Make it Yours by Valerie Cheers Brown

This story is about a girl who dreamed of going to college, but had to keep taking care of her family.

But she still had it made up in her mind to go while taking care of her family.

No matter what this girl needed to become more grounded and she believed being back in school would help.

What was so wonderful and beautiful about this young girl was her amazing family who supported her going back to school.

As a matter of fact, when she went back to school it also encouraged her younger family and inspired them.

You see this young girl not only went back to college, but also became an honor student and decided to become a lifetime student and she figured out that you did not have to be in college to do this.

No matter what or how her day was, she always managed to set her Smart Goals and followed them too.

She had struggles and many of them which came up against her and kept causing her to have to stop and start, but she continued through it all.

She got so very close to graduating, but something in her heart told her that she had done what she wanted to do and that was to be inspired by being around all who going to make a better life for themselves.

So she began reading about those successful entrepreneurs and this became a daily ritual.

She began reading inspirational and motivational people.

She also listened to them as well.

And, she felt when you want to do anything in life, we must act like it and we have to surround ourselves with those who are on the same journey as we are.

It just always seemed like something was coming up to stop her from continuing college, so she finally decided to follow her passion of becoming a lifetime student learning and sharing informaton.

She thought it was a rravel business she had started was the answer and she never got any business.

She often wondered, “What am I doing wrong and why won’t anybody support me?”

When all the time, it was God who was showing her that is that business is not your passion!

She did not get upset nor frustrated but did know that when God wants us to do something, He will provide what is necessary for us but we have to pay attention and know what this is.

In the beginning while still in college, and wanting to graduate, she was not paying close attention.

This is why so many things began to happen while she was trying to complete college.

She had been in school so long, that funds were becoming few and less each time she wanted to take another class.

So what she did was pray and ask God to show her the way again, and this time she would ask God to forgive her and please once again show her the way and she would follow.

He had been showing her the way all  of the time, but she was not paying close attention.

And, sometimes we want something so bad, at least what we think we want in our lives, that we miss out on our own  blessings and let them pass us up.

But, she refused to let them pass her up and starting getting closer and closer to God and He began actually showing her by showing what she had wanted to do all along in some other’s work.

So, she started pursuing writing and decided to back off of school.

This young girl had so much work she had done previously both handwritten and typed stories just everywhere!

It took her all of this time to realize that writing was her true passion and even though she did not think she was good she did it all of the time and this was the sign from God sitting right in front of her face all of the time.

This girl had helped so many people all of her life, from writing papers for college friends, to keeping a diary when she was very young, and had done nothing to help herself.

She had helped everybody but herself, but along the way God was preparing her for who she was to become and she believed her passion was helping others through her writing work.

She often felt, that she had helped so many people that she had felt that college would never be done because of the enormous heart she had for people and she did it through her writing.

She felt she had a PhD or two as many times she had started and stopped college. She felt that the degree meant nothing, but it is what you do with what you acquire while gaining all of this knowledge.

She did not realize that all she had learned had begun to turn into wisdom because she was sharing it with millions of people and did not even realize what she was doing was affecting and helping others mainly herself to get better.

But, she just wanted to show her younger siblings and family that no matter how many times we stop, what is important is how many times we start again and never let anything stop us from pursuing our dreams.

She felt as being the oldest she was given the responsiblity of leading her siblings, but she did not realize that they already looked up to her.

Eventually, we will find our passion, and God will stay with us no matter what we go through, and then this light of God will  shine so brightly which was already there, but we were blinded by what we our thought dreams were and He will show us the way.

But, anyway she was determined never to give up even though she did not know what her passion was.

She prayed and worked and worked and prayed and all of this time, not making one red cent.

No matter what, she just kept right on like she was making all of this money.

She really did not have the money to pursue her writing, but she thought about and prayed about it and God showed her to just keep right on and He would make a way.

So she did just that and kept on working at things which were not her passion and finally she was amazed that her true passion was sitting right in a file cabinet she had locked for a very long time.

It was work she had written long ago.

Boy, was she ever so happy to see that what she had prayed for, God showed her she had it all of the time.

God had given to her ideas and that is what they were was ideas, but good ideas through her writing.

She even turned them into little books to see what they would like if they were actual comic books.

She saved up enough money to have a couple of her stories turned into little books and they were the cutest ever.

So, she buried them into this file cabinet and never went back to them until this great day when God shined the light.

Until one day she opened that file cabinet and there was those little books she and the copy store had put together

She thought, “Wow, if I can do that maybe I could begin my very own publishing company which would with work the authors.

Her publishing compay would not be like the self-publishing companies do who take your money, your story and you get nothing in return but having to pay for your own work.

What she would do is become a publishing company that did every kind of publishing, but her niche would be, “you would pretty much make the whole entire book yourself and you would learn how to do it yourself.”

This is where the self-publishing came into play, because she found out that self-publishing in the real world was really a self-glorification for the publishing company who made all of this money off of  your stuff.

But, she prayed on this too and prayed that God would help self-publishing authors to realize that we are the ones who have to do all of the work if we want to make this work you have to give the people something much more than self-publishing and making them pay for their own books but what we must pay for is learning how to do ourselves.

This young girl firmly believed that word of mouth and social media was advertising. But most of all if anything is good people will rave about it and secondly when you give your stuff away you will find out if it is good enough for people to want to buy your work.

She always followed one of her mentors, Estee Lauder and saw how she risked and gave away her product to see if anybody would come and ask for it.

Then you know you are on your way if people begin to ask for your work or you are missed for what you were giving to the people.

So, what she did was went to a copy machine store and have them print out her books and would sell what she made, but the only thing was, the printing in color it was very costly.

She gave those little books away only she saw others begin to do their books with what she had given to them only they were making money.

But it was okay and she learned from her mistakes, but she kept on giving her work away and felt it was God giving her this and He would turn into a blessing only after she continued giving away.

You see, God is no fool and He would not give something to you and then allow others to misuse what He had given to her and she had such great faith that He would never leave her nor forake her works.

She had this incredible way of creating and sharing ideas which othes would use and she would see her ideas actually becoming actual product, but for some God reason it did not bother her.

Well, her passion was to take what God would give to her and be able to turn into an inspiring  creation for all ages, adults and children would be motivated by.

All along the way, this young girl had very little money and only got a set amount of money once every month.

But she had all of these ideas which she could not just sit on and had to do something with them, so she began doing blogs and she knew God would protect anything she did, so she just did and before she knew it, she had so much work she was amazed.

She was very grateful for these blessings and just kept right on doing. She was not looking for approval but she did want to hear somebody say just what she had already thought for reassurance.

She just started doing all kinds of things and as badly as she a financial blessing she somehow just kept positive and kept herself motivated by doing.

It had gotten to the place where at times she became very frustrated, but she knew God would not have her doing all of this trial and error without having a good outcome in the end.

She was praying for a beginning to her end and knew God would not forget about her.

Moral: When you believe and work no matter what happens if you want it bad enough, you will act like it is already yours. Claim it and name it yours!


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