The Hippest Trip in America by Valerie Cheers Brown

Was Soul Train really the hippest trip in America?

I think it was and not only was the show incredible history, but music and love are medicine for the world..
The Hippest Trip in America: Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture and Style

I just don’t understand why is that people think about writing about others only after they have left us?

Has anybody probed into the medications Mr. Cornelius was taking?

I have read that he was having seizures and that makes me believe he may have been taking Gabapentin, the medication which I weened myself off ofwhich is used for seizures and other illnesses!

This is just speculation, but sure would like to find out what medications he was on before his death! I also read that Mr. Cornelius found it hard to treat his seizures with medication and was having lots of pain.

Again, this leads me to believe he was having nerve pain?

Why in the 21st century are so many people suffering with nerve pain, sciatica pain or even fibromalygia?

Because medicinal cannabis is a cure for seizures which eventually you have no more at all. Look at the little girl’s story who is a happy normal little girl now who went from 100 seizures a day to one and then none.

I pray that when TV show host have stars on their shows they also ask them what medications they are taking and how they make them feel.  This may seem like rather an odd question to ask a person on live television but it is therapy to speak how you feel especially how medication works on you and most of all are they helping you with your problem or causing more problems.

Somebody needs to start a televison show called, “Cure Thyself.”

I may be a bit bias, but I am dead serious and am pretty upset with society on how we accept things the way they happen without investigation so it won’t continue happening to others and mainly our children.

Taking medications as cures is stupidity if you ask me! I truly do believe that some prescribed medications hurt us rather than help us! They are the actual cause to a lot of our situations, problems, etc. in this country including high incarceration recidivism rates, robberies, killings, suicides, abuse, over dosing our kids, high infant mortality rate, etc.

Does anybody find this strange that the same thing happened to Robin Williams but in a very different way, but suicide is suicide and I actually am beginning to believe that some prescribed medications are the culprit!

I found one story which was really asking questions, but not once did anybody ask about medications he may have been on.

Oh, but this story ticks me off because they said Mr. Cornelius was having excruciating pain and they considered it as poor health.

Well, not once did anyone even mention or ask what medications he may have been on while being in all of this pain.

This could have been prevented is all I am saying and again, this is speculation.

It goes to show you that people may look good and happy on the outside and are smart and occupy others time and tend to be ones who make others happy all of the time because while you are making others happy, for that instance you have e no pain. But when you are not making others happy, this pain is something you have to live and endure all alone.

This is so why I chose to get closer to God and help why I am still alive and know what pain is and also know what making others happy does which is a healer too while we do it.

I also know what prescribed medications will do if we allow them to over power our mind, body and soul.

I chose to stop taking prescribed medications and I was on that Gabapentin medicine which was approved for not just treating seizures, but used for many things which leads me to believe that they cause many other serious problems and affect our mind, body and soul if we allow them to take us out of here.

I decided to supplement all of my prescribed medications with food and water and changed my life with peace as the blessing in return for helping others.

I fast a lot and when I say fast I mean drink my meals through healthy smoothies, which has every nutrient needed for my body, soul and mind.

Let’s wake up people and take charge of our own health, bodies and most of all our lives before it is too late, and then nobody really cares except when they get rich off of your life story which you had only a part by not sharing with the world..

~God bless his soul and R.I.P. Mr. Cornelius and Mr. Robin Williams!

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