Dreamarella by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Keep on Dreaming.” ~ Valerie J Brown

“Who has not dreamed the idea of living a simpler life?”

Don’t you often wonder how would life would be with smaller bills or mortgage and not have to worry about how to take the next vacation?”

“Who hasn’t contemplated the idea of living a simpler life?”

“Dreamarella dreams all of the time….but she works hard too and she believes if she keeps working effortlessly her dreams will come true one day.”

“Dreamarella was a slave to her own lifestyle so that this lifestyle would change eventually.”

“Dreamarella had all of these incredible dreams of owning her own boutique hotels in all of the airports in the United States one day.”

“She also had dreams of her company Design by Dreamarella would be become a real company one day with her inventions which would help all children around the world.”

“She had these big dreams of travelling the world and the first stop was to see her President of her country to thank him for all of the hard work he had accomplished in making our world a better place for all of our children and animals too.”

“Dreamarella had been given a blessing from God which involved being back in touch with this incredible man from her past and she wanted to see him too.”

“Dreamarella loved music and it helped her to think, sleep and process her thoughts!”

“The most important reason she loved music was because it also helped her not to miss this man she was missing so very much which God had sent back to her.”

You see….Dreamarella communicated with this man through music and this was their way of staying together besides being in each other’s hearts.”

“They really missed each other a lot and she could feel his pain for missing her and she knew he felt her pain for missing him.”

“But what kept them through it all besides music was their faith they had in God…that He had much bigger plans for her.”

“You see…Dreamarella had so many dreams it was taking God extra long to make sure she got all or most of her dreams fulfilled.”

“So…Dreamarella had patience in her heart and also had a lot of love in heart for many!”

“It would often get very hard for Dreamarella and she had all of these incredible angels assigned from God to keep her encouraged and she loved them all dearly.”

“You see…if Dreamarella had not had these angels in her life…she may not have made it on her own and God does not want us to be alone…so He put these amazing people into your life to inspire, love and encourage her!”

“Little did Dreamarella know that God was with her all of the time and she just had to hold onto His faith and trust and believe in His undying love for her.”

“So…Dreamarellla kept in her presence successful entrepreneurs and kept on reading their stories, quotes and most of all she prayed and had faith that in time God would make her dreams come true.”

“Dreamarella always believed that if she did not have dreams that there was no way for them to come true…so she kept on dreaming and writing…. and writing and praying…. and praying and believing and God kept on giving her inspiration and love each and everyday.”

“It was so ironic how when she prayed to God about something….how fast He would answer her and they would appear in as dreams her sleep.”

“The only thing was….when Dreamarella woke up she realized it was only a dream…but she knew somehow that this was God’s way of giving her faith to believe, be patient and wait on Him.”

“Dreamarella always believed in “Taking a leap of faith and committed fully to what she really wanted and kept on doing it.”

“And even though there were days she felt like giving up…she didn’t!”

“May you always follow your dreams and believe in yourself…..Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in your heart.” ~ Valerie J Brown


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