once there and no matter who they are they will get that first class boutique & lifestyle ambiance treatment! Most boutique hotels have concierge who will assist you if questions too!

TA’s will learn how to get all-inclusive packages which could include for example: butler, masseuse, chef, private drivers, tour guide, etc. and you don’t have to be rich to get this, but you will pay over a period of time until it is paid for.
TA’s will learn how to show clients how to pay for their lifetime vacation in installments and over a period of time, they are set to take the vacation of a lifetime with an experience they will want to share with others, even before getting back.


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