Strength in Numbers by Valerie Cheers Brown

There are so many healing testimonies today, where many have healed through changing their diets and believing in themselves for healing.

Water heals, music heals, believing heals, and having faith in oneself and wanting to heal works and I am here to tell you it does from my own experiences.

Doing research and finding cases which those who have beat their illness or diagonis is important too.

Don’t believe what family say, doctors, etc. but do make sure that you don’t give up and believe what your bodies says.

When we eat, swallow medicine, etc. and it makes us feel not normal, that is a sign for us to do something, not the doctor, for us to take action and pay attention too at our body at all times.

Doctors only go by what we tell them and we should all be keeping journals every morning on how we feel today.

When God puts us all through trials and tribulations He gives us strength for us to heal ourselves, and we are the cure for others to give them HOPE.

Support or encouragement from friends, family, stranger, anybody who supports you means the world, but you are your best support when it is all said and done.

People will only say what we don’t want to hear most of the time anyway and it is our life which is important, not theirs!

Today, we got more access to find out and we always have had libraries and medical libraries to find out anything our little hearts want to find out if we want to find out to improve our health.

I took it upon my own to stay and practically live at Becker Medical Library so much they thought I was a doctor and/or student at Wash U.

I am not a doctor, scientists, etc. but I do have common sense which God so graciously not only gave to myself, but everybody; and we should use it and it we can save our own lives and then we can even help give others hope.

I do know this much…….medicine is not the way to go and was not for myself.

When I stopped the medicine, it did more harm than what I originally took it for and they are called side effects.

So, I had to ween myself off and only I knew my body not a doctor or anyone else.

Side effects are killers and if we don’t let others know what the medicine, does we will never get clinical studies which prove that anything works or actually helps the individual.

When my mom was alive, I tried my very best to get her to listen to me, but she always wanted my dad’s approval ,and so I did my very best, but by the grace of God everything I told my mom, is now being used and people have testimonies and are able to go and speak about their progress of beating their illness or disease.

You have to keep journals of how prescribed medication acts on you and your body, and if you are not able to go to the bathroom, this is a red light that you need to substitute those meds with God grown food which helps with cleansing.


Also, drinking water like a crazy person is so necessary when taking and even when not taking prescribed medications. We must go to that bathroom for a cleanser or you will get even sicker and also the stomach will enlarge or bloat too and can lead into another serious problem.

I know and watched my very own stomach go down from drinking water and it also helps you to feel better too when you urinate regularly also.

Both, urinating and pooping are both important for our health and nothing like being sick and then cannot go to the bathroom.

Don’t accept the notion that I am constipated because of these medications and it is the reason why! Because it is not okay!

Which do you want?

Not be able to poop, or urinate or be in pain?

Well, folks pain relieves pain and I would rather deal with the pain than be constipated or not able to urinate!

Music has been a reliever of my nerve pain and it makes me to forget about problems and in some cases music will help you to think logically as well.

I would rather not take any medication which is causing me not to be able to use the bathroom!

Over a period of time the music will help eleviate pain and also the water helps too believe it or not. Kangen water helped me to get off of medications and for some reason when I drank that water, I did not even think about taking medication anymore.

From then on, I have been drinking lots of tap water, listening to music and most of all expressing how I feel which is a stress reliever too, even if nobody listens.

Our bodies are not made to even be able to survive this way and takes years off of our lifespan when not functioning properly the way our bodies were made to function!

Again, I am not a physician, scientist, nor a medicine doctor, but I do have common sense and have relieved myself off of prescribed medicines by doing and trying many different positive things to help me feel better, yet remain active and alert and able to walk without any assistance device.

I am working on finding out ways to get off of one more pill I need for internal itching which I still have and am researching my ownself finding ways to get off of this and that is Benadryl which relieves itching, allergies, but I am working on finding ways to get off of this too.

I have to take baths and I get this itch when I take showers and do not when I take a bath, but feel more refreshed with a shower, so I am thinking it is the water which is coming out of the shower or the tap? Not sure. I have mentioned that the water in the Midwest has an excessive amount of chlorine and I guess my body does not like it and my eyes are always bloodshot red after a shower but not when I take a bath. Don’t quite understand this, but it is what it is.

I thank God for giving me the knowledge and the courage to share what has helped me and what is not perhaps good for me.

Because things have helped me does not mean that they will help you, but I hope will give hope for you not to want to give up.

I close in saying you have be able to step out on faith and let go and let God take your hand and believe that you will heal!

I have never been one to believe doctors and my vocabulary when I speak with them tells me that I may know even more than them when it comes to my own body, so I take care of myself and I want to live a much longer life for there is so much more to do and see!


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