Growing for Living by Valerie Cheers Brown


“Have you ever wondered why anything which God grows is essentially good for our health and CURES?”

“Yes…I said cure!”

I believe nature is a cure in itself and could be great therapy for the sick! What if all hospitals had nature healing areas and part of your curing would be nature?  Here is where those who are sick, even the sick of the sick could be placed there to heal and would be required as part of their well-being plan to cure?

I know what trees do for my nerve pain and walking amongst trees is a healing therapy all in itself and just hugging a tree is medicine believe it or not!  Even when you don’t feel like getting out when in nature you perk up and feel better immediately!

Mother Nature takes the place of how when my mother use to heal me and when my mother use to just touch me, I felt better.

The best medicine in the world is ‘Mother Nature’ and she cures the body, soul & mind.

Anything which grows naturally from Mother Nature has side effects of healing.

“Well, according to research I am finding out that there are medical studies, showing that cannbis cures different illnesses and diseases.”

They are showing that, “The body itself produces compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a role in many processes within the body that help to create a healthy environment.”

“Cannabinoids also play a role in immune system generation and re-generation. The body regenerates best when it’s saturated with Phyto-Cannabinoids.”

“Below are 20 medical studies that suggest cannabis can be an effective treatment and possible cure for cancer.””This is a good starting point for the push for further human clinical trials.”

“I don’t know about you…but that often not spoken – CURE sounds good to my ears.”

“There are actual testimonies all over the place where people have eaten cannabis and it actually cured them.”

“I wish somebody would do a show on “REAL” survivors who healed thyself and did the opposite of what doctors told them to do and are still alive to tell their survival stories when doctors told them it was nothing else they could do.”
“I am one who has survived and weened myself off of dangerous medications which they were only covering up the problem which is the cause and reason people become addicted! Prescription medications only made me need more medications and the medications caused me to become depressed and then reliant upon antidepressants, more pain medication and not get better but much worse which then lead me to use street drugs.”

“I did not like what or how any drugs made me feel and decided to step out on God’s faith and do something about it and I wanted to change so the process actually happened.”

“What I did was started putting into my body anything which God grows, i.e. Mustard greens raw, faithful ginger root user and taker, etc.”

“The article I so regularly use “God’s Healing Plants” is not licensed nor recommending that those who are taking prescribed medications to stop, but we are recommending that you use common sense which God so graciously has given to each and every one of us who choose to use.”

“I idolize my God and not man, but I do believe what this person has written to be true.”

“It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the nutrition and health information presented at the God’s Healing Plants Web Site is based on Scripture, research and personal experience, and is offered for educational purposes only.”

“Some may call it plagiarism, but I call it an act of God to use others work which may or may not be known to others.”

“Anyway…..I have always believed that God has purposes for everything and I utilize this with everyday life.”

“God wants us to share and we can all work together and give credit for one another’s work.”

“It takes a library of great writers to produce a good book if you ask me and research is not an easy task to do, but if we can find others who are doing the same thing you are doing and use their work and give them proper credit, this is not stealing but what God wants us to do with each other’s works and that is sharing and caring for one another,”

“I plan on writing many books and it will take forever for there are so many grown foods which are good for so many diseases, illnesses, cures, which help our bodies.”

“I am finding it takes money to eat healthy and to purchase fruits to make smoothies really costs!”

“But in the meantime…I am working with what I have and am maintaining and so ready to begin my research of people of many different cultures and countries…..who are living and walking testimonies who are living long lives even into their hundreds by growing and eating what God has created for all even the animals.”

“Some may say that some of this sounds bizarre…but I am a living testimony of not taking any medications which doctor told me I would have to take for the rest of my life.”

“There are thousands of books out there that nobody knows about or just does not believe that God’s plants or for growing healing”

“Cannabis is a great example of how the human mind can be conditioned to believe something, even when faced with contradicting evidence afterwards.”

“Growing up, we are told “drugs” are bad, which is very true, however not all substances that have been labelled as “drugs” by the varying authoritative bodies are harmful.”

“It’s possible that substances are labelled as a “drug” in order to protect corporate interests.”

“One example is the automobile and energy industry; a car made from hemp is stronger than steel, and can be fuelled from hemp alone. Henry Ford demonstrated this many years ago. Hemp actually has over 50,000 uses!”

“God is tired of our disbelieving His works and it is time now for us to begin to heal beginning with LOVE and CARING for one another and also SHARING one another’s positive accomplishments.”

“Disability to me means God is giving you a second chance to make a difference for yourself and then help others and not depend on it for the rest of your days on earth.”

“For now…I will do as God instructs me to do and use what He gives to me and hope that it can help at least one person.”


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