Don’t Retire! Refire! by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Look at retirement as a time to do what you love as well as try new things.”

“While at work, many of us dream of having time off to fill our days vacationing, playing golf, and relaxing with loved ones. But when retirement comes and actually begins….we may actually find that we miss the work!”

“When you’re doing what you love for a living, you can’t imagine a day when you’ll stop…and…what? Sit around doing nothing?”

“Sooner or later we are all going to die, but make up your mind that you are not going to retire on your dreams. Pursue it. Live fully and die empty!  There are times you just have to back up for some time. Re-purpose, strategize and go back stronger, bigger and more determined. ‘Man know thy-self’. Examine how far you have come, assess yourself if you are still on the right paths. Do the necessary adjustment, correct the mistakes, celebrate the little progress and keep the big picture in mind. Don’t Retire, Rewire and Refire!” ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive

“I don’t know about you…but about to turn 62… life is just beginning and am ready to give to the world my passion of writing and travel and seeing that great big world waiting to be discovered and visited.”

“My life is just beginning and I will always remember what my Grandmother Carrie use to tell me….”Child the older you get the better you get” and she is so right and the best is yet to come and I am not wasting it by giving in to retiring and doing nothing with what God has given to me.”

“The older we get the more wisdom we acquire and I plan on not wasting it….but sharing and helping our world which needs all the help we can give it.”

Dr. Ros Altmann, a former director-general of Saga, said, “Too many people “write themselves off” when they are still fit and healthy, wasting their talent and experience by retiring.”

I read a really interesting article in the Money Magazine which stated , “After taking a break from your career, you may need a break from retirement.”

“They wrote about three retirees and how they found their next act while becoming bored with retirement.”

“It basically states, “Some people need to take a break from their careers….they need to retire….before they can Unretire.  It takes a break to figure out the next stage” states Money Magazine’s Chris Farrell.

“Retirement is not what many think it is and if you have not saved for retirement and have a nest egg stashed away and you were use to being paid weekly, bi-weekly, etc. to depending on a once a month check it can easily cause you to go backward rather than forward with your life.”

You have worked all of those years and all you can think of is “I will be so glad when I don’t have to come here anymore…but is it what you planned and thought it would be?”

“Do you like depending on a fixed income once a month for the rest of your life?”

“Is this what you call retirement….when now you must watch how you spend?’

“I think more people just like the sound of it more than actually believing that it is living the life of ‘Riley’ because it is not!”

“That is backward if you ask me and you should be doing better and wasn’t that whole purpose of retiring is to spend what you have accumulated and saved for all those years of working?”

“No….not for many because people think retirement is all about not having to get up in the morning and doing 9 to 5 anymore.”

“Do you many die at least a year after they retire because they were so used to doing the same thing day end and day ought….and when they stopped it drove them bonkers or even depressed them into death?’

According to BBC’s Richard Knight and Charlotte McDonald, “It’s often said that early retirement lengthens your life, but is it true? And do some professions have a shorter life expectancy?”

“If a statistical claim is repeated often enough it can become accepted as a universal truth, even if it has no basis in fact.”

“But there is some truth behind the suggestion that workers in some professions die earlier than others. That is, perhaps, unsurprising; some jobs are more physically demanding than others, and may be more damaging to health. According to data from UK’s Office for National Statistics, however, the difference – at least in Britain – is not marked.”

“There are myriad reasons to continue to work after retirement: it can help you stay physically and mentally healthy, and provides an additional source of income. You may wish to find a job in your field with more flexibility, fewer hours, and less stress, or you could get started in a new career field. Instead of fitting your life around your job, you can look for jobs that allow you to pursue your interests. This can be a dream come true for a retiree.”

“Chris Farrell wants you to invest in yourself. In his new book, “Unretirement” (Bloomsbury Press), he argues that developing skills that can help you earn income well past traditional retirement age offers a better return on investment than any financial instrument – and it can help transform the economy as it continues to heal from the Great Recession.”

“You may ask what is Unretirement?”

“Unretirement” is about the financial impact of working longer. If you can work well into your 60s, even earning just a part-time income through a bridge job or contract work, you’ll make so much more in the course of a year than you could from saving.”

Mark Miller of Reuters wrote, “That changes the financial picture – and not just income. You also don’t have to tap your retirement nest egg during those years, and you might be able to add to it. And it allows you to realistically wait to claim Social Security between age 66 and 70, depending on your health and personal circumstances.”

“Absolutely. If a majority of us are healthy and continue to work and pay into the Social Security system, we will become a wealthier society – and we will be able to afford to be more generous with Social Security.”

For more from Mark Miller, see


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