Regaining Control by Valerie Brown Cheers

“First, I would like to say thank to my Lord and Savior for giving me this knowledge to pass on to you! This is information to be shared solely and have used reference material, books, other researched articles, etc. and not to make a profit but to share the good news only for seeing actually what has to begin before the mental illness becomes mental illness which has taken over our society today overwhelmingly!”


“According to evident research “Valerian has been a popular medicinal herb for thousands of years, though it has not always been used as a sedative.”

“The antiquated Greeks utilized it for digestive and urinary tract issue, and it has been a critical natural cure in customary Ayurveda (from India) and Chinese prescription. In the West, since the seventeenth century valerian has picked up a notoriety for being an essential cure for anxious conditions, for example, epilepsy, insanity, tension, and a sleeping disorder.”

“The word Valeriana, the natural name for valerian, is however to get from the Latin valere (to be in wellbeing) orvaleo (to be solid), alluding either to the plant’s effective mending properties or solid scent, separately.”

Valerian– “Valerian is such an astonishing herb for an abundance of distinctive reasons. The strangest thing is how it comes back on its own without replanting or anything!  Like most of God’s plants it redevelop with almost no exertion on your part. The Valerian plant is almost a decent 5 feet tall. It gets by through the winters and still survives and all you have to do is set some mulch around it.”

I’ve heard that a decent Valerian plant is sufficiently solid to survive even in exceptionally chilly districts, for example, southern Canada! The plant is especially versatile and appears to do well both in sun and part shade.

Talk is cheap
Mental health was once a taboo subject, especially in the workplace. But with Americans spending roughly nine hours a day at work, staying silent about the subject can be costly for your business.

Being open about mental health and providing your employees with options to deal with the challenges they’re facing, can help your business save in the long run.

“Wouldn’t you think the same would hold true for general population within our society in the United States, i.e. schools, state institutions, prisons, etc. ?”

Did you know that “Many offenders with mental illnesses don’t receive treatment during incarceration. Without treatment, conditions can worsen. Offenders can become a greater threat to themselves and to others when they leave jail or prison. This is not only a disservice to the offenders and their families; it is a threat to public safety.”

According to a report from the Council of State Governments Justice Center, funded in part by the Office of Justice Programs’ (OJP) National Institute of Justice (NIJ), 16.9 percent of the adults in a sample of local jails had a serious mental illness. That’s three to six times the rate of the general population. And while the serious mental illness rate was 14 percent for men, it was 31 percent for women. If these rates were applied to 13 million jail admissions reported in 2007, the study findings suggest that more than two million bookings of a person with a serious mental illness occur every year.

“Eye-opening research suggests a direct connection between your tummy and your mind. It seems that a healthy and balanced digestive system may be quite important to your mental health.”

“In particular, studies show that probiotic, which promote proper levels of “friendly bacteria” in the gut, could help people deal with anxiety, depression and many other mental concerns.”

In 2012, Psychology Today ran an article about the Human Microbiome Project, which conducted research on how the bacteria in our bodies might communicate with our brains.

“Can anyone answer these questions for us the public?”

“Could our main reason in the United States be for highest incarceration rate and high rate of crime, etc. be because we are not addressing what is crucial and needs to be addressed……being mental illness?”

“When we begin to find cures and actually heal, then the crime rate, incarceration, etc rate will go down too!”

“Until we begin to take mental illness much more seriously in this country, we are doomed to remain the highest in many areas, also including high infant mortality rate can be due to mental illness as well and we are higher than Cuba right now….yes the United States infant mortality rate of a child reaching their 1st birthday is way up on the charts and we rank very high in our country very sad to say.”

“What kind of leaders are we in the United States?”

“It is MOST important to know when or even to know before being born how to treat mental illness before it gets out of hand and then turn into the States hands as an adult or even in some cases a childhood illness which can be cured before becoming an adulthood issue?”

“Does the state ever plan on finding actual ways to help and make the patient better so that they can eventually become a responsible individual able to live on their own within society?”

“Could mental illness be why crime is so out of hand?”

“Is bullying a form of mental illness?”

“Does anybody really care about finding what causes, proper therapy,and then eventually actually curing.”

“Has our society gotten this pathetic where we can no longer actually heal humans, not even with medication?”

Could the culprit be that when, without or actually stops medications on their own be the main problem with such high incarceration rates?” What if the patient does not have money to purchase or refill their prescription?

The Real Danger of Stopping Antidepressants Abruptly

“No two people will respond to quitting antidepressants in the same way. Doctors have no way of knowing who will have withdrawal symptoms and who won’t. Antidepressants help return a balance to mood-influencing chemicals in the brain. Some people will respond poorly to the rapid change in chemicals, while others will show almost no response. Talk with your doctor and don’t gamble on your health and wellness.”

