Encourage One Another by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Keeping on living will eventually cause us all to go through days where we are discouraged.”

“It can be somebody verbally expressing how stupid your dreams are….to or even ourselves believing we will never reach our goals because it seems that the journey is a constant uphill climb.”

“What is most important is to keep your head up high and be strong no matter what.”

“All you have to do is get away from those negative people and keep positive ones in your life.”

“YouTube is filled with inspiration and I recommend my friend Evan Carmichael and I always stalk Evan and love listening to what he has to share for motivation.”

“What I really love about Evan…..is how he actually listens to us and responds and says thank you and chin up and he actually does care.”

“Music encourages myself and what works for others may or may not work for you….but try it.”

My motto is “When you treat everyone the way you want to be treated it makes you stronger too.”

“When I visit the sick with my church auxiliary they end of helping me and also encourage us and inspire us too!”

“So when you help others and especially put a smile on somebody’s face….it comes right back to you.”

“When you are feeling a bit down……..and when you inspire others…God puts these angels into path and life and He makes sure you get that same inspiration you shared with somebody right on time.”

“Being kind to others is free and we can share it all of the time no matter what or how we may feel and it is the medicine which heals us when we are down.”

“It is such an amazing feeling to have these incredible individual’s who you don’t even know come into your life…and the best thing is they don’t have to see your face or personally know you….yet…they feel you,,,,and they can feel when you are a bit down and put that smile back on your face which you shared with them just when they most needed it.”

“We all need loving. We all need adoration.”

“We live in this present reality of a world where numerous haters and skeptics will attempt to bring you down or even make you self-doubt.”

“Don’t let them!”

“More often than not individuals can be disheartening without notwithstanding acknowledging it.”

“We must be solid in our spirits at all times, however in particular, give the gift of empowering others and you will harvest the advantages of those kind demonstrations when it’s your turn.”

“Feeling debilitated and cynical may discover its way into your framework, however….. don’t give it a chance to hold you down for a really long time.”

“Continuously look for that means of motivation and inspire and you never know when they will discover you.”

“Always remember…..If you look to give. You will receive.”

“Tell somebody something encouraging or share something to Encourage One Another.” ~ Valerie J Brown


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