Helping Yourself While Helping Others by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Helping yourself while helping others” equals: kindred spirited, volunteering, a hobby, a passion or your calling!

It could turn into something really great for you too!

Vounteering is helping yourself while helping others and takes a very special type of a person.

Did you know that helping yourself to help others has many benefits especially for our health?

I prayed and asked God, “Where should I be in my church and wanted to give back?”

God put me with the “Sisters of Mercy” and we are prayer warriors who make visits to the sick.

I love being with the Sisters because it is volunteering and we are doing what we love best, “Helping yourself while helping others.”

I have been volunteering since I was age 16 and my very first assignment/job was a Candystriper.

I was the happiest 16-year-old on the planet!

I wore that uniform with such pride and at that time, those uniforms were very expensive, but that did not matter to my parents one bit.

The feeling it gave me pushing that cart around that hospital offering magazines, candy, etc. just sharing my smile and getting one in return; which was one of the most incredible feelings in the world ever!

I kept on asking God where I was supposed to be and he would always make sure it was pretty much the same for my whole entire life and that is “Helping yourself while helping others.”

I love-making others happy and you can be called a people pleaser, but that is not what any role God gives to you is at all.

It is a feeling like none other and you go and visit these people who make you forget you even have any problems who are sick or even dying.

You give and you get in return the exact same thing and it always ends of making your day so much better.

We think we got problems, but when we go and visit a sick person who is in hospice, God makes us more grateful and I have loved doing this all of my life.

I just realized at age 61 that this is my calling.

I ask God what and where He wants me before I make any decisions about anything in life.

I have been giving and receiving love most of my life and taking care of others.

I know you may say, is she nuts again?

No, I love my family first of all and I think parents are there when we come into the world.

The least we can do as their children, is be there for them when they go out!

I was blessed enough to be with both of my parents, actually when they both took their very last breaths.

Wow, what a feeling that was and it felt like angels flew up off of my shoulders and told me, “Child now is your time!”

I just feel that when we ask God what He wants us to do, we all are doing what we are born to do, but first we must use what we have been given to the fullest and then God will bless us in His time.

This is what and why He has had me “Helping Myself While Helping Others.”

I never look for anything when God gives to me and for some beautiful reason, but I just feel that this is what God wants me to do and prayed and asked Him, and he gave to me and it is my calling that I prayed and asked for.

It is hard to explain unless you have been there, but we all have a calling and we must use this calling to our fullest capabilities to the most highest first and foremost.

There are so many ways to give back and it is not just materialistic means nor monetary either.

I love volunteering and to me it is “Helping Myself While Helping Others” too.

Let’s say you are looking for that job and you just cannot seem to get it on your own.

Did you ever think about “Helping Yourself While Helping Others”  or by volunteering?

Yes, step out on faith if you want it bad enough and volunteer at that place if they will allow you.

I don’t think they will turn you down, but go ahead and ask them!

Yes, at that place you dream of having a job, but could not get even with a degree?

Volunteering is such freedom and believe it or not, you are a very valuable asset to any company, and if they treat their volunteers right they can always count on them to fill in when needed and especially in emergency situations.

Say for example you have your own company and you have X amount of employees.

An employee has to take off and has to have surgery.

After that surgery they still have to be off of work for a certain amount of recuperating time.

Well, did you know that volunteers can fill in and you don’t even have to pay them?

I did it for the Saint Louis Public Library!

This is a good way for a company to make sure that employee gets ample needed time to recuperate and that volunteer could use that temporary assignment as reference if they wanted to get hired permanently.

Also, the company will look at that volunteer before they would an outside source and would know for sure that volunteer could just pick right up where that employee left off because they have volunteered for you before.

I use to do this at the Saint Louis Public Library working for Bill Olbrich in Government Information.

Yes, “Helping Yourself While Helping Others” is a great for any company, for the volunteer to gain experience and feel a part of something great; while helping yourself, that company never has to worry about training a person which could be quite expensive otherwise!

Volunteering is a very valuable job and if you ask me, you feel as if you are part of the organization and what organization would not like to have volunteers?

So, the next time you hear somebody looking for a volunteer, think about what you will not only be doing for the company, patient, etc. but what you will doing for your own self and your company.

Or if you want that job bad enough and they don’t have a spot available, ask if you could volunteer.

More companies should make volunteers part of their staffing protocol if you ask me and it would also cut down on having to hire temps who you really don’t know who they are and that could be very expensive too!

Helping Yourself While Helping Others is the way of the new millennium for yourself, your organization, the corporation, stakeholders, etc.

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