Education vs Recidivism by Valerie Cheers Brown

I have done soul-searching and researching and figured ways to help with recidivism in the United States.

I have come to the conclusion that online or distance learning would be good for prisoners, inmates to continue their education.

This way while incarcerated the time can be put to good use for when they go back onto the outside world and not return causing the recidivism rate to escalate like it has and is in the United States.

Online course for skills to get back into work, aimed at a huge group who are unable to step into a conventional classroom is what could be implemented in the prison system.

These are the more than 2.5 million people in prison in the US and many millions more who are former prisoners who feel like society has let them down and also that there are no second chances for those who have records or criminal history.

We must do something to help cut the recidivism rate down and I do think that the solution to our problems is distance learning or online courses where they can even earn their degree while in prison,

If we offer some means of hope for those who are incarcerated while they are in there, this shows that we care and don’t want them to return and keep on going in and out-and-out and in of prison.

If we don’t care and are just continuously building prisons why should the prisoners care and this is where crime comes into play for when they get out nobody will hire them because of their record.

America has got to start to caring about its own people and if we don’t take care of own people in our own country, what country will respect us?

Read a very interesting article in BBC News 29 July by

This article states, “”There is a huge opportunity to address recidivism through free online education, so much so that we foresee a day when the obligation to complete free courses could represent an alternative to traditional sentencing,” said Alison’s chief executive Mike Feerick.”

It goes on to say, “Doing 200 hours community service may never change someone’s mind or outlook on life, but completing a course of study does have that potential,” says Steve Steurer, director of the US Correctional Education Association, which is a partner in the project.

More stories from the BBC’s Knowledge economy series looking at education from a global perspective and how to get in touch

We all have room for self improvement and online and distance learning courses are the way to do this in your own time and also helps with improving writing skills.

I just feel that there are so many ways nowadays to help with the recidivism rate and this could work helping all inmates while in prison to learn something.of substance like being required to complete their education and it should be mandatory and this in itself will make them think before getting into trouble and could cut down on the recidivism rate increasingly!

This could become a requirement when entering into prison depending on your sentence and can also help with them getting out sooner and decreate inmate recidivism rates down too.

There is a college in Colorado named Adams State University, where they know how important education is to all individuals, especially for those who happen to be incarcerated.

Through correspondence courses, Adams State University provides an opportunity for incarcerated students to work for college credit and towards a degree.

We have helped thousands of incarcerated individuals throughout the United States to reach their education goals.

We have got to do something in this country and the crime rate continues to climb and shooting crimes also will continue to climb if we don’t do something sooner than later.

We could do programs where kids come into the prisons and sit and talk with prisoners and could also help each other to read.

Our kids would be the best mentors if you ask me and inmates could do sort of like practicuums while incarcerated while they are in there so that when inmates get out…… they will be ready to become entrepreneurs and/or ready to work in the real world which normally fails them and won’t hire them because of their past records!

NOTE: These are just ideas and just wanted to help!


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