Don’t Think, Just Do It! ~ Valerie Cheers Brown

What number of us need to hold up until simply the “right” time before we do something that we need to do?

We come up with some of the craziest things before we do something.

Have you heard this one before?

“I am going to clean it up”…. and every time you get in their car they don’t realize they you told you this before.

Why do we believe we owe an explanation when it only shows we have no intention of doing or looking for somebody to do it for us maybe?

I’m liable of speculation like that. I’ll compose when I have the table totally cleaned up.

Gracious, I must locate the “right” pen or pencil to compose with.

I must hold up until the house is totally void and calm before I can begin cleaning.

Some of us are often guilty of saying these things to ourselves and sometimes out loud to others and for what?

“Don’t think it, Just do it, I dare you!”


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