Learn by Doing by Valerie Cheers Brown

According to Egyptian Medicine, “Egyptian doctors mostly believed that evil spirits either got inside your body or sent poisons inside your body to make you sick. To cure you, the doctors made you eat or drink something very nasty-smelling. They hoped the evil spirit wouldn’t like the smell and would leave your body. Or the doctors tried to clean your insides out to get rid of the poison, by giving you laxatives or bleeding you. And they prayed to Sekhmet, the goddess of healing. To cure a cold, they gave you human breast milk to drink. These magic things could really help you, because often people get better when they just see the doctor doing something.”

Were the Egyptians not advanced or what?

teeth held together by wire
Early Egyptian dental bridge (Gordon Museum)

Egyptian Medicine also says, “Egyptian doctors did also use effective medical treatments. They massaged aching legs and calves, they stitched and bandaged wounds, and they set broken and dislocated arms and legs. Specialized dentists pulled infected teeth and built bridges to replace lost teeth. Midwives helped women with childbirth. Egyptian doctors used powdered charcoal as a medicine to absorb poisons and cure food poisoning (as we still do today), and they put powdered charcoal on wounds to absorb pus and blood and promote clotting.”

“But Egyptian doctors couldn’t do anything about schistosomiasis, which probably contributed to the deaths of many if not most Egyptians.Malaria and tuberculosis also weakened or killed many people, and Egyptian doctors also couldn’t treat those.”

“The biggest contribution of Egyptian doctors to medicine was their research on how the human body worked. They figured out that your pulse was related to your heart-beat.”

We owe so much to Egyptian medicine and need to research more and use what they paved for us and improve our world today making our society much better when it comes to finding out how the body really works instead of over medicating people and not explaining what is more important which is our diet.

This is where it is up to us as students, researchers, etc. who need to find these methods with evidence and studies left behind for our using and sharing with each other.

They learned that your bronchial tubes ran under your collar bones, from your throat to your lungs. Egyptian doctors continued to be leaders in medical research through the Hellenistic period and the Roman period into the Islamic period, culminating in the work of the great doctor Maimonides.

NOTE: Learn by doing and feel your pulse and see if it beats faster than your heart beats faster.

“The Egyptian were amazingly brave and smart and left us much for us find out what and how the body works! Now…it is up to us to get to work and study what they left behind for us in mummy’s, tombs, etc. Eventually, one day people will realize just how more important it is to donate our body parts to those less fortunate and make arrangements early on and help somebody and help your family. WE must learn to stay on top of diseases in our family and ask questions, document, etc. and stay on top of that research to stop what happened to our loved ones from happening to ourselves and others. We can only find out how the body works when we care enough to find out and when we find out, we help ourselves, our children, their children and so on and so on .

I guess what I am trying to say is maybe fewer and less illnesses will cause less funerals and donating to science will help our children and even ourselves.

When the body is sick, we get sick and when we do not know the cause, we could even die.”

Fishing in the Nile River




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