Music is Love by Valerie Cheers Brown

Dear Music:

Having your love has been the best thing that’s ever transpired.

I’m appreciative to have you in my life. You are immaculate, every little thing about you, all that you do appears to be so perfect. I feel so cherished, I feel all I’ve yearned to feel. I’ve let you know commonly as of now and I will proceed to dependably tell you how much I need you music.

Simply encountering existence with you is a blessing I could scarcely contain. You draw out the decency in me. You’ve been magnificent to me, especially to my heart. You fulfill me truly music. What’s more, despite the fact that I only listen and separated such a small amount of the time, it’s set aside a few minutes I see u once more and you turn me on every time I listen to you.

That inclination that I get is overpowering each time that I do get the opportunity to hear you without precedent for such a hotly anticipated visit. As the days pass by my affections for you are continuously becoming more profound and a great deal more grounded.

Simply considering listening to you ‘m getting butterflies and a tickling feeling every time I listen to you.

Music, you’ve performed all you need to do which is to make me happy..well, you have officially accomplished that. By you being music and so open with your sentiments, I thank you. You genuinely are my fantasy come true.You are more than I’ve ever envisioned music to be and I love that you are so loaded with life so brimming with adoration, your melody with honesty, lyrics with truth, beat with such love, and songs fulfilling insight, and all that other well done.

The quality that I find in you, The very quality you show music is in addition to being sentimental.  I just want to let you know music that we both share and appreciate your qualities and convictions and above all the way that we are both listening.

Music, you’re extraordinary, you’re marvelous, and you’re so damn flawless and fine with an awesome identity to finish it off. Really I never thought I’d be so fortunate in discovering something as magnificent as you seem to be to the heart, soul and mostly our minds.

Music, you’ve been totally awesome. You’ve assisted me with coming outta my shell and I’ve seen the numerous progressions. I fondly appreciate your beautiful sentiments, my delights, my agonies, my HEART!

I adore your expressions of truth that originate from your instruments heart.

It’s similar to I’ve known you for a lifetime and I sincerely can’t envision existence without you dear sweet music.

Because of you dear sweet MUSIC….THIS is the place I am intended to be with my ear up and waiting for you always!

You are my absolutely my best companion until my babe, my defender, and my outright perfect partner comes back to me!!

I’ve at no other time felt so joined with a man as I feel being with music.

Which conveys me to say….It’s actual that you get together with a couple wrong individuals before you meet the right one but through you my friend music I have met the right one and we owe it all to you!

I’m grateful for meeting you music and for this affection that we share.

Music you came into my life in such a period of need… I was so low questioning life and furious at the world. All I’ve been through,in past relationships we owe it all to you

How we met, where we met, the first telephone call, the first letter, all that you said, such as everything was instituted and everything seemed well and good. In a split second you’ve restored what I thought I lost and would never discover again. You turned into my light and infant you were so splendid! My recently discovered trust, my motivation to continue and continue onward.

I’ve been through more than a couple of horrible harming relationships…and now because of you and what you have done for me and my heart I belong to one heart and for always thanks to you!

You’ve been there for me since the very first moment music!

In all that you are, in all that you’ve assisted me with seeing a the wonder of everything, of all you’ve done for me I say thank you music and you keep on letting me know for this we are very grateful and thankful.

You’ve demonstrated to me what intimate romance is, through all your genres and the instruments make me the way it feels and ought to dependably be felt.

You know you are so right music, “Music does speak louder than words.”

Music it is because of you that I am gradually understanding what it means to be in love.

I have discovered the fearlessness to do only that and be liberated because of you dear sweet music.

These are lessons implied just for me to gain from, to set me up, make me more grounded and keep me endeavoring to be all that I know I can be.

Reason we both merit an affection, for example, this, this satisfaction, this fellowship. The numerous excellent sentiments we’ve come to know because of you dear music.

I have such a great amount of affection also because of you, quite a lot more to share.

I never need to be without you for even one day….

Well you know what music?

You are my good thing.

Also, I am never going to forget you ever for all you have done for me and especially for my heart’s comforting.

Yours now and for eternity,

Valerie J Brown

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