Love Gives Me Wings To Fly by Valerie Cheers Brown

One thing can lead to another and it depends on how you deal with what you are feeling in life and can be either negative or positive.

But because something is negative does not mean it is bad for you and can actually sometimes depending on the situation be beneficial for us in helping to improve our lives.

If you have been in positive situations all of the time, how can we strive for being the best or better or where is room for improvement?

I have struggled all of my life with problems and they stemmed and lead to actually experimenting with street drugs.

I tried doing it society’s way by attending meetings,  but I had to hit rock bottom and I learned how to deal with issues by surrounding myself with those who have overcome struggles and situations in life.

Love gave me wings to fly. I mean getting closer to God and staying with Him every second of every minute and never letting Him go.

These are the ones I live for watching, reading about and listening to, who are now speaking about how they had faith and from what they went through it brought them to where they are right now; which is all new and great things.

To myself, being a people pleaser is entirely trying to recover according to society’s way.

It is like say you are sick, and you believe doctors or counselors tell you what you have to do, by taking this medicine, and you take the medicine they prescribe to you for you to take, you don’t say no, but you believe that man’s way is the best way and you are right back where you started from.

Saying no means saying no and it means meaning what you say, not just saying it!

After taking the medicine they prescribe to you, you would think that you would feel better, but you don’t.

When I overcame street drugs I considered all drugs which were not improving my life to be addictions. so I left them all alone and did not like how they made me feel; none of them including prescribed meds.

I know how Robin Williams felt somewhat, and I also felt Michael Jackson’s pain and drugs are drugs and when we become addicted our body’s become immune and they don’t work anymore, but the very first time we use them, so we try another drug and another drug and then the problem becomes worse.

So, I had to say NO to them all!

As a matter of fact all medications give you side effects, even OTC drugs, which to me make you believe you have other problems when you don’t, but from the medication and depending on how long you have been taking them could be actually worse than street drugs if you ask me.

This only my opinion.

I can believe I can fly on my own by surrounding myself with positive people who inspire and motivate me.

Who wants to go to a Drug or AA meeting which to me was very depressing and you are listening to all of these sad stories of people who you are exactly like and you don’t want to be reminded seriously of where you were and that is all they talk about is what their experiences were!

It may have helped them but to me, I didn’t need to be reminded and wanted to move on to bigger and better speaking events about people who were motivational and inspirational speakers who have great stories about how they stepped out on faith and made it happen and not just happen but made it happen big!

I figure if I had all of these problems that I may as well use it to my advantage and make great things happen to get myself first out of poverty and see things which I have only read and seen on tv about.

You want to move onto more inspiring things in life and they are listening and reading about people who overcome by their own strength of believing and having faith and wanting to get better and just let it go and let God take over your life.

When you start growing you get a point in your life where you just don’t want to read about these great people, places and things but you want to better your life to actually possibly get to meet some of them and be able to fly and travel when you get ready to!

But it does not come easy and we must work hard to get these finer things in life and it will not be easy by a longshot but you cannot give up and you must have patience more than anything in the world.

The most important thing in life to me is how you are not where you use to be, and have grown and moved beyond that point and really don’t have a problem admitting that you once did have a problem.

The truth will set you free and all of us have vices and anybody who says they don’t are liars.

Each one of us deal with our own demons our own special way and if we want to get better, we first must want to get better for ourselves and not for society or even our families. You must have to want to get better for you.

We must have faith in ourselves and believe that we deserve the best for ourselves and not by doing what others think will work for us.

Again, not saying these types of meetings, i.e. drug meetings, etc. don’t work, but they just didn’t work for me.

What works for some may not work for others and we all have our own ways of healing and that is believing that we deserve better our selves and our own lives, not for others.

It does take great family support no matter what and family love will be there for you always regardless, but not enabling you, but being there for you always. I was blessed and had great family love and support always and still do.

Yes, we are basically the same being humans, but because something works for you may not necessarily work for me and what works for me may not work for you.

I tried it God’s way and just stopped dealing with certain people and changed my whole life around by being with and around people who had beautiful testimonies who have been where I have been, not necessarily the same situation, but we all go through things which make us better and those are the people I love surrounding myself with daily!

It is so ironic how God puts people into our lives and then he takes them away, but then he will bring people back into our lives, so we must be very careful how we treat others and ourselves.

I have checked myself into places thinking I had a problem, but it turns out that I was sent their by God to teach others what He had given to me and I also feel to show respect for others that we are all alike and this is why we can learn from one another.

I may seem a bit bias or even contradictory, but anybody who has demons will understand.

When you do things your way they never work out!

We think we know what is best for us, but only God knows this and He will allow us to make a million mistakes and still forgive us for our own stupidity until one day we see the light and wake up!

What is best for us is ourselves having faith of healing ourselves and I do mean healing our minds of thinking happy thoughts even on our worse days.

Praying and believing that we deserve so much better, but we must work hard for it and prove that we are worthy for a better life..

Nobody cares about us if we don’t first care about ourselves.

The secret to healing anything in life is surrounding yourself with those who have great testimonies and are exactly like you, human; and have great inspirational stories of healing and being cured and overcoming defeats which man says cannot be done.

I love challenges and anything can be done for improving our lives if we have faith and believe it is already been done.

If we want to get better but we worry about what others think, we are setting ourselves to go backward.

Stress and worrying about the next Joe is a killer and truly not a method to our own madness, at least not in this lifetime.

I am very proud of who I was then because without THEN, I might not be where I am NOW?

I mean being proud of who you are and being blessed that you are not where you use to be is a big challenge in itself and to be able to speak proudly to millions of people about the truth which when shared is such a wonderful feeling and feels like a load which has been lifted off of your shoulders.

It does not make a difference what any person goes through in life, we all have struggles in our lives and if you have not gone through anything, you don’t have a story because you are the NORM.

Yes, everybody has a story!

I am glad I am not normal and I have recently found out that I am the funniest person who laughs at herself daily which is the best medicine which does not need any prescription, just laughing.

I just like reading and being surrounded by those people who have overcome challenges in life and now are brave enough to speak freely and share their overcomes of life with others.

To me these are the most happiest people alive!

What better people to sit and listen or read about than motivational speakers and/or mentors who really do give you wings you didn’t even know you had to fly many places!

These are the ones who give you love which to me gives me wings to fly!

What I think I really don’t know is a lot and am work in progress growing stronger each and everyday learning, making mistakes, gaining wisdom, getting closer to God and allowing Him to work through me.

Love Gives Me Wings To Fly…….<3 ❤ ❤ ❤


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