The Princess Who Became a Butterfly by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Think about how amazing it would be if you could be like a butterfly and spread your wings and fly.”

“This a story about a little girl named, ‘Princess’ who wanted to grow up to become a butterfly.”

“Her mommy helped her to understand the stages of growing up into a beautiful butterfly.”

“Her mommy showed her how kids grow in stages the same as a butterfly and can have wings if they really work hard and believe they can fly!”

Princess asked her Mommy, “How do I grow up to become a butterfly?”

“Well…Princess butterflies don’t start out as a butterfly, but are caterpillars.”

“A butterfly starts off as a caterpillar just like a baby does when they are infants.”

“Caterpillars eat plants to help them grow and start crawling before they learn to fly.”

“Babies drink milk to help them grow and then they begin crawling too and then they learn to walk eventually.”

“The caterpillar begins in what we call the ‘chrysalis stage’ and in this stage they struggle to change into a butterfly.”

“As kids grow and become adolescents they also struggle when becoming teens and go through many changes.”

“As the caterpillar grows into the adult stage it begins to spread it wings and emerges or moves out.”

“When we go through our teen years and grow into an adult we also emerge or move out and spread our wings.”

“We are all different at all different stages and we can learn from our mistakes and learn from each other too.”

“We start as a crawling caterpillar.”

“Then…as a struggling ‘chrysalis.’

“And…finally we become a confident butterfly!”

“Now, we are going to learn how to fly like a butterfly as we grow up in stages.”

“We as humans do this by increasing our self-esteem and by building our confidence.”

“Mommy, what is self-esteem?”

“Princess, self-esteem is seen by ourselves.”

“Also….self-esteem is something which we learn to have over time and hard work on ourselves is done by ourselves for ourselves in order to fly.”

Princess my darling, “Confidence is seen by others and it shines on the outside when we have worked on our self-esteem which in on the inside of ourselves.”

“Mommy, why are we all different?”

“Well, Princess…we all like to do different things, some like to paint, some like to sing, some like to dance, some like to do them all and so on and so on…. and this is how we learn from each other by being beautiful, yet very different.”

“Just think Princess, it would be a very dull and boring world to live in if everybody was the same!”

“Mommy, I think we all should be the same and this way we would not have to worry about being different.”

“Princess, just think about it…if we were all the same there would be no room for improving ourselves.”

When we are all different then we can learn from each other and some are better than others and we must use that self-esteem and this is where the confidence comes into play where would work with helping us to be the best we can be.

“Some people like to read, some people like to play sports, some people like to play games, some people like to do nothing and those are the ones who could learn from the ones of us who do things.”

“Princess, there are so many things many people can do and like to do also that we cannot name them all!”

“Mommy…what are personalities and do I have one?”

“Everybody has a personality and there are positive ones and there are negative ones.”

“Princess, which personality do you think you have?”

“Mommy, I think I have both and sometimes I feel positive and sometimes I feel negative.”

“Princess…this is where learning from others and being inspired by others can help us to become better so we can fly like the beautiful butterfly.”

“We all have different ways we do things too!”

“This is where learning how to work with a team would help us also to learn how to fly like a butterfly.”

“Princess, you must always be aware of who you are.”

“Mommy, what does this mean?”

“Being aware of who you are means that you have that self-esteem we talked about earlier and having confidence.”

“Princess, this also means we are sure of ourselves.”

“This is how we learn to spread our wings and learn how to fly on our very own too and having confidence is very important and even more important is having that great inner self-esteem.”

“Mommy, I have good self-esteem and think I can fly!”

“Mommy, I also think I have good confidence and feel very good about myself too.”

“So mommy, I think I can fly just like the mommy butterfly can when I grow up.”

“Princess, you don’t have to be grown up to fly and spread your wings.”

“This is why it is important to learn that having confidence is very important when you are very young and it has to be taught when you are very young in order to have great self-esteem.”

“Princess…when you have all these qualities you can do all kinds of amazing things and spread those wings and fly anywhere you want to go!”

“You just have to focus on what you can do and not what you cannot do.”

“Do you understand this Princess?”

“Yes, Mommy I do understand.”

“Princess, another thing we must learn to do is to love ourselves.”

“I love you and you love me, right?”

“Yes, mommy I love you and you love me too right?”

“Yes, Princess I will always love you and you.”

“Do you love yourself Princess?”

“Yes, mommy I love myself.”

“Princess, when we learn to accept ourselves we don’t expect to ever be perfect.”

“Mommy, but I want to be perfect and fly like the butterfly!”

“Princess, not even the butterfly!”

“Just always remember that nobody is better than yourself and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself this always.”

“This will help with your confidence and this way you will never worry about being perfect and nobody is!”

“Nobody is perfect but God and always remember this, okay?”

“Yes, mommy nobody is perfect but God.”

“Princess, this way you will be okay with yourself and have confidence and can fly and spread your wings.”

“So always be okay with who you are, okay?’

“Okay mommy, I am okay with myself and love myself too.”

“Great job, Princess and I am so very proud of you!”

“You are great just the way you are.”

“And you can spread your wings and fly just like that baby caterpillar we talked about.”

“Princess I want you to use some affirmations and always write them to remind yourself and you can even post them on your mirror in your bedroom so won’t forget them.”

“Some of my favorites are: ‘I am happy’ ‘I feel great today’ ‘I love to smile and make somebody else smile also’ ‘I am a nice person’ ‘I will always finish what I start.'”

“You can also make your very own affirmations which are motivation for ourselves and we all need motivation.”

“Motivation can also be given or shared from and by others.”

“Princess always remember to be nice to people and when you treat people the exact same way you want to be treated you cannot go wrong.”

“We must also learn to share, care, listen and most of all always be friendly.”

“With all of these traits anybody can be a butterfly and fly.”

“Now….Princess what must you always remember so that you can fly like a butterfly?”

“Mommy…you must always be confident, accept yourself as you are, don’t worry about being perfect, know your abilities, post positive affirmations and always be nice to others and treat them the way you want to be treated.”

“After Princess had this great talk with her mommy, she spread her wings and learned how to fly with great confidence.”

“You can be like a butterfly too if you follow these great lessons and don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly as high as you can go! “

~ The End

Valerie J Cheers Brown 2015


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