The Blame Game by Valerie Cheers Brown

I have always said that in order to get a positive we must start with a negative.

The same when we convert any number into positive in math,  can we not do this in everyday life?

The big difference in starting out with a negative in math we finally and eventually come up with a solution.

Can we not do this in life?

With a calculator, don’t you simply get solutions?

Well, with all of the technology we have in this country, wouldn’t you think we would have come up with solutions by now to majority of our problems and situations which are taking many lives?

We are coming with all new gadgets daily in computer technology which see everything it should not see and nothing it should see like who is bringing guns into our country.

It makes me wonder if we only create for money.

But do we even know how to fix what we create?

Isn’t in math a negative times a negative turned into a positive?

Why cannot we as a country do this and as hard as math is for many, including myself, maybe it is why we as a country have such low math scores?


Everyone thinks it is a sin to deal or even speak negative or to even pry into ones personal life, but we cannot find out how guns are getting in our country.

People tend to watch and can hardly wait to see how many people were killed with guns when always watching the television news.

They interview, they march, they put up signs, “Black Lives Matter!”

Well. don’t you think it is high time that all lives matter?

But are people coming up with ways or even legitimate ideas of how to eradicate these issues rather than continuously speaking on them?

We in this country sit around as a family and even groups and watch some of the most interestingly very negative things, i.e. the news.

I never quite understood how people who don’t like horror movies, The Young and The Restless, or even sci-fi, think that watching the news is knowledge?

Why are people who really work hard not being paid when news reporters are being paid big money for coming up with stories with no solutions?

Why would anybody want to sit and watch this at the same time each and every day accept the weekend when actually is  the best time when the most positive things occur?

Does this make any sense?

Okay…let’s take a look at when crime is most happening since we love the news reports which on a regular basis are reporting mainly negative news.

According to they asked these questions: “Does more crime happen during the late hours of the night or in the middle of the afternoon?

We actually have time to research this, but not find out how guns are getting into crazy people’s hands.

“Trulia Insights uses small multiples to look at crime by hour in major cities or rather, when it is reported, according to SpotCrime.”

Are they serious?

“There appears to be a dip during the 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. hours for all crime types, across all cities. Well, except for Indianapolis, which seems to report incidents with rounded off hours.”

Are they serious?

And if you want even more facts than that: “It’s important to remember though that these are report times and not actually when incidents occurred, so maybe what we’re seeing are when most people are asleep and awake.”


Now this situation takes the cake: “For example, when I was a kid, my house was robbed while we were sleeping, but we didn’t notice the opened window and missing purses until we got up. So maybe a better title would be “when police departments should have more staff working is during these hours.”

Seriously? You think?

“In any case, don’t go walking around waving your Benjamins in the air at 4 in the morning in a dark alley because you saw dips in some graphs.”

A perfect example of stupidity and idiotic news, Infographic of The Day reported actual “Statistics on the time that robberies, shootings, and assaults happen during the day reveals a lot about the mindsets of the perpetrator.”

Are you kidding me?

You think these assaults, shootings, robberies could be avoided since you report and interpret the mindsets of the perpetrator since it would seem it takes one to know one?

I am so sick of guns and shootings I don’t know what to do!

The big question is how in the hell are these guns which are used in actual wars gotten into our country?

This country is concerned with other 3rd world countries killing their own people.

Should we not be concerned with all people’s lives starting with our very own country?

How will we ever have peace if we are not the one to first have ourselves?

Who is to blame?

Who is to blame, “The one who shoots are the one who brings the guns into our country are the one who does not care to find out why or how they get into our cities and/or our country?

We have cameras up the wazoo and do any of them see anything worth reporting to help solve our problems?

Or better still…who is selling these guns to our country and how are they coming into our neighborhoods?

Is the criminal our government, the state, the NRA who is allowing the sale of guns to continue be sold to those who are not responsible or the ones whose guns are being stolen from cars, homes or even a police car in these little jurisdictions and counties.

Or who do we blame those who are seriously not finding out how our country will become safer beginning on how are mass weapons getting our country?

We are constantly talking about killings on television and it has become an everyday conversation of the television and how can anyone even enjoy the tube anymore?

I know I despise the television and would rather watch what I want to watch and stop the commercials and news from being seen on my laptop!

I am so tired of classes being blamed for gun violence and this is why it will only get worse and is worsening around our world.

We got to get to the root of the issue and how are these guns coming into our cities, states, and country?

I do realize that thankful people tend not to shy away from the negative and it is almost impossible to stay focused on the good and avoid the bad but this is getting out of hand.

But seriously?

Oh. but is the real culprit the Pharmaceutical Industry which is killing people every 60 seconds, more than guns ?

Who is to blame?

Is it the person who believes these prescribed medications; which many have side effects mainly when stopped being taken, and the side effect is the culprit causing somehow, a once sane individual who ends up becoming more insane and shooting up and killing people because they stopped taking their medication for lack of money to fill their prescriptions because of lack of healthcare?

Maybe we need robots to do human tasks which we cannot seem to do right and help us control this gun problem issue?

The time that robberies, shootings, and assaults happen during the day reveals a lot about the mindsets of the perpetrator.

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