Social Media Gathering by Valerie Cheers Brown


“This is the meeting of all the social media or networkers who all came together to explain how basically they were all different, yet, the basically the same.”

“The only difference is who would display who they were reaching statistic wise.”

“They all basically got messages out to the world and even though you may not realize they all distributed your messages.”

“But, you had to learn about each and every social media or networking are different by name only.”

“The hostess of this gathering is LinkedIn and they are considered a money making venture.”

“LinkedIn’s profit margin was smaller and they actually sells it services rather than giving them away.”

“LinkedIn is very happy to offer all kinds of ‘premium’ features to job seekers and employers.”

“If you want to see how your resume is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, the names of those viewing your profile etc. LinkedIn is the place to be!”

“You just had to make sure the right applicants see your job posting and you pay a small fee to LinkedIn and they are more than happier to help you out.”

“LinkedIn is rather ingenious if you ask me and has turned from a social media into a place where job and professional referral forum!”

“What makes LinkedIn much different from all the others is that it is not the place to contact with anybody, but a very good place to find perspective employers or employees.”

“You could actually do this on Facebook too, but would have to set up a page making all others aware of a place where they can post their information and then make that the person looking aware of the page, but good luck!”

“Getting likes on Facebook is now like pulling teeth from a newborn baby.”

“Facebook just happens to be way more effective for that and Google Plus is becoming a nice hangout with beautiful posts which stimulate your mind too.”

“Facebook is more functional…. but we think that Google Plus is way prettier and calmer and peaceful of a place to visit from time to time.”

“People still spend more time on Facebook…. and especially the younger crowd we do believe!”

“However, with Google Plus the viewing and followers is great in numbers but only numbers.”

“The ideas driving “person to person communication” aren’t anything new – since the time that there have been people, we have been searching for approaches to interface, arrange, and advance with each other – however they’ve tackled a completely new importance (and energy) in the computerized age.” 


“You may wonder what the difference between social media and social networking is.”

“The contrasts between online networking and long range interpersonal communication are just about as boundless as night and day.”

“There are some key contrasts and realizing what they are can help you pick up a superior comprehension on the best way to influence them for your image and business.”

“In the real world the difference social media is a way of transmitting or sharing information with a much broader audience. The opportunity is vast to create and distribute to vast audiences.”

“All you need is to become a member and off to the races you go with distributing your information, etc.”

“Now….social networking actually engages by acting with groups of people with similar interests, likes, and they build relationships with each other through their social network community.”

“When it comes to responses social networking is the way to do it and you can have direct communication between the people who you choose to connect with!”

“Social networking conversations are richer, more personal and….you could say more purposeful!”

“Social media is a marathon and not a sprint and is very hard work and takes lots of time to reach audiences.”

“The difference also is people can actually read without liking social media but with social networking you actually can see numbers of viewers and followers.”

“On the other hand, social networking can actually grow as you meet and get introduced to other networkers.”

“So….since social networking is direct communication between you and the people your reach is more purposeful and more personal and your network actually grows as you meet and get introduced, included in a circle, i.e. Google Plus being introduced to others.”

“With long range social media communication, you can educate your audience regarding your new business or blog and talk about how to make it a winner.”

“The discussions that you make can change over numerous individuals into faithful fans, so it merits contributing the time. “

“Online networking and informal communication do have some cover, yet they truly aren’t the same thing.”

“Realizing that they’re two different advertising ideas can have any kind of effect by the way you position your business going ahead.”

“Where we used to have handshakes, informal referrals, and stamped letters, today’s connections are frequently started and created on LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook,”  according to Randy Milanovic author of “The World’s 21 Most Important Social Media and Sites and Apps in 2015.”

According to Randy Milanovic’s article 21 most important channels and tools you need to be aware of are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Renren, Google+, Disqus, LinkedIn Pulse, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twoo, MyMFB, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, WhatsApp,, Meetup, Secret, and Medium.

“To find out about each one individually you could Google or read his article.”


“The online networking space is blasting, and now and again, it can feel testing to comprehend the motivation behind every channel and what sort of substance is most appropriate for it.

“Informal communities that exist today come in numerous assortments, yet they share a typical objective: they are all fabricated to enable relationship building.”

“Some exist to help you find individuals and substance, some are entirely centered on correspondence, and some are centered around showcasing innovativeness – each of which pass on distinctive parts of your identity.”

“In a strategic sense, these informal communities can help you support current connections and help you assemble new ones through the substance you share.”

“This is the reason it’s useful to completely comprehend the motivation behind every informal community, its proposed group of onlookers, and how to make content that resounds with every network.”


Personal networking is the most established kind of system in the computerized amusement, and is effectively distinguished as a result of its naturally social nature. This informal organization exists to help you stay associated (and infrequently even reconnect) with sharing so as to exist connections imperative minutes with companions.

Content sharing networking system is frequently used to have bigger scale discussions (regularly progressively). Despite the fact that these systems help sustain both new and existing connections, they have a tendency to be the best place to begin to manufacture new connections and develop your gathering of people naturally.

Shared interest networking are extremely group situated, useful by nature, and driven by both expert and individual hobbies. Individuals frequently utilize these groups to find out around an aptitude, showcase things they’ve learned, or stay associated with expert contacts.

Which of these social networks do you enjoy participating with and let us know why?

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