Hippocratic Matters by Valerie Brown Cheers


“Disease or malady was an intense issue for the Greeks, with respect to every single other people in the old and medieval universes. One out of three infants died on before they were a year old.”

“A large portion of all kids died before they were ten. Also, even a great many people who grew up passed on in their forties and fifties.”

“Does this sound familiar right here in the Western world in many states, i.e. Saint Louis, MO today?”

“So the Greeks were exceptionally inspired by utilizing investigative perception and rationale to make sense of what brought on sicknesses and what you could do about them. In the 300s BC and thereafter, in the Hellenistic period, Greek specialists worked out a legitimate framework for comprehension illness.”

“The principle accumulation of compositions about Greek prescription is the Hippocratic Writings, named after the first and most well-known of these specialists, Hippocrates (hih-POH-krat-ees).”.

According to David Obsborn, Master Herbalist, “Greek Medicine is taking into account certain all-inclusive standards of regular healing which serve as its philosophical establishment.”

“An unmistakable comprehension of these standards is important to appropriately acknowledge and apply the better focuses and precepts of Greek Medicine in all-encompassed recuperating. These fundamental standards are:

Holism or Comprehensive quality

“The microcosm of the human body is an impression of the widespread world of Nature. The sound individual lives in a symphonious, incorporated association with the common habitat that encompasses him. Malady and brokenness result from a disturbance or cluttering of this congruity and combination.”

“To restore the strength of the patient, the all-encompassing healer looks to restore this lost concordance and wholeness and bring all the dissimilar parts once again into equalization.”

Homeostasis or stable equilibrium

“Nature is continually endeavoring to accomplish, keep up, or come back to a condition of equalization. To stay indispensable and sound, the human body is continually endeavoring to accomplish and keep up a condition of element harmony, or homeostasis, both inside itself and in connection to its surroundings.”

“Every one of the resources and organ frameworks of the body have inalienable administrative components that serve to look after homeostasis. Homeostasis is a parity or situated point between sets of inverse yet corresponding states or qualities.”


“The human body is considerably more than a machine, or an insignificant total of different parts. It is vivified and held together by a Life Force, or indispensable vitality. Greek Medicine calls this Vital Force Pneuma, or the Breath of Life. In yoga and Ayurveda, it is known as Prana; Chinese Medicine calls it Qi.”

“All customary healing frameworks are vitalistic, in that they have some idea of a Vital Force that rises above the physical structure and capacity of the body. Additionally innate in this Vital Force are organic knowledge and defensive invulnerability. At the point when the Vital Force in the body decays, we get old, sick or weak; when it at long last withdraws from the body or is smothered in and out, we bite the dust.”


“Physis implies the human life form in general, which is more noteworthy than the total of its individual parts. Physis likewise means the workings of Nature in the human body, which is coordinated, entire, agreeable, unconstrained, and in equalization with itself. The physis incorporates the physical body as well as the psyche and soul also. Every single therapeutic model can just estimated yet never copy this center reality of physis”.

“The human physis encounters wellbeing in general; it likewise gets wiped out overall. All genuine recuperation from ailment must continue from the physis as it restores its inborn wholeness.”

“Greek Medicine is basically an arrangement of physiology, or the investigation of physis – the living human life form in its totality as it reacts to its surroundings. The genuine doctor has a profound comprehension of physis – how the solid life form capacities all in all, and how its different parts may be brought once more into offset when tormented by brokenness and sickness.”

The Healing Power of Nature

“The compelling force of nature is a recuperating goddess. Sufficiently given time, and the right conditions, Nature can recuperate all ills.”

“The human body is a supernatural occurrence of Nature, composed by Nature’s Creator to act naturally keeping up, self-supporting, self-recovering and self-recuperating. It’s just when the common self-mending systems of the body separate that we begin to experience ailment and malady.”

“Indeed, even sickness itself is a characteristic procedure, and more often than not the consequence of damaging Nature’s laws of wellbeing and recuperating. The signs and side effects of a sickness are a characteristic consequence of the body’s battle against the illness process in its endeavors to restore recuperating and homeostasis.”

