Is Patience A Virtue? by Valerie Cheers Brown

“What does it really mean to have patience?”

“I was taught growing up that it was a virtue, yet I was never taught why.”

“As far as I can tell, patience had implied I would pass up a major opportunity for something I sought. So I turned into the tortoise in the race and would quick track myself through profession decisions and opportunities and even connections for apprehension that I would be overlooked and pass up a great opportunity once more.”

“Be that as it may, in the story, it is the tortoise that wins the race, in light of the fact that he is consistent and slowly walking along.”

“With all my “pick up the pace” and haring around I may have appeared to the outside world to be made a go at getting and accomplishing awesome things that appear to be so important in our materialistic world….but since I was so caught up with racing to the next following huge thing, I was really passing up a major opportunity for my life.”

“Patience is hard and it takes guts and genuine practice and dedication. Tolerance of having patience is truly about having the inward quality to stick to your guns, confront your fears, over and again relinquish inner desires, and have assume that it will all work out at in the end.”

“Patience is not a virtue; that makes it sound easy and light….although I do appreciate the way Ayn Rand’s speaks about patience being a precious and a rare virtue when one can put their dreams on hold for a time.”

“I love it when put that way Ayn Rand.”

Another one of my favorites by Ayn Rand of The Fountainhead was…. “Patience is always rewarded and romance is always round the corner!”

“Patience ….the ability to put our dreams on hold for a time….is a precious and rare virtue.”

“Let’s look at patience in another way.”

“Gardens or plants develop day by day after some time.”

“If don’t support them, prune them, tend to them and deal with them day by day, you’ll never have a harvest.”

“How you live today determines what you harvest tomorrow.”

“How you live and function today, what you do, the plans you make and execute now determine the advantages or benefits you harvest later on.”

“In case you’re new at what you’re working at or beginning another project, don’t hope to start reaping until you gain or build connections and do the basis or ground work first!”

“My brain and body works freely. Surprisingly…. I candidly encountered the acknowledgment that I don’t have full control over my body…and that it will just move at the pace it needs to go at.”

“Despite everything I have done so far, my objective that I will have the capacity to write well when I’m almost 70, however I am taking the time to make little strides in mastering the aptitude and getting a charge out of the adventure.”

“The act of patience has dispersed my fears for alarm of deficiency and by figuring out how to harness and contain the vitality of both trepidation and excitement; not run or avoid it, but rather to CLAIM IT and move it into a capable power, which reliably and relentlessly drives me forward in my life, towards my objectives now measured at a pace which makes me feel both confident and very appreciative of the journey.”

“So maybe patience is the virtue of all things considered, when we locate our own particular course to genuinely comprehend it.”


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