Choose to Fly High by Valerie Cheers Brown

If you choose to spread your wings and fly against the wind, nothing can stop you…the choice is always ours…choose to fly high, into the freedom of the skies..

When I was a little girl, I used to gaze up into the sky and wonder about the easy flight of the feathered creatures, particularly that of the colossal grace, high-flying, effective birds & eagles.

I used to waste no time in respecting their elegance, their velocity, their excellence and to wrap things up, their gigantic flexibility in having the capacity to fly over the whole planet, unhindered, free, each and every day of their lives, with no limits or obstructions at all in their way.

Every flight into the unfathomable spread of the open skies would without a doubt be, for them, a supernatural occurrence of new disclosures, new undertakings, new investigations and the delight of having the autonomy to connect & easily accomplish new & already obscure skylines.

Just as a bird will feel tied down to this Earth with clipped wings, always remember that so would you.

To a very large extent, treat your own life-like the flight of a bird, just as a bird flies with true joy in its soul, soaring higher & higher, till the sky is its only limit, then don’t ever forget that so can you!

My look used to be insightful then & once in a while even today it remains so, have you ever considered how regularly we tend to underestimate our opportunity or our autonomy?

Every individual that strolls the pathways of this planet is conceived with some perfect, some vision or some fantasy that he/she trusts will some time or another turn into a reality.

Just by chance that you have a passion, then you consequently have trust and great expectations, yet in the event that you don’t follow-up on your passion and/or dream; if your great aims never decipher into solid activities and by chance that you do not have the steadiness, earnestness and ingenuity to see that passion through to the very end, then make certain that it will perpetually remain a trust in your brain, battling frantically to rise to the top of your cognizance, however everlastingly staying cowed around your own particular trepidation, self-question & instability.

Try not to worry that you may attempt your hand at something absolutely novel and fall flat or fail.

What you ought to fear truly is the way that you never attempted by any means!

Have the fearlessness and self-assurance to stand tall & proud even with much feedback, mockery, jealousy and resistance, all things considered, shouldn’t we all maintain & convey to realization what we enormously charm?

Never forget that this is your dream; it matters to you a lot and it is your dream alone – it never was theirs, was it?

Make it YOUR reality!

Fly so high, soar higher and higher and yet higher in pursuit of your dreams, revel in the unparalleled joy of your immense freedom & independence.

Never let out of your mind that there is nothing earthly stopping us from reaching our goals in life, so don’t keep the sky as your maximum limit.

If you reach for the sky, you just about might touch the stars!

Always remember that this is your passion; it is important to you a considerable measure and it is your passion it was never theirs, was it?

Make it YOUR world!

Make it your priority!

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar!” ~ Helen Keller



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