Digestion or Pepsis

“More than two thousand years prior, Hippocrates made an imperative and extensive perception: that every living creature keep up themselves by encouraging off their surroundings and processing and absorbing its components into themselves. That is the regulation of pepsis. Since we all live and get by through the procedure of pepsis, each living animal is totally reliant on its surroundings.”

“The procedure of pepsis is a chain response with five essential connections: ingestion, processing, digestion, digestion system, and disposal. A chain is just as solid as its weakest connection, and if any of these strides is flawed or deficient, the entire procedure of pepsis will endure.”

“The procedure of absorption or pepsis is something like a refiner’s or smelter’s flame. It devours the nourishment, or crude mineral; refines, distils, and extricates the unadulterated metal, or usable supplements; and isolates out and pushes off the dross, or waste. The procedure of pepsis is happening all through the living being, the distance down to the cell level. The last end of waste items like pee or dung from the body is the last stride in a long chain of metabolic occasions.”

“In solid, adjusted, complete pepsis Hippocrates saw the root and establishment of all great wellbeing and health. In flawed or fragmented pepsis he saw the source of most maladies, particularly the unending degenerative infections that now torment present day man. Insufficient or inadequate pepsis is aphesis; broken, unsettled or uneven pepsis is pepasmos. A brokenness of pepsis is dyspepsia.”

“Digestion or pepsis doesn’t simply happen on a gross physical level; it additionally happens in the brain on an inconspicuous psychic or lively level. Overpowering or traumatic encounters that the individual is not able to acclimatize or prepare legitimately are the reason for most mental issue.”

Hygiene or Cleanliness

“Cleanliness is the specialty of self recuperating, or wellbeing upkeep and sickness avoidance. The craft of cleanliness includes eating routine, activity and an adjusted, sound regimen and way of life. Fitting cleanliness practices manufacture great wellbeing; broken or ill-advised cleanliness breeds enduring and ailment.”

“The specialty of cleanliness has two sides. To begin with, you need to give your body all the great, wholesome things it needs: a solid, nutritious eating regimen, satisfactory activity and movement, adequate regenerative rest and rest, and a sound helpful way of life. The other side includes wiping out all the undesirable pollutions, buildups and superfluities from the body by keeping the body clean, both deep down and apparently. Infection thrives where rottenness and polluting influences amass.”

“Most conventional recuperating frameworks are based upon the specialty of legitimate cleanliness. At its center, Greek medication is basically an extremely expound and refined arrangement of cleanliness.”

Constitutional or Protected Medicine

“Now and then it’s more imperative to comprehend what sort of individual has a sickness than what sort of malady a man has.” When Hippocrates instituted this apothegm, he was most likely alluding to contemplations of individual constitution and demeanor in the act of solution.”

“Current solution bases its principles of wellbeing and regularity on measurable mid-points arranged by sex and age bunch. Be that as it may, the impeccably typical, normal individual is a subjective fiction, a myth of cutting edge drug. A snappy look around at the immense differences of people in a group is sufficient to tell the discerning person that the flawlessly normal individual doesn’t exist.”

“Physically, however all the more imperatively practically, metabolically and biochemically, we’re every one of a kind person. The antiquated Greeks perceived this, and reality of biochemical singularity much sooner than it turned into a popular expression of present day all-encompassing medicine.To represent this, they conceived an arrangement of established typology in light of Four Grand Temperaments, or essential body-mind sorts: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic.”

“As a result of characteristic sacred contrasts, no two people will respond in precisely the same route to any given anxiety or pathogenic component; nor will they react in precisely the same path to any given nourishment, medicine or treatment. Knowing one’s sacred nature and disposition empowers the person to eat, live and cure themselves as per it for ideal wellbeing upkeep and malady counteractive action. Knowing the understanding’s sacred nature and disposition empowers the doctor to change his treatment method likewise for ideal viability, and to treat the entire individual, not simply the ailment.”