“Certain antidepressants are more likely to cause withdrawal symptoms than others. If you have any concerns about withdrawal symptoms, talk with your doctor.”

“I stopped taking Gabapentin many years ago, and I truly do believe my body is still going through withdrawals and was not doing that before taking them.” When I feel this sensation in my body, I walk and must move to help it subside and have had this feeling since beginning that medication. Drinking lots of water also helps it to subside if this makes any kind of sense. When I express this to doctors, they look at me like I am crazy and tell me that I need to get back on it. I refuse to get back on that medication. When taking this medication the doctor also started me on Amitriptyline and I did not like the way it made me feel and also stopped it too! I cannot begin to list the medications I have been on and none of them did anything but made me need another medication for the way they changed my life and health. I walk everyday of my life sense getting myself off of those dreadful medications which did nothing but make my life a living hell with slurred speech, etc..”

“Or could it be that when the patient has stopped their medications abruptly could be what changes their personalities to a person who they don’t even know who they are and causes them to commit violent acts or even suicide?”

“I would also like to thank Christopher Hobbs for writing “Valerian” The Relaxing and Sleep Herb a bible to me as far as I am concerned and this book looks like it has never been touched from the library.”

The Beginnings of Mental Illness

“Where does mental illness begin?”

“New research suggests the seeds of psychological problems are planted well before birth.”

According to the American Psychological Association, “Schizophrenia, for example, is often thought of as a genetic disorder. But environmental factors can also boost risk – sometimes considerably. Alan Brown, MD, MPH, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, has found that a variety of early life events significantly increase schizophrenia risk (Progress in Neurobiology, 2011). The risk is three times greater in people whose mothers had the flu during pregnancy, for example, while maternal iron deficiency during pregnancy increases the offspring’s risk of the disease fourfold.”

“These aren’t small effects,” Brown says.

“Schizophrenia isn’t the only mental illness linked to prenatal events. Using data from a Dutch birth cohort, Brown found that people whose mothers were undernourished while pregnant had a significantly increased risk of major affective disorders, such as mania and depression, severe enough to require hospitalization (American Journal of Psychiatry, 2000).”

“Other researchers have shown that adverse events during pregnancy, including infections, toxin exposure and maternal stress, can boost the fetus’s future risk of problems such as depression, anxiety, autism, mood disorders and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Events in early childhood are also linked to persistent mental health problems. Childhood maltreatment, for example, increases the odds of developing depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in adulthood.”

“Now, researchers are finally beginning to understand the biological processes that underlie these links—findings that could point to new directions in treatment for mental illness and behavior disorders, and may even suggest routes to prevention. Something as simple as good prenatal care—from flu shots to proper nutrition—may help to prevent the biological chain reactions that underlie many psychological problems.”

The History of Valerian

“A standout amongst the most famous narcotic medications ever is diazepam, otherwise called Valium, which was presented in 1964. It is utilized to control nervousness and strain and to diminish muscle fits. In spite of the similarity between the two, however valerian’s longstanding use as a sedative may have been suggestive to the individuals who initially named Valium.”

“Another sedative that has become popular in the last few years is Xanax, a drug from the same class of compounds as Valium and Librium.”

“While solid, manufactured tranquilizers, for example, Valium have distinct applications, they likewise have troublesome side influences, including serious reliance (PDR, Wilson), a “sedated” feeling the morning after furthermore misfortunes in locomotor coordination (Von Eickstedt, 1969). That is the reason numerous specialists in Germany endorse valerian arrangements for gentle to direct instances of apprehension, tension, or insomnia.”

“Again, as Christopher Hobbs states, “In the United States, however, the good news about valerian seems not to have arrived yet; doctors here still resort to Valium and Xanax for these conditions.”

“I beg to differ with Mr. Hobbs and it has and did arrive, but we just never were informed of this blessing God grown plant.”

Sedative and Sleep-Promoting Drugs

“Valerian was listed in most official drug books in both England and the United States until only over 40 years ago.  As late as 1967, it was still official in the pharmacopeia of Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, India and Japan (Todd, 1967).”

“While solid, engineered tranquilizers, for example, Valium have unmistakable applications, they additionally have troublesome side influences, including serious reliance (PDR, Wilson), a “sedated” feeling the morning after furthermore misfortunes in locomotor coordination (Von Eickstedt, 1969). That is the reason numerous specialists in Germany recommend valerian arrangements for mellow to direct instances of apprehension, nervousness, or insomnia.”

“In holistic terms, the body is considered to be an ecosystem of interrelated functional processes.  Thus, if an individual has problems falling asleep, which is a symptom of a nervous system imbalance, we would not be surprised to see digestive and hormonal imbalances (such as PMS) as well, since the nervous system is intimately connected with the digestive and endocrine systems.”

