Subconscious is Truth by Valerie Cheers Brown

I believe strongly in the subconscious!

I do believe it knows what is good for us.

The subconscious tells us the truth.

I would have to say that our subconscious let’s us know right away!

We must pay attention to our subconscious and trust that it talks to us.

Again, whether we pay attention is up to us.

Ole people use to call this “our intuition” and to me it speaks to us if we allow to listen.

This is where I do not believe anything that I read or hear or the rubbish most doctors charge you arm and a leg for.

I have used medical lingo while talking to many doctors and they ask me if I have been to med school.

I find it rather funny because many med students don’t know as much as I know which is not a lot at all.

I just read and do research and try things out on myself by and for myself and I want to live and enjoy and travel to the world!

My subconscious tells me to check it out for myself and see what works for me.

This is where we are all so unique and no two persons on this earth have the same physiology not even identical twins.

Our bio-chemical make up processes make us places us at the extremes of the normal distribution curve.

What works for me might not necessarily work for you.

We really are what we eat and I will be 62 this year and know that by walking everyday and eating what I want when I want, but eating sensibly makes a big difference.

Stress is a killer and can also bring our immune system to chaos if that makes any sense?

I don’t knock a person who eats a pizza with every thing and then drinks a diet soda.

It is your life, not mine and that is like a negative with negative explosion heading for problems of the body for sure!

I have drunk one diet soda in my life and it was sweet as syrup to me and have not tasted nor wanted one since then. Also, I did not like that after taste it left in my mouth and breathe was, wow!

I am not a science major, but I do remember studying that “Some 60 chemical elements are found in the body, but what all of them are doing there is still unknown.”

These nutrients perform various functions, including the building of bones and cell structures, regulating the body’s pH, carrying charge, and driving chemical reactions.
The Ketogenic Diet has received great interest since we first wrote about it in 2006.

Simple Theories of the Ketogenic Diet

The fundamental tenet of the Ketogenic Diet is that cancer cells need to ferment to survive. And to do this they consume glucose and glutamine (from protein). While healthy cells can switch to burning fats if there is insufficient glucose available, cancer cells are inflexible and the theory is that if there´s no glucose available, they wither and die.

Moreover, cancer cells have defective mitochondria – energy metabolism leads to the production of harmful ´reactive oxygen species´. Glucose is essential to destroying these. Without glucose, they kill the cell. There are several caveats to this argument, and I will cover these below.

We learned how important it is to care and feed the mitochondria and heal thyself from Dr. Wahl’s great testimony of healing MS.

“Doctors are, or should be, very careful about what they tell to a patient. There are many examples of patients doing well until believing themselves to have a fatal disease at which point they ‘accept the condemnation’ and quickly decline into death.”

It is sad to say that they are afraid of telling us about nutrition and create good health and fear being sued and are very inferior to treating their patients about how important our health is and what feeding the mitochondria will do for improving and eventually curing and healing any disease.

“If you find all this hard to believe, I recommend you read ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This book, first published in 1963, looks somewhat plain and drab when you pick it up.

There is increasing evidence that high plasma glucose levels are linked to greater cancer risk and lowered survival in those already with cancer. One study fin the Journal of Clinical Investigation (Jan 2, 2014 – CLICK HERE) concluded that increased glucose uptake CAUSED cancer.

In another study, researchers at Johns Hopkins showed that depriving colorectal cancer of glucose produced positive results (Click Here).

There is increasing evidence that calorie restriction (that is, eating about 15% fewer calories than you need in a day) can aid cancer survival. (Click here)

There is increasing evidence that fasting can increase survival because it reduces plasma glucose levels, and those of the hormones IGF-1 and insulin, both implicated in cancer development. Fasting also restricts glutamine levels, another energy source for cancer.

And fasting boosts the immune system. ( I know this to be so true!)

I highly recommend when anybody is sick or ill, try putting all of your color veggies with your favorite fruit into a smoothie and this will supplement as a meal and you can sip on for a long period of time.

Again, I am not a doctor, nor am I professing to be one, but I do have common sense and am not perfect but I know what worked for me and may not work for you.

I use myself as a study and improving daily and my goal is to be totally nerve pain-free one day soon!

What worked for me does not mean it will work for you and not trying to force anybody into anything, simply informing what has helped me to heal and not have to rely on any medications which doctors said I would have to be on for the rest of my life and or in order for me to survive I had to keep on these medications. I did not stop abruptly but weened myself by using substitutes which I found in anything God grows.

NOTE: Being told you have to stay on any medication for the duration of your life is like telling you, you are doomed and I refused to live like this and when you forget the medication, it causes all kinds of additional problems, so I would rather not be on at all and I took myself off and am doing just fine!

This is where the subconscious comes in and I followed my intuition and had faith that God would heal me and help me to get better not having to depend on manmade medications.

I have found alternative methods of coping with nerve pain and that being music and must have really good headsets which will upset the pain and will run it totally away. Yes, I go to sleep sometimes with my headsets on and it does help me to get to sleep also.

Lack of sleep is setting yourself up for creating disease and illness and when you take pain medications in order to go to sleep, that is not helping relieving pain.

It is only putting you to sleep and you wake up groggy, forgetful, irritable and can go on and on why I am much better off without them.

Yes, the headsets and music work when you have the music on, but the pain gets less and less and my goal is to be completely rid of with my faith in God’s healing and time!

In the meantime, writing is my means of managing and coping and I enjoy writing and informing others of my accomplishments.

I pray that anyone who reads this who is going through any kind of illness, disease, etc. that you heal in God’s time and the more you cook your food, the more you lose and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Think about eating raw veggies when you think about snacking! After a time, you will automatically not want most foods which are bad for you and your subconscious and that body will alert you right away when something is not good for you and your body.

Pay attention to your body and your subconscious is the truth!


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