“The appearance of any malady or pathology dependably includes the meeting up of two correlative elements: an intrinsic individual protected inclination or helplessness and exogenous pathogenic components adequate to incite the inclination and trigger the infection. This clarifies why not all people presented to the same pathogenic variables to the same degree for the same length of time of time will build up the same sickness or malady.”

Mind or Psyche Body Medicine

“Here once more, the old Greeks were rehearsing personality body solution much sooner than it got to be in vogue in cutting edge comprehensive drug. Being an all-encompassing restorative framework, Greek Medicine perceives that the psyche and body are basically one, and interconnected.”

“Greek Medicine clarifies the body’s impact on the brain, and the mind’s impact on the body, through the twin tenets of diversion and disposition and the shared collaboration between the Psychic, Vital and Natural resources of the living being. The Four Temperaments relate just as to characteristic propensities and inclinations of body and physiology and also those of brain, soul and brain research.”

“Perceiving that the strength of body, brain and soul are all personally associated, Greek Medicine offers a wide mixed bag of treatments went for remedying disharmonies and uneven characters on the physiological, mental and profound levels. Thus, Greek Medicine recuperates the entire individual, not simply segregated signs and indications.”

The Physician as Servant and/or Facilitator of Nature

“Since the human body was composed by Nature’s Creator to act naturally mending and self-recovering, most ailments have a tendency to be interim and self-constraining. This makes the part of the doctor basically very constrained.”

“Hippocrates saw the fundamental part of the doctor similar to the worker and facilitator of Nature. The fundamental and most essential motivation behind medicinal mediation ought to be to fortify the natural sacred essentialness and resistance of the creature to malady with convenient preventive measures and to help the recuperative forces of the living being to accelerate and encourage its recuperation from illness. Rather than intrusive mediation or stifling the signs and indications of a sickness, inclination ought to be given by the doctor to helping the creature in the purgation, recuperating and recovery that it is normally attempting to finish. In Greek Medicine, the doctor lives up to expectations with Nature, not against it.”

“Nature moves and works as per certain unmistakable cycles and rhythms. In Nature, nothing happens before the time is ready – or after. The doctor, as a characteristic healer, ought to know these cycles and rhythms and work as per them to facilitate his intercessions in an opportune, suitable and useful way.”

“The doctor is simply the hireling and facilitator of Nature. Where Nature Herself is unwilling or not able to react, all the doctor’s endeavors will be futile.”

In conclusion: “This consistent framework started with the thought of humors, which was famous all over Europe and Asia right now, in India and China and additionally Greece.”

“The specialists trusted that individuals were made out of four substances: blood, dark bile, yellow bile, and mucus (affirmed FLEM) (implies boogers).”

“If by chance you were sound, that was on account of your four humors were adjusted. You had the appropriate measure of every one. Be that as it may, you would be off-balanced and you would feel sick.”

“Case in point, and if by chance that you had an excessive amount of blood, that would give you a fever. So your therapeutic treatment ought to be to lessen the measure of blood in your body.”

“Greek specialists did this by cutting your arm until blood ran out. This should help cut down your fever. On the other hand they put leeches on your arm to suck the additional blood out. They did this so frequently that specialists were once in a while called “bloodsuckers”.

“Also, they thought it was such a smart idea or thought…. to the point that specialists were all the while letting blood run out around 150 years back!”

“Could this be what dialysis is suppose to be like, but in the Western world they put the blood back into the body?”

“Are Western world doctors recommending patients change their lifestyle accordingly with regular exercising, regular listening to music, drinking plenty of water and increase salt intake in order to help that kidney heal when dialysis is being performed?”

“Remember, Dr. Batmanghelidj recommends, “You are not just what you eat; you are what you drink.  This is why water is so important to your health.”

“No miracles…….just common sense backed by Dr. F. Batmaghelidj’s years of research and investigation into why water works so well in keeping us healthy and pain-free. It can even cure illness in some people who get sick.”

“Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body. Your muscles that move your body are 75% water; your blood that transport nutrients is 82% water; your lungs that provide your oxygen are 90% water; your brain that is the control center of your body is 76% water; even your bones are 25% water.”

“Our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink.”





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