“As you can see, valerian’s action on all nervous, stress-related, and psychological conditions is probably a result of its effect on the central nervous system, while its relaxing action on smooth muscles makes it useful in relieving menstrual cramps, digestive and bowel disorders, and possibly mild forms of asthma.”

“Pretty amazing and can you read between the lines. These are areas which if not treated can eventually cause great problems which can lead in a woman having to have hysterectomy, digestive and bowel disorders which a lot of people have even babies and asthma which babies are being born with today for some strange reason or another.”

“If we have access to something as powerful as this plant and many other not even mentioned in this plant family, why is it not being made available for healing and eventually curing to patients, i.e. asthma patient not having to depend on an inhaler anymore, etc.?

Modern Studies On Valerian

“Did you know that herbs are good for man’s best friend too?  Yes, dogs!

According to a blog I found “Taking control of my own food supply in my survival garden, “Now Hatchet, like most dogs, has a tendency to have a bit of a panic attack during thunderstorms. And don’t even think about setting off fireworks around him. He nearly foams at the mouth because he shakes and barks so hard on the fourth of July. Since we’ve learned what Hatchet’s triggers are, we’ve learned when to employ the trusted Valerian root. Once ingested, the root’s calming properties take effect in as little as an hour. My son jokingly says that it makes the dog high, but really Valerian is just pleasantly calming. This is true for both dogs and humans.”

“There was a double-blind study done where not even the doctors who are giving the drugs, Valerian know which patients are getting the drug and which are getting placebo. Everything was kept “secret” until researchers analyze the results at the end of the study. The purpose of double-blind studies is to prevent doctors from communicating their subconscious expectations to patients via body language and other subtle cues.”

“Only a few controlled, double-blind studies have been conducted on valerian to date; however, those that have been done have all shown valerian to be an effective sedative.  For instance, in one double-blind study patients given a preparation of valerian and hops showed significant improvement in subjective feelings of stress reduction (Moser, 1981).

“Another test using the same preparation (Seda-Kneipp) demonstrated improvements in subjective and objective sleep parameters for sleep-disturbed patients (Muller-Limmroth, 1977).”

“That means the people in the study both said they sleep better and were observed to have slept better according to various objective criteria and measurements, such as EEG readings of brain wave patterns.”

“Have heard that many doctors claim herbs to be dangerous?”

“Well……I think prescribed medications are the leading killers!”

According to Death by Medicine, “Each year approximately 2.2 million U.S. hospital patients experience adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to prescribed medications.  In 1995, Dr. Richard Besser of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections to be 20 million; in 2003, Dr. Besser spoke in terms of tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually. Approximately 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed annually in the U.S. while approximately 8.9 million Americans are hospitalized unnecessarily.”

“The estimated total number of itrogenic deaths – that is, deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures – in the U.S. annual is 783,936.  It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S..  By comparison, approximately 699,697 Americans died of heart in 2001, while 553,251 died of cancer.”

“What is this really telling us?”

“According to Death by Medicine, “No one has ever analyzed and combined ALL of the published literature dealing with injuries and deaths caused by government-protected MEDICINE. That has now changed.”

” A group of researchers meticulously reviewed the statistical evidence and their findings are absolutely shocking. [4] These researchers are the ones who authored the paper “Death by Medicine” that presents astonishing and compelling evidence that today’s system frequently causes more harm than good.”

Cancer Doctors Don’t Discuss Herbs, Supplements With Patients

MONDAY, Jan. 5, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Despite concerns about potentially dangerous interactions between cancer treatments and herbs and other supplements, most cancer doctors don’t talk to their patients about these products, new research found.

Fewer than half of cancer doctors — oncologists — bring up the subject of herbs or supplements with their patients, the researchers found. Many doctors cited their own lack of information as a major reason why they skip that conversation.

“Lack of knowledge about herbs and supplements, and awareness of that lack of knowledge is probably one of the reasons why oncologists don’t initiate the discussion,” said the study’s author, Dr. Richard Lee, medical director of the Integrative Medicine Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Growing Valerian

How to Grow Valerian

A tall perennial, valerian (Valeriana officinalis) produces clusters of (usually) white flowers that attract butterflies and bees. It offers a nice screen for the back of a herb patch, especially if grown near a fence or other support. Provide valerian with full sun for at least 6 hours a day. It likes a nitrogen rich soil that drains well and appreciates plenty of moisture. I maintain my plants on a low spot in the garden that tends to pool — briefly– after a heavy rain.

Valerian can grow to about 5 feet high and more than a foot across, so give it plenty of space. It is hardy in zones 4 through 9. Treat valerian respectfully by giving it a layer of mulch spring and fall.

Spring and fall are also the best times to harvest valerian’s roots and thin plants as needed. It can get ragged and neglected looking after a couple of years and benefits from some tough love.


Moser, L. 1981. Medicine for stress behind the wheel? Deutsche Apoth-Zeit. 121:2651-4.

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